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Five Tibetan Rites The Five Tibetan Rites offer a simple but highly effective exercise program that improves health and well-being.


Tibetean1.jpg (5172 bytes) Rite 1 1st Exercise - Extend arms out to the sides, palms down. Relax shoulders, and bring arms in line with shoulders. Turn in place in a clockwise direction. Focus your vision on a single point straight ahead to avoid dizziness. After the exercise take 3 deeps breaths. With hands together, raise arms over heard on the inhale. Exhaling, lower arms out to the sides and down
Tibetean2.jpg (12544 bytes)  Rite2 2nd Exercise - Lie flat with arms extended alongside the body. Palms down. Breathe in through the nose and raise head off the floor. At the same time lift legs off the ground, keeping legs straight. Exhaling, lower head and legs back down, keeping legs straight as you go down. Relax muscles for a moment and then repeat. Once complete, take 3 deep breaths while lying flat with hands placed over lower abdomen.
Tibetean3.jpg (13772 bytes) Rite3 3rd Exercise - Kneel with knees under hips and toes tucked under. Breathing out, lower chin toward chest. Breathing in arch back, dropping head back. Hands on buttocks or thighs for support. When complete, take 3 deep breaths while kneeling or lying flat. Hands over lower abdomen.
Tibetean4.jpg (13521 bytes)Rite 4 4th Exercise - Sit with legs extended in front of you, feet hip width apart. Palms are placed alongside body, fingers pointing forward. Breathe out and tuck chin in toward chest. While slowing breathing in, raise torso off the ground and drop head back. While holding position, hold breath and tighten every muscle in the body. Breathing out, slower lower back down to starting position. Rest a moment, then repeat. When complete, lie flat and take 3 deep breaths to relax.
Tibetean5.jpg (15173 bytes) Rite5 5th Exercise - Start in table position with hands shoulder width apart and knees directly under hips. Inhaling, lift tailbone up and press heels down into an inverted V position. Chin tucks in toward chest. Exhaling, lower body forward and down. Arch the back and tilt head back to look up. Shoulders remain broad and toes are tucked under. When complete lie flat and take 3 deep breaths to relax.

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