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Edgar Cayce Readings Online

Remedy Basics

 Chamomile[1].jpg (1324 bytes) Water infusions

To 1 cup of boiling water add 1 teaspoon of herb.  Allow to stand, then drink.

Cayce recommended several water infusions, such as Chamomile, Plantain, Mullein, American Saffron, watermelon seed.

bergamot_0[1].jpg (1380 bytes) Decoctions

To 3 cups of boiling water add 1 1/2 oz of dried herb. Simmer for 20 minutes.  Strain through fine cloth, and store in fridge.  Will keep for 2 to 3 days.

marjoram_0[1].jpg (1119 bytes) Tinctures

To 1 cup of brandy add 3oz water then either, 1oz of dried herb or 2oz fresh herb.  Put into a storage jar and label and allow to stand for 2 weeks.  Shake daily.  After the 2 weeks strain through fine cloth and label, date and store resulting liquid.

ylang(01)_0[1]flipped.jpg (1107 bytes) Infused Oils

In a heatproof container with lid, add 1 cup of olive oil and 1oz dried herb.  Place heatproof container into a waterbath and gently simmer for about 2 hours. Then strain to remove old herb.  Again add 1oz of the chosen herb and repeat part one. Finally strain, bottle, label and store.

peppermint(01)_0[1].jpg (1037 bytes) Ointments

In a heatproof container add 1oz of beeswax and1 cup of your chosen infused oil. Place heatproof container into a waterbath and gently heat until beeswax is melted, stir occasionally.  Remove from heat and allow to cool.   Pour into jars.  Leave lids off jars until ointment has set.

Chamomile[1].jpg (1324 bytes) Syrups

There are many syrup formulas but the most popular one mentioned in the Cayce readings is Syrup of Figs.

In a pan place 10 finely sliced dried figs, 1 1/2 cups of water, 4oz rice syrup, or brown sugar, juice of 1/2 a lemon and 1/2 tsp. of ground ginger.  Simmer for 1/2 an hour.  Blend in blender and bottle and store in fridge.

marjoram_0[1].jpg (1119 bytes)   Elixirs

In Cayce's day,  elixirs were made by mixing a tincture or extract of the substance with a sweetened half and half mixture of water and pure grain alcohol, usually with coloring and/or flavoring extract added.  The ratio of substances varied but were usually around ten percent of the overall result.

marjoram_0[1].jpg (1119 bytes)   Essences  

Also in Cayce's essences were made by adding the oil extracted from the substance to pure grain alcohol.  The oil would have been 10 percent of the total;  that is, to 1000 milliliters of pure grain alcohol,  add 100 milliliters of oil.

Food Recipes

The following piece from reading 1045-8 really grabbed my curiosity as I had never heard of yogurt being made from honeycomb! An exhaustive search through books and the internet turned up nothing.  So I decided to experiment with honeycomb at home, and discovered that one can truly make yogurt from honeycomb that is superior in texture and flavour.   Thank you Cayce.
Yogurt is a preparation from honeycomb, you see.T1045-008 F [Pg 2]

Our recipe:

To 3 cups of boiled water that has cooled to 95F or 35C, add 2 cups of full cream powdered milk and two large tablespoons of honey in the comb.   Stir well.  Cover and wrap container with a towel and place in a warm spot (must be between 95F/35C to 110F/46C) for 12 to 15 hours.  

See Organic Dairy Recipes


Castile Soap Recipe

This is the quick easy method for making Castile soap.  Always remember to keep children away while you are making the soap. Naturally, take sensible precautions for yourself as well!

   500 gm Olive Oil
   200 ml water
   70 gm Caustic soda
Boil all ingredients together until mixture drops thickly from the spoon.  Use a rather large vessel (I like to use a waterbath) and stir frequently while boiling.  Pour into a tin or shallow box lined with a damp cloth.  Allow to dry for two days then turn out and cut into blocks.   Harden well before using. 

Following are some Cayce readings that mention Castile Soap.
16. (Q) What soap, manner of cleansing, creams and makeup would be least harmful and most helpful in correcting the beautifying the skin?
(A) Pure Castile soap [See 2072-6, Par. R19] is the better as a cleanser. As a cleansing cream or the like, the Genuine Black and White products are nearer to normal. T2072-006 F [Pg 2]

10. For making or keeping a good complexion, - this for the skin, the hands, arms and body as well, we would prepare a compound to use as a massage (by self) at least once or twice each week.

11. To 6 ounces of Peanut Oil, add:
Olive Oil.............2 ounces,
Rosewater.............2 ounces,
Lanolin, dissolved....1 tablespoonful.

12. This would be used after a tepid bath, in which the body has remained for at least fifteen to twenty minutes; giving the body then a thorough rub with any good soap to stimulate the body-forces. As we find, Sweetheart or any good Castile soap, or Ivory, may be used for such.

13. Afterwards, massage this solution, after shaking it well. Of course, this will be sufficient for many times. Shake well and pour in an open saucer or the like; dipping fingers in same. Begin with the face, neck, shoulders, arms; and then the whole body would be massaged thoroughly with the solution; especially in the limbs - in the areas that would come across the hips, across the body, across the diaphragm. T1968-007 F [Pg 2]

As for wash, preferably this would be done with those OILS - rather than acids or alkalins. Such as an olive oil shampoo, using as the cleanser for same that of the PURE castile soap.  T0255-010 F [Pg 2]

An interesting reading given for blackheads:  

Then, for these on face and neck - well that there be made local application first of a warm Turkish towel; not hot, not steaming, but warm Turkish towel, wet, and let it remain on for eight to ten minutes. Then rub thoroughly with pure Castile soap. Then put on COLD cloths for one to two minutes, until three or four are applied. Then PAT the skin very thoroughly with the hands, until the circulation in neck and face is thoroughly established again. Do not use creams or powders while this is being applied, that will fill up pores again. If there is the necessity for making the skin more smooth, then use magnesia - or cornstarch AND magnesia, which is the better for ANY skin. Or, when there is more preference to use the talc, or powder, use the pure talc with magnesia and balsam of tolu in same - or ZINC and tolu in same.  T1101-003 F [Pg 1]


From reading 658-2

16. (Q) What is the best shampoo to use in cleansing the hair
before the use of tonic?
(A) Plain castile is the BEST to be used. Castile shampoo,
see, will add a lustre - of course, would be well if a few
drops of olive OIL is added in the water, not in the hair.

From reading 658-5

This would be prepared with a combination, and this would be the MANNER of combination:
With that of the pure castile, as is dissolved, see -
dissolve same, then add to this that of a twenty percent
solution of the soap weed - see? Now we are preparing, of
course, a vegetable compound again - but with this would be
prepared, then, with each gallon - that is, of the shampoo,
see, or soap as is being prepared - as may be kept in the
liquid form, or it may be congealed in the form with that of
the soap, as in Castile - see? This added with olive oil,
and with those of the bay rum, IF kept in solution - do not
add the rum if NOT in solution, but would congeal activity,

8. (Q) How much olive oil would you suggest?
(A) The olive oil with this, for the gallon, would be four

9. (Q) What kind of weed is this suggested?
(A) Soap weed. This may be obtained in any chemist shop,

10. (Q) Under the name of just soap weed?
(A) Under the name just soap weed.

11. (Q) What effect has bay rum on the hair?
(A) Cleanses it, with the alcohol content acting as a
stimuli for the growth of same, see, as does the acid #2
prevent the drying or the brittling of the hair, see, with
its combination with the other; while the acid #1 acts as an
altering of the lobes or in the epidermis or in the skin
itself, as to prevent streaks or coloration showing too often
close to scalp, you see.

12. (Q) What effect has sage tea on the hair?
(A) That's the coloration, see, that strikes through, see -
as does that of the COMBINED action of the acid makes same
pliable, soft, and easy for the coloration as carried in
same to be helpful - see?

This  recipe will nourish and protect the delicate skin around the eyes all day long

90ml Rosehip Oil
90ml Jojoba Oil
30ml Evening Primrose Oil
10g Mango Butter
10g Beeswax Beads
10-15 drops Rose essential oil
5 drops Sandalwood essential oil
2 drops Herbigerm Preservative

In a double boiler, blend together the carrier oils, mango butter and beeswax over a low heat. Once these have melted and blended together, add the essential oils and Herbigerm and blend well. Pour into our 20g acrylic Eye jars, and you have yourself a beautiful eye cream.


  • Cocoa Butter Body Balm with Apple Extract

a rejuvenating balm, with excellent elastine effects to help skin maintain its youthfulness!

combine the following and use as needed:

15gm cocoa butter

3 drops of apple fruit extract

50ml apricot kernel oil

35ml wheatgerm oil

60 drops tangerine essential oil

  • Blackberry Extract Essential Hair Balm

a wonderful mix for adding volume, fullness & bringing out the natural shine of your hair!

85gm cold-pressed vegetable oil

(coconut, olive or jojoba oil)

5gm beeswax

10gm cocoa butter

2 drops of blackberry fruit extract

20 drops essential oils of your choice

1. melt the besswax, cocoa butter and vegetable oil until the besswax and cocoa butter have both melted.

2. Once the mixture cools a little, add the essential oil & blackberry extract.

3. Pour into a clean jar or pot to store.

4. Using a tiny amount on the tips of your fingers, spread the balm over & through your hair.



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