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How Edgar Cayce Helped Me Overcome Fibromyalgia
(Muscle and Nerve Pain)

I used to have extremely sore muscles for about 25 years or more.  On a few occasions, I had actually passed out from the pain.   Part of which was caused by several rear end collisions over the years, causing soft tissue damage, like whiplash of the neck and upper spine and some back injures in the last two in which the seat was bent backward.

Doctors were unable to determine the cause of the problems and so were generally prescribing muscle relaxers and pain relievers, for over 25 years.
I was also prescribed some physiotherapy, which helped temporarily, and I had a large fat pad surgically removed from my upper back and neck area, which helped a lot, because it used to get hard as a rock during muscle spasms.

While visiting a friend,I ended up having to crawl on my hands and knees up a flight of about six stairs because of the pain and stiffness in the muscles.
I decided about that time to commit suicide if I did not find out the cause and cure for this condition in the next three months as I knew I could not continue on like this.
I did not tell anyone of my plans to do this

I continued the best I could from that point on, and while I was doing some painting for my mother in her apartment, she showed me a book entitled the

Edgar Cayce Collection.
Since I had an interest in the paranormal and health I started reading it.
I first read the book called Edgar Cayce on Healing and it inspired me.
I then started to read the book called Edgar Cayce on Diet and Health and it provided me with much needed information on the things I was doing wrong.
I discovered some good combinations of foods and some foods that should not be eaten with other foods.
The most important discovery that had the most immediate impact on my life for the better was learning the cause of my sore muscles and nerves.
Here is the excerpt from the book Edgar Cayce on Diet and Health that worked.

"The character of the dross it makes in the body-functioning causes a fungi that produces in the system a crystallization of the muscles and nerves in portions of the body. . . These distresses began as acute pain, rheumatic or neuritis. . . This is pork - The effect of same.   3599-1"

I did not know what these things were so, the next thing I did was go get a dictionary and look up rheumatism and neuritis.
Both  mean about the same, swollen, inflamed, painful muscles or nerves.
Imagine my surprise when it described my physical condition to perfectly.

I had nothing to loose and I tried some of the Cayce book recommendations for cleansing, diet and started to avoid pork.
I proceeded to have a cup of freshly boiled hot water every morning and drank it as I would a coffee or tea and I also had a tablespoon of olive oil at night before bed, this was reduced to a teaspoon after about a week.
I also did some enemas as recommended to assist in ridding the body of toxins.
That was the cleansing part, not too tough to take.
I started to avoid buying the many meat products with pork in them or as their base, I was surprised at how much it was in.
I no longer ordered meats on pizza, except for occasionally non-pork items.
I did not throw out previously purchased pork from the freezer although, if I had known then what I know now, I would have.
Unfortunately we consumed them, but survived anyway, thank God.

I was entirely wrong about nothing to lose!
After about three weeks on this minor diet change and cleansing, I noticed that I was no longer as sore as I had been.
After about three months of abstaining from pork I started to feel like a kid again.
I was able to move my limbs freely and I had regained most of my mobility, free of pain, before I had to force my body to move through the pain.
I also noticed some cysts had disappeared from my skin.
I ate pork about four times over the next nine months and each time the symptoms started to come back.

What I did lose was all the pain from the disease.
I figure it took about a year to fifteen months to clear the disease.
I would pretty confidently say that I have been entirely free of the disease since that time and I hardly have taken any pain or muscle medication since.
A while after that I had some adjustments done to my back and the spinal column seems to have helped recovery from the collisions as well.
That's how Edgar Cayce, more than fifty years after passing on, saved my life through overcoming Fibromyalgia.
I would recommend anyone with any rheumatic or neuritic diseases, including Fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis or cystic fibrosis to try the diet changes.
I also had a dream/vision stating cystic fibrosis is an acute rheumatic condition.

Reading 3599-1



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