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Edgar Cayce Symptoms-Remedy Reference

This listing was formerly a slide chart, until it came time to revise and expand. Now it's an even more comprehensive reference guide to recommendations made by Edgar Cayce for common health conditions. Described as the most documented psychic of our time, Cayce was able to speak knowledgeably and accurately on virtually any topic while in a self induced hypnotic state. Most of his over 14,000 discourses, or "readings," concerned health and healing, and his emphasis on treating the whole person has aptly earned him the title, "father of modern holistic medicine."
Please note that though conditions themselves are listed alphabetically, Cayce's recommendations are not mentioned in any particular order. However, products which are extremely similar to each other are often listed together, to give you a clearer idea of the choices. For example, Formula 636 and Formula 637, listed under Hair Care and other topics, are two variations of a single prescription. Alka-Thyme will always be mentioned along with Glyco-Thymoline because they are similar products. The same holds true for Aura Glow and Golden Magic.
Due to space considerations, this reference guide is primarily product oriented. Be aware that in the larger picture, priority would usually be given to treatments such as massage, spinal manipulation, dietary revisions, colon cleansing, and hydrotherapy. Dietary improvements in particular were advised in the vast majority of cases. The fundamental principles of food combining might be described as digestibility, alkalinity, nutrient availability, appropriateness (in terms of current health and lifestyle) and balance. A diet that met these requirements would consist primarily of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and the lighter proteins, Sugar, white flour, fried foods, pork, and even beef, were often expressly forbidden, especially while convalescence was taking place.
It has come to our attention that hybridization of grains, especially over the past 30 years, has made many of the ones Cayce suggested, such as wheat, corn, oats and rice, less digestible. Since difficulty assimilating hybrid grain products may lead to food allergies, we suggest that you experiment with substitutes, such as spelt, millet, kamut, amaranth, quinoa, and Indian basmati rice.
Our focus is on broad treatment directions rather than specific or individually tailored programs. We do not intend this listing as a prescription, and suggest that you consult the readings, Circulating Files and other appropriate sources for more detailed information.

Some Sources of Edgar Cayce's Products:  Heritage Store | Essiac

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  • Acne
    Dermaglow, Sulflax, Ray's Medicated Liquid, Ray's Medicated Ointment, White Balsam, Aztec Secret, Formula 545, saffron tea, electrotherapy
  • Alcoholism
    gold & soda, Atomidine, electrotherapy, prayer
  • Anemia
    B complex and iron tonic, Atomidine, gold & soda, Formula 636, Formula 637, laxatives, electrotherapy
  • Apoplexy
    electric vibrator, electrotherapy, Zilatone, olive oil
  • Arthritis
    peanut oil, Egyptian Oil, Aura Glow, Golden Magic, castor oil packs, Atomidine, Gold Rush, massage, hydrotherapy
  • Asthma
    Inspirol, laxatives, spinal manipulation
  • Athlete's Foot
    Pedicure, Ray's Medicated Ointment
  • Baby Care
    White Balsam, Fig Pep, Glyco-Thymoline, Alka-Thyme, cinnamon water, Limewater, Calcios, Campho-Derm, Ipsab, Cocoa Butter, Coca-Rub Cream, massage
  • Bedsores
    Iodex, camphorated oil
  • Boils & Carbuncles
    Iodex, Formula 545, Atomidine, Sulflax, electric vibrator, Glyco-Thymoline, Fig Pep, Campho-Derm
  • Bronchitis
    Inspirol, Mother Earth's Cough Syrup, electric vibrator, Violet Ray, spinal manipulation
  • Burns
    Scarmassage, camphorated oil
  • Bursitis
    peanut oil, Atomidine, Egyptian Oil, Aura Glow, Golden Magic, laxatives
  • Calluses & Corns
    Castor Oil, spirits of camphor, Casoda
  • Canker Sores
    Glyco-Thymoline, Alka-Thyme, Ipsab, Atomidine, laxatives
  • Cirrhosis
    castor oil packs, olive oil, laxatives, spinal manipulation
  • Colds
    Inspirol, Campho-Derm, Glyco-Thymoline, Alka-Thyme, Mother Earth's Cough Syrup, carbon steel, Fig Pep, Ragweed Tincture, Gold Rush
  • Colic
    Glyco-Thymoline, Alka-Thyme, Limewater, cinnamon water, saffron tea, Cocoa Butter, camphorated oil
  • Colitis
    Formula 208, castor oil packs, spinal manipulation
  • Colon Impaction
    Ragweed Tincture, olive oil, castor oil packs, spinal manipulation
  • Complexion
    Aura Glow, Golden Magic, Aura Glow Cream, castile soap, coconut oil soap, Aura Glow Soap, Dermaglow, Formula 636, Formula 637, rosewater, Aztec Secret, almond oil, Lavender & Roses, Gold Cream, Casto-Vera Cream, Benza-Tone
  • Constipation
    castor oil packs, Ragweed Tincture, olive oil, Fig Pep, Zilatone, Innerclean, Sulflax, spinal manipulation
  • Cystitis
    watermelon seed tea, Coca-Cola Syrup, Campho-Derm
  • Cysts
    Casoda, Iodex, Animated Ash, Campho-Derm
  • Dandruff
    Crudoleum, Crudoleum Rinse, Naturub, Tannenbaum Pine Tar Shampoo
  • Dermatitis
    White Balsam, Iodex, laxatives
  • Diabetes
    Jerusalem Artichokes, Ragweed Tincture
  • Diarrhea
    Formula 208, castor oil packs, saffron tea, olive oil, spinal manipulation, massage
  • Eczema
    saffron tea, mullein tea, Ragweed Tincture, Sulflax, White Balsam, Ray's Medicated Ointment, Glyco-Thymoline, Alka-Thyme
  • Edema
    Cimex Lectularius, colonics, spinal manipulation, massage
  • Eye care
    CareGlyco-Thymoline, Alka-Thyme, watermelon seed tea, Optikade, Coca-Cola Syrup, spinal manipulation
  • Feet
    Sole Soother, Pedicure, Campho-Derm, Muscle Treat, spinal manipulation, massage
  • Flu
    Campho-Derm, Inspirol, Mother Earth's Cough Syrup, Formula 208, Gold Rush, Fig Pep, massage
  • Fractures & Sprains
    Muscle Treat, Violet Ray
  • Gallstones
    castor oil packs, olive oil
  • Goiter
    Atomidine, Violet Ray
  • Gout
    castor oil packs, Atomidine, peanut oil, laxatives, massage
  • Hair Care
    Crudoleum, Crudoleum Rinse, Olive Oil Shampoo, Atomidine, Formula 636, Formula 637, Aloe Rose, Violet Ray, electric vibrator, Tannenbaum Pine Tar Shampoo, Crudoleum Shampoo & Conditioner, Listerine
  • Halitosis
    Glyco-Thymoline, Ipsab, laxatives
  • Hay Fever
    Inspirol, Ragweed Tincture
  • Headache
    castor oil packs, Temple Healer, olive oil, Radio-Active Appliance
  • Hemorrhoids
    TIM, laxatives, electrotherapy, lactated pepsin, saffron tea, Duogest
  • Hepatitis
    Ragweed Tincture, castor oil packs, colonics, massage
  • Hookworm
    Sulflax, Campho-Derm
  • Hypertension
    watermelon seed tea, De-Tense, spinal manipulation, colonics
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Hypotension
    Atomidine, Formula 545
  • Hypothyroidism
    Atomidine, Violet Ray
  • Incontinence
    Glyco-Thymoline, Alka-Thyme, castor oil packs, spinal manipulation
  • Indigestion
    Limewater, Formula 545, lactated pepsin, castor oil packs, saffron tea, elm water, Duogest, charcoal capsules
  • Insomnia
    Radio-Active Appliance, castor oil packs, Valerian Tincture
  • Iritis
    Glyco-Thymoline, Alka-Thyme, spinal manipulation
  • Itching
    Sulflax, elm water, Ray's Medicated Liquid, Ray's Medicated Ointment, White Balsam
  • Kidneys
    watermelon seed tea, Campho-Derm, Glyco-Thymoline, Alka-Thyme, Coca-Cola Syrup, Lithia Water
  • Laryngitis
    Inspirol, Campho-Derm, Glyco-Thymoline, Alka-Thyme, Atomidine
  • Lumbago
    Campho-Derm, castor oil packs, Violet Ray, olive oil
  • Menopause
    Violet Ray, Atomidine, Calcios, Formula 636, Formula 637
  • Menstruation pain
    B complex and iron tonic, Violet Ray, Formula 636, Formula 637
  • Moles
    Casoda, castor oil
  • Multiple Sclerosis
    Wet Cell Appliance, prayer
  • Muscular Dystrophy
    Wet Cell Appliance, prayer
  • Neuritis
    Egyptian Oil, Gold Rush, Glyco-Thymoline, Alka-Thyme
  • Oophoritis
    Atomidine, Glyco-Thymoline, Alka-Thyme, Campho-Derm, castor oil packs, spinal manipulation
  • Paralysis
    Wet Cell Appliance, massage
  • Parkinson's Disease
    Wet Cell Appliance
  • Phlebitis
    mullein tea, Cimex Lectularius, Violet Ray
  • Pleurisy
    Charred Oak Keg, Inspirol, Glyco-Thymoline, Alka-Thyme, Calcios
  • Pneumonia
    Inspirol, Campho-Derm, Glyco-Thymoline, Alka-Thyme, Fig Pep, Ragweed Tincture
  • Poison Ivy
    Atomidine, Ray's Medicated Liquid, Rhus Tox
  • Possession
    Wet Cell Appliance, Violet Ray, Radio-Active Appliance, castor oil packs, Glyco-Thymoline, Alka-Thyme, Campho-Derm
  • Post-nasal Drip
    Inspirol, Glyco-Thymoline, Alka-Thyme
  • Pregnancy
    Calcios, Limewater, cinnamon water, Coco-Cola Syrup, B complex and iron tonic, Atomidine, watermelon seed tea, Cocoa Butter, Coca-Rub Cream
  • Psoriasis
    Sulflax, saffron tea, elm water
  • Pyorrhea
    Ipsab, Ipsab Tooth Powder, Ipsadent, Glyco-Thymoline, Alka-Thyme
  • Relaxation
    Valerian Tincture, electric vibrator, Passion Flower Fusion, Radio-Active Appliance, Lithia Water, De-Tense
  • Scars
    Scarmassage, camphorated oil, Dermaglow
  • Scleroderma
    castor oil packs, Atomidine, Aura Glow, Golden Magic, Wet Cell Appliance, Charred Oak Keg
  • Seborrhea
    Formula 545, Pine Tar Shampoo, Pine Tar Soap, spinal manipulation, massage
  • Shingles
    Sulflax, White Balsam, Glyco-Thymoline, Alka-Thyme, watermelon seed tea, colonics, spinal manipulation
  • Sinusitis
    Glyco-Thymoline, Alka-Thyme, Inspirol, Campho-Derm
  • Skin Cancer
    Carbon Ash, Animated Ash, Violet Ray, Iodex
  • Sprains/Strains
    Muscle Treat, Herbal Heat
  • Sterility
    Formula 636, Formula 637, Atomidine, gold & soda, Formula 545, spinal manipulation
  • Sunburn
    spirits of camphor, Glyco-Thymoline, Alka-Thyme
  • Superfluous Hair
  • Tic Douloureux
    Radio-Active Appliance, olive oil & myrrh, laxatives
  • Tonsillitis
    Glyco-Thymoline, Alka-Thyme, Atomidine, laxatives
  • Tuberculosis
    Charred Oak Keg
  • Ulcers, Stomach
    castor oil packs, elm water
  • Vaginitis
    Glyco-Thymoline, Alka-Thyme, Atomidine, Sulflax
  • Varicose Veins
    Muscle Treat, mullein, Aura Glow, Golden Magic, castor oil packs, massage, spinal manipulation
  • Warts
    castor oil, Casoda, spirits of camphor, Atomidine



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