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This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at the office of
the Association, Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this
15th day of December 1943, in accordance with request made
by the self - Miss [3405], new Associate Member of the Ass'n
for Research and Enlightenment, Inc., via CORONET.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno.
(Notes read to and transcribed by Jeanette Fitch).
Harmon Bro.

In the St. Joseph's
Time of Reading church, at the corner
10:40 to 10:55 A. M. Eastern War Time. of ..., ..., Michigan.

1. GC: You will go over this body carefully, examine it
thoroughly, and tell me the conditions you find at the
present time; giving the cause of the existing conditions,
also suggestions for help and relief of this body; answering
the questions, as I ask them.

2. EC: Yes. Here we have conditions where there is an extreme
case of Parkinson's Disease. These having caused so much
deterioration in the nerve forces as to prevent the use of
some of the limbs, there is now indicated more deterioration
in the centers of locomotion.

3. These may be aided. As to how much help will be obtained
will depend upon just how persistently and consistently the
applications are made. These should add to the vitality of
the body, staying off the disturbance, and gradually building
into the system resistances.

4. Do not become too easily discouraged, if help would be gained
for this body.

5. There will be required massages that must be consistently
given, using Cocoa Butter; along those areas of the spine
from the base of the brain to the middle of the back,
after the body is sponged off with very hot water. Massage
thoroughly all the Cocoa Butter the body will absorb. Also
massage from the 9th dorsal to the end of the spine, which
areas also should be sponged thoroughly with very hot water
first. While the pores are still open from the warm sponge
bath, apply the Cocoa Butter. This should be done daily.

6. Each day following the massage, use the Wet Cell Appliance
for thirty minutes, one day carrying Chloride of Gold Sodium
(in the proportions of one grain to each ounce of distilled
water - and use three ounces), the next day use Spirits of
Camphor (commercial strength - three ounces).

7. The larger plate each time would be put over the umbilical
and lacteal duct center which - on this body - would be three
fingers to the right from the navel center and three fingers

8. Do not use the same connections for both Solutions.

9. When using the Gold Solution, attach the small plate at the
9th dorsal, the lower portion of the 9th dorsal.

10. The next day when using the Camphor Solution, attach the
small plate to the 3rd dorsal, between the 2nd and 3rd
dorsal - always between the shoulders, you see.

11. Attach the Appliance for thirty minutes each day, alternating
the attachments, one day using the Gold Solution, the next
day, the Camphor Solution, and so on.

12. The massage with Cocoa Butter should be given each time
before the Appliance is attached, but with the body being
relaxed first by the bath in tepid or hot water.

13. In the diet include often those foods prepared with gelatin.
Give gelatin by itself also at least three times each week,
at regular periods, about half a teaspoonful dissolved in
water and taken.

14. Have a great deal of raw foods, fish, seafoods; not fresh
water fish, but seafood. In the raw vegetables include
watercress, celery, lettuce, carrots - these especially;
beets also, preferably not those that have been pickled
but fresh beets. Include the tops with these when at all
practical. Beets should be in the diet at least two or
three times a week.

15. Not too much meats, nor sweets, nor things that cause gas for
the body. Fowl is very good - this would be well.

16. Do these and we may bring help, though it will require long
and patient applications.

17. Ready for questions.

18. (Q) Was I born with this condition, or did it come later in
(A) It is an unbalancing of the chemical conditions. It is
partially a karmic condition.

19. (Q) Should I try to keep the job I now have or get something
different, and what would you advise to change to?
(A) As we find, the job may be kept if there is not too much
stress or strain on the body.

Use these applications, though, each day as indicated.

20. (Q) Can I regain the use of my right hand?
(A) This depends - as has been indicated.

21. We are through with this reading.

Copy to Self
" " Ass'n file
" " Miss Goodall for indexing

(12/15/43 GD's note: See extra sheet [which was enclosed]
of directions to be sent to Mr. A. M. Godfrey, 2709 Lafayette
Blvd., Norfolk, Va., for preparing the Wet Cell Appliance
to be used in your particular case. Also article
explaining theory of this Appliance.)


This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at the office of
the Association, Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this
14th day of April, 1944, in accordance with request made by
the self - Mrs. [4085], new Associate Member of the Ass'n for
Research and Enlightenment, Inc., by daughter.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno.


Time of Reading
Set bet. 3:30 and 4:30 P. M. Eastern War Time.

1. GC: You will go over this body carefully, examine it
thoroughly, and tell me the conditions you find at the
present time; giving the cause of the existing conditions,
also suggestions for help and relief of this body; answering
the questions, as I ask them.

2. EC: Yes.

3. As we find, the conditions here have reached those stages
where there is no control of the voluntary nerve flexes
from brain to the locomotory centers, except when the body
has lost its consciousness. This indicates how and where
those activities are disturbing in the body, in the patches
of the emunctory circulation that control coordination
between sympathetic and cerebrospinal nerve systems.

4. There is then the lack of stamina in the supply of
those tendencies or energies that replenish through
the glandular forces and to nerve force.

5. We find that the body may be aided. As to whether the
condition will be entirely relieved or not, after such long
periods and the activities that have contributed to the
causes here, will depend upon mental attitude and the
application of this in the body-forces.

6. We would apply here the low vibrations of the Wet Cell
Appliance carrying into the system vibratorially one day the
Chloride of Gold Solution (in the proportions of one grain
Chloride of Gold Sodium to each ounce of distilled water
and use at least three ounces) and the next day the Nitrate
of Silver Solution (in the proportions of an ounce of a 2%
solution and sufficient grain alcohol to make three ounces).

7. The Appliance would be made with a little stronger charge
than ordinary; using - to the gallon and a half of rain or
distilled water:

Copper Sulphate.............2 pounds,
Sulphuric Acid C.P......1 1/4 ounces,
Zinc........................6 drams,
Willow Charcoal...........1/2 pound.

Make separate connections or attachments to the Appliance,
for each solution. Disconnect these when not in use, and
connect at least twenty minutes before the Appliance is to
be attached to the body. Do remove the connections from the
solutions when not in use.

8. Attach the Appliance each day for half an hour, one day using
the Gold Solution, the next day using the Silver Solution.

9. Each day the large nickel plate, through which the Solution
passes vibratorially, would be attached to the lacteal duct
and umbilical plexus, which on this body will be the width
of four fingers from the navel center to the right and three
fingers up from that point.

10. When using the Gold Solution, the small copper plate would be
attached to the 9th dorsal plexus.

11. When using the Silver Solution, attach the small plate to the
brachial center.

12. Every thirty days recharge the Appliance and change both

13. Each day when removing the Appliance, give the body a
thorough massage from the tips of the toes towards the body,
from the tips of fingers to the body, and on both hands and
both limbs. Then begin at the first cervical and massage
on each side of the spine downward. From the toes massage
upward to the 9th dorsal, in a rotary motion around the
limbs, and the same way along each side of the spine.
For such massaging use this combination of oils:

Olive Oil...................2 ounces,
Peanut Oil..................2 ounces,
Lanolin (melted)..........1/4 ounce.

14. Do these consistently and we should bring much improvement
to the body. If there is that attitude of bringing help
and of keeping helpful forces through the periods when the
applications are made, we may eradicate almost entirely this
deficiency that is called the Parkinson's Disease.

15. Ready for questions.

16. (Q) How can control of bladder be regained?
(A) The massages will aid, as well as the electrical
vibrations as soon as there are the reflexes from that
carried into the body to aid in controlling the organs.

17. (Q) Will the mental cloudiness be relieved?
(A) It should be found to be improving in less than three

18. (Q) What causes Parkinson's Disease?
(A) Read what has just been indicated.

19. (Q) Is it transmissible?
(A) It is a tendency that is created in the body and may,
then, become a hereditary condition.

20. We are through with this reading.

Copy to Daughter
" " Ass'n file

(4/14/44 GD's note: See extra sheet of directions [which
was enclosed] and article explaining theory of Wet Cell


This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his office,
105th St. & Ocean, Va. Beach, Va., this 11th day of February,
1932, in accordance with request made by Mr. [437], Associate
Member of the Ass'n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno.
Mildred Davis, Hugh Lynn and L. B. Cayce.


Time of Reading Apt. 8-G,
11:30 A. M. Eastern Standard Time. New York, N.Y.

(Physical Suggestion)

1. EC: Yes, we have the body and those conditions that affect
the body, [5517]. As we find, that which may be given would
be for the ease and relief of the body, rather than that
as may bring normal conditions; for MANY are the distresses
in the physical functionings of the body, and when these
disorders - especially that of the agitans (?) affection
[Paralysis agitans - Parkinson's Disease?] - affect more the
respiratory system and throat, it will be hard to prevent the
separation of physical and spiritual body.

2. These are conditions as we find them with this body, [5517],
we are speaking of:

3. THE BLOOD SUPPLY shows the effect of the distortions in
elimination, and that of organs also being affected by the
non-eliminating and the nerve system - as from those centers
that cause or produce the inability for the body to react to
nerve impulse, so that the shaking or palsied effect of the
centers from locomotary plexus brings the distorted reflexes
in their activity. These in their incipiency began from
those effects of too much of those forces as of mercury
content in the system. This produced those first disorders
for those conditions in the central nerve system, that
radiated from the effects created in the lacteal ducts first,
then in those of the pelvic organs and the reactions to the
system. Added to this, with the age, and the effects from
hardening of the arterial circulation in portions, brought
those present disorders.

4. WE will find that were THESE given - one in the morning, the
other in the evening - there will be less distress, and will
add ease to the reactions of body AND mind, and bring for a
time those of better physical conditions for the body:

5. Mornings - we would give a tea made in this manner: Life
Everlasting 2 ounces to 16 ounces of distilled water, reduced

by slow boiling to 12 ounces. Strain and add grain alcohol
1/2 ounce, with:

Tincture of Valerian..................1/4 ounce,
Elixir Calisaya.......................1/2 ounce,
Bromide of Potassium, 10% solution.....20 minims.

The dose would be half to a teaspoonful once each day.

6. In the evenings, before retiring, prepare as this - in THIS

7. Chloride of Gold 1 grain to 1 ounce of distilled water.
In another solution Bromide of Soda 1 grain in 1 ounce
of distilled water. When given, 1 to 3 drops of the
Gold solution and 3 to 6 drops of the Soda solution,
in a quarter glass of water.

8. It would be well also, for REST for the body, that there be
those manipulative forces more in the form of the neuropathic
treatments for the body, once or twice each day.

9. The diets should be rather those that are easily assimilated,
with sufficient of the stimuli (as has been given) to aid

10. Keep the eliminations as near NORMAL as possible, WITH those
of the foods and eliminating forces.

11. These will bring the better conditions for this body. Ready
for questions.

12. We are through for the present.

Copy to Mr. [437] (two copies)
" " File
" " Ass'n

This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at the David E.
Kahn home, 44 West 77th St., Apt. 14-W, New York City,
this 30th day of November, 1934, in accordance with request
made by the daughter - Miss [...], new Associate Member of
the Ass'n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc., recommended by
Mr. [2588].


Edgar Cayce; Hugh Lynn Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno.
Mrs. [754]'s daughter.


Time of Reading
3:20 to 3:45 P. M. Eastern Standard Time. New York City.

(Physical Suggestion)

1. EC: Yes, we have the body here, [754].

2. Now, as we find, the physical conditions of this body that
disturb and prevent a better normal functioning are rather
a complication of disorders and distresses. At times the
body responds to this or that application and some portions
of the disturbing factors are bettered, yet there are still
those incapacitations for better physical activity that
arise from disturbing forces which will be seen. Then again
we will find other conditions where there are portions aided.
And then, as it were, there will be a reversal to further
distressing conditions. Some have called the condition
neurotic, and others have termed it a portion of that
condition wherein the mental application takes on every
ill of every nature at one time or another; for such does
become a portion of the body's disorders, as also do those
things that may be helpful to the body.

3. These, then, are the general conditions as we find them with
this body, [754], we are speaking of:

4. The BLOOD SUPPLY we find surcharged with poisons that have
arisen and do arise from the varied incapacitations through
the activities of the general physical forces of the body;
as at times there is a neurasthenic reaction from a tautening
of the muscular forces about the limbs. Not altogether a
neurotic condition, or what may be said to arise from the
contraction of muscular forces in the extremities of the
body; for it is rather deeper-seated in the organs of the
body itself.

5. We find the NERVOUS SYSTEM very much under a stress and
strain; and at times there are the reactions to the nerve
forces when the body is disturbed by its inability to hear

all that may be said concerning its own conditions or the
activities of those about her, and when the body feels as
if it were a drudge or drain upon the activities of others
- so that the responses become a repression and a depressing.
And the irritations that arise are the attempts of the body
at times to declare itself, as it were. These are merely
the reactions from distortions and pressures in the nervous
system finding their outward expression.

6. As to the ORGANS themselves of the body, we find:

7. In the organs of the sensory system, as indicated, at times
there is very little response. As others the sensory
reactions are very acute, and they bring to the whole
activity of the system a SYMPATHETIC response.

8. As to the throat, bronchi, lungs and larynx, here we find
the poisons at times make for very short breathing; at others
very heavy, apparently making a great distress through all
these portions of the system. And the body feels as if there
separations, again the sinking spells, and then again as if
buoyed up for the time being through sympathetic reaction.

9. In the digestive system do we find very poor assimilations
at times; at others very good response. Yet there is the
incapacity of the body to make the proper application of
these things to the regular order or use of the system; so
that to the body itself this becomes a real worriment.

10. In the organs of the pancreas do we find a basic seat or
cause for the disturbing activities of the body at times.

11. Hence the heaviness and slowness of the heart action is an
increase of the circulation through the hepatics; that is,
between the liver and the heart itself, as in relationship
to the activities of the pancreas WITH the organs of the
assimilation through the liver and kidney area.

12. These are, then, EFFECTS; and yet very little of the basic
causes have been reached - or those that first began years
ago to cause the distress, first through a rheumatic
reaction and then again those influences that brought to the
extremities a contraction in the muscular forces - more like
nephritis in the lower limbs, so that the lower circulation
became involved and then the pelvic organs became involved.
And all these brought about the general sinking conditions.

13. So, most of the applications have been for quieting the
body; yet without adding any either curative or sustaining
influences so that the sedimentary [sedative?] reactions
have brought about in the organs much of that which appears
as the distressing condition at present.

14. Then, in making applications that we find would bring the
greater rest, and real help or aid to the body, it will
require a great deal of patience, persistence, and even
charity - as it were - towards those responses that will
be made by the body to those assisting in making the
applications. For at times there might be a great deal
of berating, even as to the requirements or needs. But
if these treatments will be carried out in a persistent
manner, we may bring many, many days of quite a different
reaction to this body - if these will be applied in the ways
and manners suggested.

15. From time to time it will be necessary that there be changes,
as there are the responses in varied portions of the system
for the sustaining and making for the reactions as to be
helpful to the body. But these changes in treatments will
be given through these sources, if the treatments will be
carried out in a conscientious and a consistent and a
persistent way and manner.

16. First we would begin with the application of properties
through the Wet Cell Battery; for this low form of electrical
vibration will make for greater rest without the necessity
of adding those things that become as greater and greater
drosses for the body, but will begin with the basic activity
of those influences that have kept and do keep the life vital
forces active as principles in the physical body itself.

17. In the application of this Wet Cell Battery we would carry
both the Chloride of Gold and Spirits of Camphor; these not
together, but one would be applied one day and one the next

18. One day the smaller copper anode or plate would be attached
to the 9th dorsal center, first; while the larger nickel
anode or plate, passing through the Chloride of Gold solution
(in the proportion of one grain to one ounce of distilled
water) - that brings to the nerve impulses and to the glands
of the body itself reactory forces to the system, would be
attached last - in the umbilical center, or over the lacteal
duct - four fingers from the navel, upper portion, to the
right side of the body; so that what is assimilated by the
body is carried into the circulation with the vibrations from
the Gold - which is a portion of all nervous energy in the
body itself, see? The application in this manner would be
every other day, for twenty to thirty minutes; not over the
thirty minute period.

19. The next day (or the day in between the Gold applications),
the smaller copper anode would be attached to the 1st and 2nd
cervical plexus - first, so that the glands of the head, the
throat, the entrance to the brain's influence itself would
be affected or drawn from; while the larger nickel plate,

passing through the Spirits of Camphor (full strength) would
be attached last, on the 4th lumbar plexus - so that all the
activities that make for the coordination between the
sympathetic and the cerebrospinal will be acted upon by these
low electrical vibrations. And the applications in this
manner would be for at least thirty-five to forty minutes
every other day.

20. Each evening when the body is prepared or is ready for the
regular retiring, or for the regular preparations for the
rest in the evenings, we would massage the whole of the
cerebrospinal system with a compound that would be prepared
in this manner:

21. To 6 ounces of Russian White Oil as the basis, add - IN THE
ORDER NAMED, and in these proportions:

Witchhazel...................1 ounce,
Oil of Wintergreen...........1 ounce,
Oil of Cedar Wood............1 ounce,
Kerosene Oil.................1 ounce,
Oil of Sassafras.............1 dram.

These will tend to separate as they stand; but before using,
shake well together and then pour a small quantity in an
open container and massage just what the body will absorb.
Begin from the head, along the spine; somewhat around the
throat, at the glands, lower portion of the gland activity
of the thyroids. Then massage, when coming to the 9th and
10th dorsal area, around the area of the diaphragm. Also,
when coming to the lower plexus or the locomotory centers
from the 4th lumbar, let the massage extend along the sciatic
nerves to below and under the knees. These will make for a
great deal of rest for the body. These should be given at
least once each day, as the body is ready to rest.

22. As to the diet, keep those things that have been indicated
- which make for the better.

23. Less and less use the sedatives that make for the periods
of rest that have been necessary. But when these treatments
are used as we have given, we will find less and less
necessity for inducing rest in such a manner; although
the sedative must be GRADUALLY diminished, to be sure.

24. When these treatments have been followed for thirty-six days,
and the whole of the battery charge has been used in the two
solutions, then we would give the changes necessary for this

25. Ready for questions.

26. (Q) Is there any relief for her constant pain - her binding

(A) As indicated, with these applications we will find a
great deal of relief will come in a very short period; not
all, because the conditions are not such that just a pill or
the like would relieve entirely, but gradually the greater
relief may come. For the basic influences that have caused
these conditions are from the very activity of the glands,
that must be brought back to nearer normalcy. And the
greater portions of the applications have been for the
effects and not for the causes. But with these rubs and
these applications as indicated, in five to six days we
will see a great deal of relief from these pains.

27. (Q) Will the treatments as suggested help her to walk?
(A) Will eventually; not in the first four or five days,
but eventually. Before twenty-one or thirty days, with
the following of these treatments, we will see a great
deal of difference in this direction.

28. (Q) Will the treatments relieve her speech?
(A) Relieve the whole general conditions of the body!

29. (Q) What is the cause of this Parkinson's Palsy, as it is
(A) The gland secretions have been disturbed; and thus have
brought for the centers in both the reactions and
coordinations between the sympathetic and cerebrospinal
system the incoordination there. These must be GRADUALLY
aided, you see; but soon we should not see the necessity of
those things that are only palliatives, for we will be adding
that which will be curative for the influences of the body.

Do these, and in thirty-six days we would give further

30. We are through for the present.



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