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Tooth Powder.
Take precipitated chalk and powdered orris-root, each 1 lb.; carmine and powdered sugar, each 15 grs.; essence rose and essence neroli, each 60 grs.

Tooth Paste.
Honey, precipitated chalk, powdered orris-root, each 8 oz.; tincture of opium, tincture of myrrh, each 1 3/4 drs.; essence of rose, cloves, and nutmeg, each 1/2 dr.

Charcoal Tooth Powder.
Finely powdered charcoal, sugar, each 2 oz.; oil of cloves, 6 drops.

Another. - Finely powdered charcoal and red Peruvian bark, each 2 oz.; sugar, 1 oz.; oil of spearmint, 8 drops.

Charcoal Tooth Paste.
Finely powdered charcoal, white honey, and vanilla candy, each 2 oz.; red bark, 1 oz.; oil of rose or mint, 8 drops. Mix the whole into a paste.

Perfume for Mouth Washes.
Asarum Canadense, orris root, each 1 oz.; strong alcohol, 1 pt. Make a tincture and add tincture of musk, 1 dr.; essence of millefleurs, 1/2 dr.; essence of patchouli, 20 drops.

A Superior Mouth Wash.
A close imitation of the popular sozodont. It cleanses the mouth thoroughly and is destructive to the parasites found in the deposits on the teeth. Add white castile soap, 2 drs.; alcohol, 3 fl. oz.; honey, 1 oz.; perfume as above, 4 fl. oz. Dissolve the soap in the alcohol, and add the honey and perfume.




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