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Some examples for the circulating medical files.

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T0663-001 F [Pg 1]

This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on
Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 18th day of
September, 1934, in accordance with request made by the
father - Mr. [...], through Mr. [333], Active Member of the
Ass'n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno.
L. B. Cayce, Sol Tepper, Mildred, Boyd and Burlynn Davis.


Time of Reading
3:40 to 3:55 P. M. Eastern Standard Time. ..., N.Y.

(Physical Suggestion)

1. EC: Yes, we have the body, [663].

2. Now, as we find, this is a developing body, and there are
conditions that disturb the better physical functioning of
the body. While these are in a manner the effects of
prenatal conditions, and thus have the effects of an
undeveloped condition, as we find - if taken in time, and
with the proper precautions - they may be eliminated and
eradicated from the system; thus bringing about normalcy in
the development of the body in the mental, material and

3. This condition that we find here is the effect from an
undeveloped condition in the lacteal duct area, and we find
produces a congestion in the caecum and transverse colon
area; thus producing from the lumbar plexus, through the
activities of the pineal gland, incoordination between the
sympathetic and cerebrospinal system. These reactions or
contractions of the muscular forces drawing the body at such
periods are effects, and - as many a condition that manifests
itself in a physical organism - are only the INDICATION of a
disturbance. And as we find, during those periods of
gestation when the development of the fetus brought not the
proper amount of blood supply through the umbilical cord and
umbilical plexus, there was brought about that which made
for this contraction in the area over or about the lacteal
ducts. Hence the developments that have been, or the
spasmodic contractions that draw the body.

4. The applications, then, must be made, at the same time being
very mindful of the diets for the body; for while these would
be in the nature mainly of the pre-digested and semi-liquid
and the like, these are those foods of which the body should
beware - or be kept from: Too great quantities of sweets at
ANY time, and the sweetening of foods should be rather with
saccharin than with cane sugars - or honey may be used at

those periods when there begins the greater development, so
that there may be the structural development in its normalcy.
Sufficient iron through the proteins and vegetable forces,
with not too great a quantity of meats. And particularly
fats should be kept from the body until there is a better

5. We would begin immediately then with the use of those
properties that will make for the creating of the proper
activity in the system as related to the development of the
assimilating glands and the associations with those
connections between the flow from the jejunum to the colon
area, or the effects that will be had upon the body as it
passes from one portion of digestive area to the other, that
these contractions and these coordinations may be made.

6. Then, we would prepare the compound in this manner:

7. To 3 gallons of distilled water we would add 1 gallon of the
dried Maypop. Reduce by slow boiling, preferably in
enamelware with an enamel top; NOT aluminum or tin, but
either earthen or iron - as the iron kettle or brass covered
with glass - but preferably the enamel, that has no broken
portions in the bottom of same. Reduce until the quantity
makes 3 quarts, when strained. To this then add 1 ounce - of
Honey and Grain Alcohol - if the 85% grade is used - 6
ounces, or - if the 195% proof is used - 4 ounces.

8. Shake this together and give half a teaspoonful three times
each day; or morning before feeding, after the noon meal and
before retiring.

9. Keep this constantly.

10. After this has been begun, and after the third or fourth
week, every WEEK have an adjustment made along the cerebro-
spinal system, that we keep all the segments of the cerebro-
spinal system in accord; for the tendency for the contraction
is to produce in the brush end of the spine - or from the 4th
lumbar to the lower end of the spine - contraction of the
muscular forces there; for here we contact during the periods
of development especially the activity of the pineal reaction
to the brain centers, which makes for the differentiation of
the actions of the imaginative forces in the body.

11. Be persistent; be consistent, and we will bring the normal
forces for this body.

12. Ready for questions.

13. (Q) Should the entire quantity be taken right straight

(A) Should continue to take this, even though it is required
for the next two years; it will eradicate and relieve and RID
the condition from the system.

14. (Q) How long should the adjustments be kept up?
(A) Better that these be kept up for periods of three to
four weeks, then a rest period of two to three weeks; and so

15. (Q) Is this condition one of epilepsy, as diagnosed by the
(A) This is the condition which will PRODUCE epilepsy, if it
is allowed to BECOME constitutional to the body!

Follow these suggestions as given, and we will make the
proper eliminations of those disorders - and for the proper
developing of the body.

16. We are through for the present.

Copy to Father
" " Ass'n file

(9/18/34 GD's note: See letter [which was enclosed] to
Druggist, also Osteopath.)


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