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Copyright 1999: Gururattan Kaur Khalsa Ph.D.

Words from the Master

Yogi Bhajan, Master of Hatha, Kundalini and White Tantric yoga, shared many special messages with us. I want to share some of his words with you. Here are a few paraphrased quotes from my notes.

(1) "Let God work. Watch God work. Understand the play of God. Give God a chance. This life was given to you as a gift. Let God take you on this journey."

(2) "Doubt and duality are the main causes of disaster.. We forget that God is with us"

( 3) "We need mental security. Our intuition is our security. If we seek the satisfaction of our ego, our third eye (seat of our intuition) will not open up. If we give up our ego, the vacuum is filled with our intuition and we are uplifted..It is easy to access our intuition when our chakras are open."

(4) "We are in the cusp (transition) to the Aquarian Age, which will begin in 2012. Until then, do your best, enjoy your life, have faith and let God take care of your life."


(1) Good ideas! How do I do that?! Kundalini Yoga is one of the spiritual disciplines developed by saints and sages to accomplish these goals.

(2) I couldn't agree more. Help! How can I remember? Patience. We are getting to that part.

(3) Ego is one of those misunderstood words with many meanings. Defined as our conscious awareness, an ego is necessary to think, operate, make decisions and take action in this world. The problem is that we usually operate from a "limited ego" and narrow view of ourselves and the world. It is this "false ego" that we are trying to give up or transcend. An important task of our "aware ego" is to train ourselves to listen to our intuition, instead of reacting to random thoughts that are set off by our wounded emotions and inappropriate training. We need our "aware ego" to tune into God and join forces. As we do so, we experience "My will is God's will." And "God in me, me in God are One."

(4) "God" also has so many meanings and is a very misunderstood concept. A spiritual path is about experiencing the reality of this concept. Yogi Bhajan always tells us that our biggest problem is that we think God is outside ourselves. The purpose of a spiritual practice is to experience God within our own being and to connect our individual psyche with the universal psyche. (one definition of God)



Silence and Intuition

Silence is core to all spiritual practices. The Buddhists are masters of silence. Or at least they recognize its value and practice the discipline. One must be silent to "hear" God. Practicing silence is recommended at Solstice. Silence used to be required. Now it is optional. Many people chose and were actually able to observe this sacred discipline. The experience is definitely more effective when we observe silence. When we are silent, our attention turns inward. We are able to identify and stop relating to what is called "excess personality" or "externalized ego". We begin relating to our Essential Self or Soul. It is our Essential Self that accesses our intuition and finds God within.

The full effects of the White Tantric Course take effect 40 days after the event. The 40th day will be August 3rd. I thought we might tap some of this energy by practicing a silent meditation. Mercury being retrograde (July 12th -August 4th) also facilitates our inner journey. During Mercury retrograde (which happens 3 times a year for a little over 3 weeks each time) the mind loses some of its grip. It is easier to release thoughts, be still, meditate and be in the heart.



The Art of Silence - A Silent Meditation for 40 Days

In the yogic tradition, meditations practiced for a certain number of days have a certain effect. Forty days is the minimum to break a habit and set the stage for an internal shift. One student asked me once-"Forty days in a row?!" The whole class laughed. Yes, forty days in a row! And if that seems like a long time, in the past many spiritual masters have taken 40 years to achieve enlightenment. I imagine that all of us on the KYList have done that path in other lifetimes. This lifetime, we are attempting to get quicker results, so that we can enjoy peace and happiness in this lifetime.

Let's get started. Here is a simple mindful meditation to practice for the next 40 days. Actually silent, mindful meditation is our first, last and ongoing lesson. We will use this meditation as a touchstone overtime to review our progress and assess our goal of achieving inner peace, contentment and a richer, fuller life.

Part One. Everyday be silent and practice listening within. Morning before sunrise is the best time. Or at least morning before you start your work day. Simply sit quietly and observe your thoughts, be with your breath and feel the sensations in your body. Gently and silently be with yourself. The optimal time is 22 or 31 minutes. If you don't have that much time, 11 minutes is also an effective yogic time for meditation.

Part Two. During the day, practice listening to yourself before you interact with others. Do your best to get your own answers before seeking advise. Process your own thoughts and feelings before sharing them with others. Share only those thoughts and feelings that inform and inspire others. Do not dump your emotions on others as a way to avoid processing them yourself. Keep your own personal issues and process to yourself. (Unless you are working with a counselor or therapy group.)

Part Three. Once a week practice silence with a partner or with a group of friends. Observing silence, go for a walk together, be together at home, eat a meal together or partake in another activity. Agree on the process beforehand, so you can relax and enjoy the experience. Have a notepad handy in case the need to communicate arises.

You might also want to check out silent Buddhist evening and day meditations or week retreats.

Results. The above practice makes us aware of how much we turn our attention outward and look for cues outside ourselves. We realize how much we say that is unnecessary and a waste of energy. We start to see how much we try to fill in "empty" spaces to feel comfortable or make the other person feel comfortable so we will feel comfortable.

We find our intuition and "hear God" in the open spaces of our minds. I am always reminded that I have to listen to myself, if I want to hear my intuition. It is not that our intuition is not working. It is dormant through inactivity or is buried by all our mental noise. We are not listening, trusting and following our intuition. When we don't listen to our intuition, our Soul screams at us in other ways-accidents, stress, fear, anger. (You must have noticed! :+))

Preparing for the New Millennium

As Yogi Bhajan shared with us (at the last Solstice of the millennium), our intuition is our security. When we tune into our intuition, we know what to do. When we know what to do, we can trust ourselves and our universe. When we trust ourselves, we are in charge of our own lives. On the other hand, if we don't listen to ourselves, we have nothing to trust. The best we can do it operate from blind faith. But doubt ends up getting the upper hand. We turn to external authorities and become a victim of forces outside ourselves. As we move into the next millennium, our goal is to empower ourselves from within (there is no other way) and to extreicate ourselves from all forms of victimization.

The energy on the planet is becoming more and more intense. (I am sure you have noticed!) Many people feel out of control and they probably are. The only way to deal with the energy is match it, join it, go with it and use it!. To do so, we must intuitively sense it and flow with it. The good news is that the intensity of the energy also speeds up our desire and our ability to tap our spiritual roots.

Our goal over time is to integrate the above practices into our daily lives. To do so, we have to train and monitor ourselves. You may find it useful to keep a journal of your experiences. I find it therapeutic and encouraging to watch my progress. Training ourselves to connect with the divine within and maintain this connection during every hour of the day is the purpose of all spiritual disciplines. And with the energy available, we could witness some quick results.

Although the above silent meditation may seem simple, its mastery is not. Students take years and even lifetimes to perfect it. Fortunately, there are Kundalini yoga techniques that facilitate the process and speed up our progress. The purpose of the Kundalini Yoga Training is to share this technology. Our first step is to simply practice mindful silent meditation and watch our results. It is important to monitor your experiences so you have a baseline of comparison as we add the Kundalini exercises to the process.

Get started today, have fun and lets share our results over the List. Please tell your friends, so we can all get started together.Sat Nam and many blessings.

Gururattan Kaur Khalsa, Ph.D.


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