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Edgar Cayce recommends Glyco-Thymoline for a variety of conditions, including sinusitis, mucus congestion, congestion in other areas of the body, and tired eyes. Its purpose was to relax the affected area, break up congestion, and increase the alkalinity of mucus membranes. Glyco-Thymoline is excellent for the removal of mucus build-ups, excessive mucus, mucus congestion, and mucositis and mucosis. It functions as a mucoid chelator. That is to say it removed excessive and unwanted mucus build-ups inside the body. Mr. Cayce said, "it was more important to cleanse the inside of the body than the outside". He continued by say, "What you think combined with what you eat becomes who you are (your body)."

Glyco-Thymoline is a mouthwash and gargle that very effectively removes unwanted mucus build-ups such as excessive mucus and congestion,  mucositis and mucosis. Glyco-Thymoline also functions as a mucoid chelator.  Through its ion effects it removed excessive and unwanted mucus build-ups inside the body.

Water, Glycerin, SD Alcohol 37, 4%, Sodium Borate, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Carmine, Sodium Salicylate, Eucalyptol, Menthol, Pine Oil, Thymol, Methyl Salicylate


Suggested Self-Help Treatment Application
For Mucositis (Excessive Mucus)
Place 5 drops into a glass of water and drink in the morn and/or before going to bed at night. You may also place some Glyco-Thymoline under your tongue for a faster acting process. This oral process also helps with digestion, as it has an alkaline pH.


Glyco-Thymoline Pack
To prepare a pack, saturate three or four thicknesses of cotton cloth, or perhaps a washcloth, with full strength Glyco-Thymoline. When applying over the eyes you may wish to dilute with water. If desired, you may heat the solution before use by placing the Glyco bottle in a pan of hot water.

Apply the pack over the affected area for at least 15 minutes, allowing enough time for the therapeutic properties to be absorbed. Its effectiveness may be increased through the use of heat. Simply cover the pack with a piece of plastic and then place a heating pad or hot water bottle on top, with perhaps a towel to hold everything in place.

Following are two typical Glyco-Thymoline pack recommendations:

We would use the Glyco-Thymoline packs over the nasal passages, or sinus passages. Saturate 3 to 4 thicknesses of cotton cloth, or gauze, in warm Glyco-Thymoline, and apply over the passages, allowing such a pack to remain on for 15 to 20 minutes at the time-and keep up until the passages are clear. Apply such packs whenever there is any distress-either in the sinus or in the digestive system. Such packs may also be applied over the abdominal area to advantage as well as over the face, see? [2794-2]

There should be a systematic series of Osteopathic or Chiropractic adjustments. However, each time before these adjustments are made, which should be twice a week, we would relax the area to be adjusted by applying heavy packs of Glyco-Thymoline. Use three or four thicknesses of cotton cloth saturated with warm Glyco-Thymoline and apply for at least an hour to an hour and a half, the day before the adjustments are to be made. Let these packs extend over the lumbar area and all of the sacral area, even to the end of the spine. Apply heat over this, not too much but sufficient to cause these properties not only to relax the body but also to be absorbed into those areas. Thus the Osteopathic corrections, when administered the next day, will relieve these tensions and make for those tendencies towards a better coordination and a better alkalinity in the eliminations. Thus the activity to the kidneys will be aided, also of the bladder and organs of [the] pelvis, as well as the activity for the whole body. [3157-1]


Heat sea salt in a frying pan until warm. Place salt in a flour sack dishcloth or a pillowcase. Soak a washcloth with Glyco-Thymoline and lay on the pelvic bone area and place warm salt pack on top of washcloth. Leave on area for approximately 1 hour.

For more information consult the Glyco-Thymoline Circulating File and The Edgar Cayce Handbook for Health Through Drugless Therapy by Harold J. Reilly and Ruth Hagy Brod.


Drinking Glyco-Thymoline
Place 5 drops in a glass of water and drink. This is performed in the morning or before retiring for the evening to help shift the body’s pH into an alkaline direction. This is also done to help with mucus elimination or build-up along the internal body walls (endodermal tissue) or sinuses.

1. Glyco-Thymoline is used for internal and external cleansing. The following
    instructions for use come with each bottle:

2. Oral Hygiene: Use as a spray, rinse or gargle, diluted or full strength, as often as needed. 

3. Teeth: Use one part Glyco-Thymoline with two parts water (full strength if desired) for cleansing between teeth with swishing action.

4. False Teeth Or Partial Dentures: Use as mouthwash, one part Glyco-Thymoline with two parts water to cleanse mouth after removal of dentures for a refreshing, clean feeling. Brush or soak dentures in equal part of Glyco-Thymoline and water for refreshing taste.

5. Morning After Mouth: Equal parts of Glyco-Thymoline and water (full strength if desired) used as a rinse or gargle helps to give you clean, fresh breath.

6. Baby’s Skin: Apply a solution, equal parts of Glyco-Thymoline and water, to baby’s buttocks and genitals after each bath or diaper changes helps keep baby comfortable.

7. Personal Hygiene: Use equal parts of Glyco-Thymoline and water, to cleanse anal-genital external areas. Apply with soft cloth.

In addition to those not listed above:
1. Douche: place one teaspoon per a quart of water.
2. Enemas: place one teaspoon per a quart of water.


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