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Safety Considerations using Mercury vapour lamps (Quartz-Mercury)
  1. Wear wrap around Sun-glasses or ski glasses.
  2. Absolutely minimise exposure of bare skin to UV.  Exposure of more the 5 to 10 seconds can produce ray -burn.

The UV lamp

The UV lamps come in 2 basic types

  1. Hot cathode
  2. Cold cathode

To operate these lamps, the hot cathode uses the same control equipment as a fluorescent lamp of similar wattage.  The cold cathode use a leakage reactance transformer or a ballast.

You require a UV lamp that is a germicidal ozone producing hight output.

These lamps are used for :-Sterilisation, sewage and water treatment.

An output of approx 400 to 800 watts appears to be satisfactory.


The technique I used, which requires some careful expertise is as follows:

I use 2 General Electric, Kolorlux, 47904 type H400/40NR high intensity discharge lamps (these are 400 watts)

The lamps have an outer hermetically sealed sheath which has to be carefully cut off.    Once removed you have a quartz mercury lamp inside

(NOTE: If you ever handle a quartz UV lamp, then before using, clean the area with methylated spirits or alcohol and lint free cloth of paper tissues, oil from skin becomes burnt and embeds into glass)

A standard 400 watt ballast is used in series and a ceramic giant Edison screw mounting socket.   Wiring should be Telfer or silicon coated.  Ozone & UV degrade plastic of most types.

To remove outer sheath I scribed a mark or grove around sheath, and then used a piece of nichrome wire, electrically heated, to crack around scribe mark and carefully remove sheath.

The green glass

The Cayce reading can be confusing with regard to: distances from the body, and sizes of green glass.

To help remove confusion:- The length of peoples bodies varies, so adjust distances to accommodate the area over which the green light irradiates the spine.

The green glass:- 2 thicknesses, each approx 3mm thick (standard glass), a size at least 10" X 12".

Ours is held in an alluminium frame with a wooden three ply screen around it to restrict direct UV radiation to the patient.


Have the patient take the Animated ash or Carbon ash, and turn on the lamp, at least 5 minutes before the patient is due to be irriadiated.

NOTE: mercury vapour lamps take 3 to 5 minutes to reach operating temperature. 

Once the lamp has reached operating temperature, seat patient for specified time.


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