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In making sachets, small muslin bags with a drawstring at the opening are excellent for this purpose, and may be purchased at craft  shops. If you choose to make your own bags choose lightweight fabrics, preferably 100% cotton, cotton blends, silk, chintz, calicos and chantilly lace. Bags may be made into decorative shapes, mini pillows or baggy dolls. Large packets do well for trunks, drawers or closed storage areas. Small packets are better for travel bags, suitcases and purses. Sachet mixtures usually need more fixatives because the dry ingredients do not retain their essences very long. Colorful botanicals may be added to enhance a decorative sachet. Essential oils are often necessary to perk up fragrances.


1. Rose petals 2lbs. Sandalwood, coarsely ground 1lb. Oil of Rose or Rose geranium 1/4oz 2. Rose petals 10oz Orris root 8oz Lavender flowers 2oz Oil of bitter almond 5 drops

Lavender flowers 1/2 pound Orris root 2oz Oil of lavender 1/4oz

Orris root 4oz Sandalwood, coarsely ground 4oz Rose petals 4oz Orange peel 4oz Tonka beans 4oz Oil of Rose 12 drops Oil of Bergamot 12 drops Oil of neroli 5 drops Oil of Lyang-Lyang 5 drops Oil of rose geranium 5 drops Oil of cinnamon 3 drops oil of bitter almond 3 drops.

Calamus root 4oz Corriander seed 4oz Orris root 4oz Rose petals 4oz Lavender flowers 2oz Mace, ground 1/2oz Cinnamon 1/2oz Cloves 1/2oz The first three ingredients should be coarsely ground. Mix well.


Fixatives are those botanicals that should be added to sachets, potpourris and perfumes to help retain their fragrances. As most fragrance evaporates in time, fixatives are necessary to slow this process.    The following botanicals are highly regarded for their fixative qualities in the field of aromatics. Balsam of Peru Balsam of tolu Gum Benzoin Burgundy pitch Calamus root Clary sage herb Khus-Khus (vetivert) root Opopanax gum Orris root Patchouli leaves Storax resin Sumbul root Tonka beans Oil of bitter almond may serve as a fixative in place of animal products.. For those wanting a musk-like scent in their mixtures, Sumbul root can be used.. The fragrance of most aromatic botanicals dissipates with age, but there are a few that actually increase their scent if kept in a confined space such as drawers, closets or trunks.. Several of the most pleasant of these are Khus-Khus (Vetivert), Orris root, Calamus roots, and Master-of-the-woods and Customary herbs. They are good additions to sachet and potpourri mixtures.


An early practical use of sachets and potpourri was to help repel insects and pests from the household and it's contents including the inhabitants.. The addition of one or more of the following ingredients in a mixture or used alone, may help deter the encroachment of insects.. The enemy The remedy Ants Tansy, fresh flowers Fleas Fennel, powdered Fleas or lice Pennyroyal herb or oil Flies Tansy, fresh flowers Insects in linen Customary, lavender, rosemary,or woodruff Mosquitoes Decoction of pennyroyal Moths Lavender or rosemary Spiders Khus-Khus (vetivert)

Heliotrope Sachet.
Powdered orris, 2 lbs.; rose leaves, ground, 1 lb.; Tonqua beans, ground, 1/2 lb., Vanilla beans, 1/4 lb.; grain musk, 1/4 oz.; otto of almonds, 5 drops. Well mix by sifting in a coarse sieve, it is fit for sale.

Lavender Sachet.
Lavender flowers, ground, 1 lb.; gum benzoin, in powder, 1/4 lb.; otto of lavender, 1/4 oz.

Millefleur Sachet.
Lavender flowers, ground, orris, rose leaves, benzoin, each, 1 lb.; cinnamon, allspice, each, 2 oz.; tonqua, vanilla, santal, each, 1/4 lb.; musk and civet, each, 2 drs.; cloves, ground, 1/4 lb.

Portugal Sachet.
Dried orange peel, 1 lb.; dried lemon-peel, 1/2 lb.; dried orris-root, 1/2 lb.; otto of orange-peel, 1 oz.; otto of neroli, 1/4 dr.; otto of lemon-grass, 1/4 dr.

Rose Sachet.
Rose heels, 1 lb.; santal wood, ground, 1/2 lb.; otto of roses, 1/4 oz.

Santal Wood Sachet.
This is a good and economical sachet, and simply consists of the ground wood. Santal wood is to be purchased from some of the wholesale dry-salters; the drug-grinders are the people to reduce it to powder for you - any attempt to do so at home will be found unavailable, on account of its toughness.

Vervaine Sachet.
Lemon peel, dried and ground, 1 lb.; lemon thyme, 1/4 lb.; otto of lemon-grass, 1 dr.; otto of lemon-peel, 1/2 oz.; otto of bergamot, 1 oz.

Violet Sachet.
Black-currant leaves, rose leaves, each, 1 lb.; powdered orris-root, 2 lbs.; oil of bitter almonds 1/2 dr.; grain musk, 1 dr.; tonqua beans and gum benzoin, each, 1/2 lb. Mix thoroughly and keep together a week before offering for sale.

Frangipanni Sachet.
Take orris-root and rose-leaves, each 1 lb.; sandalwood, 1/4 lb.; Tonqua beans, 1/4 lb.; musk, 1 dr.; civet, 1/4 dr.; essence of roses, 1/2 dr. Triturate the musk, civet, and essence of roses, and mix with the other substances reduced to a powder.



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