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Some Cayce Treatments for fibroids

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T1140-001 F [Pg 1]


This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at the Kahn home,
44 West 77th St., Apt. 14-W, New York City, this 10th day
of April, 1936, in accordance with request made by the self
- Mrs. [1140], new Associate Member of the Ass'n for Research
& Enlightenment, Inc, recommended by Mrs. [987].


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno.


Time of Reading Hotel ...,
11:35 to 12:10 A. M. Eastern Standard Time. New York City.

(Physical Suggestion)

1. EC: Yes, we have the body here.

2. Now, as we find, there are many conditions in the physical
forces of the body that are very good; yet there ARE
disturbing conditions that may be, as we find, corrected in
the present; that would make for a much more coordinating
physical functioning, and thus relieve the body from physical
anxieties and from physical disturbing conditions that are
apparent in the assimilating and eliminating forces of the

3. These, then, are the conditions as we find them with this
body, [1140] we are speaking of, present in this room:

4. IN THE BLOOD SUPPLY, there are times when the flow itself
is not too normal, and there are hindrances then in the
assimilating forces that cause this lack of there being
builded sufficient of the red blood cells to at all times
coordinate or cooperate in preventing the disturbing forces
in portions of the body.

5. This, as we find, arises primarily from the distortions in
the katabolism, or in the elements that go to make for
activity in the glands of the body, as related to the manner
in which the effluvia or the hormones of the blood stream
make for their coagulating forces through the body. These
arise from those conditions that have come about by
sedimentary reactions with the pancreas, the spleen and the
gall duct in ITS activity UPON the system in the SECRETIONS
from these.

6. Primarily this arises from a condition that has arisen from
conditions that were in times back a disturbing factor, and
thus in their correction made for an accumulation that caused
a strangular reaction in the lacteal ducts.

7. This, then, is the basis not only of those disturbing
conditions but that as produces through other portions
of the body the non-activity of eliminations from a NORMAL
reaction. Thus in portions of the body there have been at
times those tendencies for the accumulation in lymph pockets.
There have been made pressures upon various portions of the
internal reactions to the system, thus making for a drying
effect or a slowed circulation through the sympathetics that
have at times brought into the activities the reactions from
the sympathetic to the sensory forces of the body.

8. These corrected in the present, as we find, would make for a
gradual building back to a normalcy for the body through its
reacting system.

9. IN THE NERVE FORCES OF THE BODY, these natural deficiencies
or exaggerated conditions make for pressures upon the nerve
forces of the body, at times causing not the normal rest,
at others the conditions in pressures upon the system as
to produce to the organs of the sensory system disturbing

10. Also the reactions through the coordination between the
cerebrospinal and sympathetic systems produce those pressures
in the brain forces, or the headaches that make for a
reaction that reacts to the whole of the impulses of the
body itself.

11. IN THE ORGANS OF THE BODY, as indicated, those that have to
do with the assimilating or production of that which produces
in the body the abilities for the system to replenish itself
become involved in the condition.

12. Tautness, to be sure, exists along the cerebrospinal system,
specifically in those areas where the locomotories of the
body - both to upper and lower at times - give rise to
disturbances there.


14. First there should be taken the time to make for an activity
upon the organs of the assimilating system; an activity that
would not only drain the gall duct of those tendencies for
sedimentary reactions but that would stimulate all the
activities from the organs of the abdominal area to the
normalcy, for the pressure through the activity or
coordinating of the circulatory forces with the organs
of assimilation and also for CLEANSING the system in those
particular disturbed areas.

15. So, we would first begin with a compound that is combined
or prepared under the name Zilatone. One tablet of a
morning, one of an evening, for two days. On the third day,
in the evening before retiring, take two tablets. The next

morning (the fourth day) before arising, take two
tablespoonsful of Fleet's Phospho-Soda stirred in a whole
glass of water, as warm or as hot as may be taken. Lying on
the right side, make for a pressure in those areas about the
liver, the lacteal ducts (by putting a pillow underneath
the body in that area). And these will make for, through
that day, a drainage that will cleanse the system.

16. Through these periods (the four days), let the diet be rather
of a semi-liquid nature; or fruit juices, beef juices,
vegetable soups as combined, and the like.

17. Then, after two or three days (following the taking of the
medicinal properties), begin with manipulative measures
osteopathically made, specifically in the lumbar area, the
9th dorsal and the brachial area; through, of course, the
cervicals, that each coordinating center between the deeper
circulation and the superficial is released, that drainages
are kept and that the body-functioning may build back to
that of an equal balance throughout the system.

18. These we would take (the manipulative measures) for a period
of two to three weeks, twice a week; and then have a rest
period from same of two weeks, and then take them again for
a period of like time.

19. And we would find the general conditions much changed.

20. Ready for questions.

21. (Q) Are puffs under my eyes from kidneys or from stomach?
(A) From the pressures produced in the lacteal duct area,
as we have indicated, by this change that occurs in the
incoordination or inactivity of the superficial circulation
with the internal. And those tendencies for the pressure in
the upper hepatic circulation make for this disturbance.

22. (Q) Is lump in my throat a thyroid nature or lymphatic?
(A) Lymphatic; it arising from those tendencies for
stoppages in portions of the circulation due to the attempts
of the system to make for a BALANCING in a condition that
needs attention - as we have indicated - in the liver, gall
duct area, the pancreas and the spleen to make for their
coordinations of the activities of the ducts through same,
or the activities of the glands to PRODUCE a balance in
lymph AND blood circulation. While the lymph, of course,
at times is a portion of same (that is, of the blood
circulation), the inability of coagulation through the
lack of those elements by the improper secretions from the
indicated organs and their glands produces the disturbance.
This area drained, and then the proper stimulation (through
the properties indicated, and the osteopathic manipulations),
with the diets kept for a building up of the system, will
clear these conditions.

23. (Q) Is all my digestive trouble in stomach or intestines?
(A) As indicated, more arises from the lacteal duct area;
though an unbalancing (for at times the body experiences the
lack of the ability of the gastric forces to digest foods,
which) produces through the intestinal tract disturbing
factors - but this is the lack of the proper elements to
cause the proper balance of the lacteals, or the alkalins
and the acids. For the system becomes excessive in either
direction by the very changes that come about; with a
tendency, to be sure, for a lack of calcium for the whole
system, and at other times lack of the excesses in the needed

24. (Q) Have I fibroids in and around uterus? If so, what size
- and should I have these removed?
(A) As we find, these are rather the pressures upon the
organs by the improper drainages because of the disturbings
in the circulation. We would not in the present have these
removed, but if the drainages are set up from the 9th
dorsal, the lumbar plexus being CORRECTED, specifically,
and coordinated, with the proper drainages set up, these
should be absorbed - and naturally would be a much better
way and manner than the operative forces.

After these processes as indicated are carried through, then
if these continue this would be another question.

But the system itself, properly balanced, takes care of
excesses even; though necessarily slower than operative
forces, but safer - without those chances for the reaction
from scar tissues' effect or the accumulation of lymph
pockets or of irritations that make for fibrous reaction.

25. (Q) Shall I have enlarged joint or bunion operated upon?
(A) With these drainages, these conditions should be
materially aided. And massage same rather, morning and
evening, with equal portions of Olive Oil and Tincture
of Myrrh - heating the oil to add the myrrh. With the
drainages, with the manipulative forces, with the organs
balanced, these should disappear without operative forces.

Do that.

26. (Q) What can I do to help my feet?
(A) These pressures in the lumbar area should be removed,
so as to relieve the feet.

To be sure, when the manipulative forces are given, these
should extend to the bursae especially of the feet; those
under the knee, those along the portions of the ankle to the
portions of the feet. But massage the feet and the joints
especially with the equal portions of the Olive Oil and
Tincture of Myrrh; this will relieve same.

27. (Q) What is the meaning of drainage?
(A) When the activity from the nerve forces and the muscular
plexus along any portion of the cerebrospinal system, from
which organs or portions of the body receive their nerve
impulse, are stimulated, this sets up a circulation that
allows for refuse forces or drosses from the system to be
carried out in a normal way and manner. This is drainage,
see? Not necessary that excesses only through the alimentary
canal be increased in eliminations to make for proper
drainages, but the muscular forces or tendons or bursae
or the areas along the system where the nerve plexus produce
the improper impulse need to be stimulated. This is why the
activity through a massage properly osteopathically given
sets up such drainages better than the administering of those
things that stimulate an already disturbed condition between
the deep circulation and the superficial, see (that is,
through cathartics, etc., see)?

Hence these are the indications as we find for the body.

While it is necessary to stimulate the activity of the organs
that are showing a tendency for slowness or laggardness in
their activity, this must be done properly - from their
impulses or centers along the cerebrospinal system - to be
EFFECTIVE and to MAINTAIN an equilibrium.

28. (Q) Is Miss Mabel Todd the right osteopath for me to go to
in the Essex House, W. 59th St.?
(A) If she will make the adjustments in these specific
centers as indicated, you see, and not attempt to make
drainages ONLY by stimulating the upper DORSAL and CERVICAL
areas, correct. She has the ability! If she will follow
these suggestions, correct.

Do these things.

29. (Q) Where is the lacteal duct area?
(A) In the right portion just below the liver or the gall
duct, and a portion of the liver area; a hand's breadth -
that is, the four fingers - from the umbilicus or navel
plexus to the right side, see?

30. (Q) How do I treat that?
(A) As indicated, in those activities of the properties in
the Zilatone as combined with the Phospho-Soda - taken as
indicated. Then the stimulating of the centers along the
cerebrospinal system that carry the impulse for circulation
will bring normalcy for this area; loosening - There will be
times when there will be felt in the right side a little
trickling or tingling sensation, especially for the first
day or two after the taking of the Phospho-Soda, see? But
these will gradually adjust themselves. Do that.

31. (Q) What is the size of the largest tumor that is around
the uterus?
(A) That of a wren's egg. And this is more of the nature
of the LYMPH sacs than the harder areas. And if these are
carried forward as we have indicated, these SHOULD be
absorbed. If they are not, necessarily - as has been
indicated - other measures should be taken. But we would
advise THESE first; then we may give further instructions.

32. We are through for the present.

Copy to Self
" " Ass'n file

(Be sure and do everything in the ORDER indicated.
If everything is not clear, let us know.

See letter [which was enclosed] with directions to
Osteopath. GD.)

T1140-002 F [Pg 1]


This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at the home of
David E. Kahn, 44 West 77th St., Apt. 14-W, New York City,
this 21st day of April, 1936, in accordance with request
made by the self Mrs. [1140], Associate Member of the Ass'n
for Research & Enlightenment, Inc.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno.
Mrs. [1140].


Time of Reading
11:20 to 12:05 A. M. Eastern Standard Time. New York City.

(Physical Suggestion)

1. EC: Yes, we have the body, [1140]; this we have had before.

2. Now, as we find, there are changes coming about. While in
the present these reactions at times produce a feeling of
unsteadiness, or at others a dizziness, there is more of
a weakening or uneasiness through the whole of the abdominal
area; reflecting at times even to the digestive system when
food is attempted to be taken.

3. These conditions though, as we find, would be and are the
natural results of setting up those forms of eliminations.

4. For where there have been builded in any portion of the
system those tendencies for segregations, as indicated here
through the pelvic organs, through portions of the system
as indicated, the stirring up - as it were - produces a
little irritation that naturally makes for such reactions
that are occurring in the present.

5. But the whole conditions, as we find, are more hopeful, more
in order that there would be - with the care which has been
indicated - the eliminations of the disturbing conditions
without the resorting to such stringent means.

6. Ready for questions.

7. (Q) What causes my constipation, and how shall I overcome
(A) With the lymph circulation throughout the abdominal
area being active, as it were, to prevent inroads about
those portions where segregations have taken place, and
to keep down inflammation, it makes naturally for a slow
peristaltic movement, or slow or NO great quantity of
movement through those connecting portions of the intestinal
system. Thus those tendencies for the reaction that occurs.

Now to aid in this, as we find, the considerations of the
diet without causing such a reaction in the lacteals of the
digestive portion, and without causing irritation to the
lymph, are necessary. For it is the lymph flow that makes
for activity through the alimentary canal, and when there
is the tendency for the inflammation (not necessarily just
irritation, but INFLAMMATION), it produces, of course, the
drying of the lymph flow.

Then we would use the enemas, rather the colon enemas; not
too often, but so that the body may be cleansed from toxic
forces that naturally arise from this inactivity through
the system. Do not use such large quantities of water,
but use a saline solution that - through these MANNERS of
application - will add an element that WILL form WITH the
natural secretions of the body, as WELL as the oils. Not
those that would make for a collecting of influences through
the alimentary canal (as those that carry the paraffin in
same), but rather small quantities of Olive Oil; that would
be not only a food for the intestinal system but would -
in such minute quantities - be assimilated without causing
disturbing factors.

In using the colonics, combine the solutions in this manner:
To each quart of tepid water that would be used, use a level
tablespoonful of salt and half a tablespoonful of baking
soda; this well dissolved before it is used.

The Olive Oil would be taken internally, but not a spoonful;
just a few drops three, four, five times a day when taken.

Also we would massage across the abdomen, even from the
stomach to the lower portion of the descending colon, with
Olive Oil. Let the body absorb same. This will not only
aid in these directions but make for greater elasticity in
the abdominal walls and make for the prevention of any
adherence through the bodily system itself. Massage just
what the body will absorb. At some periods it will be found
that as much as a whole tablespoonful or two will be absorbed
by the body, and at other periods only a very small quantity
will be absorbed.

8. (Q) What may I do to ease the terrible discomfort of
menstrual period?
(A) Use a douche of Atomidine; that is, of this combination:
A teaspoonful of the regular strength Atomidine to a quart
of water. This will not only allay the irritations but will
make for a cleansing that will aid in the circulation being
able to become more and more normal. This should be taken
two or three times; that is, once a day just before such
periods, and it may be taken once a week at other periods,

9. (Q) How many fibroid tumors have I on uterus and where are
they, inside or outside?
(A) At the mouth there are two. On the outside there is

These are NOT fibroid; they are, as indicated more of the
lymph accumulation; for fibroid becomes centralized or there
is an affixation with which there gathers those of the nature
that gradually builds to same. THIS, as you find, makes for
a giving and then expanding again, or a rising and falling,
owing to the irritations or owing to the general activity.

Hence when the douches are taken, let these be rather as of
the Fountain Douche, so as not to make for great quantity of
irritation but RETAIN the solution for as long a period as
is comfortable in taking same, see?

10. (Q) What is the condition of my kidneys?
(A) These vary a great deal owing to the quantity of
inflammation, or according to the necessities of eliminations
through the activity of the alimentary canal's reaction.

As an organ (for the more perfect understanding of the body,
for this may be disputed by some), the liver and kidneys
form the hepatic circulation. The blood supply of the whole
body goes through the liver twice, even to once through the

Then there is that circulation called the hepatic, as
indicated, wherein there is the COORDINANT reaction between
the liver AND the kidneys. The liver is an excretory as
well as a secretive organ. The kidneys are SECRETIVE and
take FROM the system, also from the liver and from the
general circulation of the whole abdominal area, poisons that
are not eliminated through other ways and manners.

When toxic forces arise in the body from the inflammation
through the abdominal area, or through the uterus itself,
combined with the disturbances through lack of proper
eliminations in the alimentary canal, THEN we have a sparse
activity of the bladder or of the kidneys through the
bladder. Then this produces in the body an irritation,
owing to the great excess of acidity, that produces a
burning even through the clitoris and the mouth of the
uterus and in the portions of the body.

This is not an indication that the kidneys are involved but
that the activity of the whole hepatic circulation and the
organs or eliminations through these portions of the system
become involved in same.

This is another reaction that will be aided by the use of
such a douche. This is much preferable to others that have
been suggested. Why? Because the activities of these

properties in the manner indicated are to work directly
upon the hepatic circulation, because those portions of
same that are absorbed will not only act as a cleansing
solution for inflammatory conditions but will act UPON the
portions of the body itself; thus aiding in the glandular
functioning. And here we have reached by the absorption
all those glands of the reproductive system of the body
that become inflamed or irritated through those
disturbances that have been brought about by these
accumulations in portions of the system. And if these are
adhered to very soon there should be noticed an improvement;
although there must be some little alteration in the
applications of the massage, especially in the lumbar axis,
for these are NOT WHOLLY in accord with what we have
indicated would be the more helpful for the body. But, as
we have given, INCLUDE the activity upon the coccyx ends of
the nerves about the portions of the lower cerebrospinal
system WITH the 4th lumbar axis.

Hence, as we would say, the conditions of the kidneys VARY
according to the manner of eliminations and the sympathetic
reactions from those disturbances in the pelvic organs.

The BLADDER becomes then MORE irritated, or the clitoris
itself, than the kidney itself.

11. (Q) How should I continue treatment of liver and gall
(A) Have those regular periods when the Zilatone is used
for assisting in creating a better activity through the
liver area itself, when there arise any distasteful
conditions from the gastric forces of the body itself. Use
same periodically, then. No activity of such a nature
should be used continuously, to be sure, but let the SYSTEM
react and then we may have the PROPER reaction from such
properties as are combined in such preparations.

For in this preparation we find THESE elements that may be
helpful to the body, for knowing what and how each factor
in same acts upon the SYSTEM will aid in making the mental
reactions when such is taken into the body, see?

In this we have an agar, or that which is taken from the
seaweed itself. We have bile salts. We have caroid as
combined with same. We have a small quantity of a
stimulation that goes under the name of the elements that
stimulate the circulation, or the deeper hepatic circulation.
And these COMBINED with those influences for making for an
activity without producing too great an irritation. For
with the bile salts or the Caroid AND bile salts combined
there is directed an activity upon the secretions and
excretions of the liver itself, without irritating the
lymph flow; and not acting upon the pancreas or the spleen,

save in the stimulated circulation as produced by the very
small quantity of the heart stimulant.

12. (Q) With lacteal area disturbed, shall I continue to drink
so much sweet milk?
(A) This is not so well, for the casein as well as the
quantity of calcium in same makes for a hardening of those
activities through the lymph flow in the intestinal system.

If this is altered to the milk that is a natural creation
from nuts it would be much better; particularly as almonds
and filberts; not so much of those that carry too much
grease or oils in same as the Brazilian nuts, but
particularly almonds and filberts will be helpful and carry
with same elements that are much preferable to so much milk.

13. (Q) Are exercises advisable for me?
(A) Exercises in the open, but not such natures that the
body strains itself. Walking, riding; but straining as in
tennis or even in golf would be irritating to the pelvic
organs. But the stretching, in the open - swimming, such
natures, would be advisable.

14. (Q) Please give me advice about my eyesight.
(A) Keep the stimulations and ministrations for the general
upbuilding of the system itself, coordinating all the forces
that have been indicated in those portions of the locomotory
system - as in the lumbar, 9th dorsal, brachial center,
throughout the upper dorsal and throughout the cervical;
and we will make for the better circulation through the
sensory forces. And these include, to be sure, the eyes
themselves. In the PRESENT, as we find, there should be
those precautions that these are not overstrained by too
strong a light, or when in a very strong light even sunlight
glasses - rose or darker glasses - would be preferable. And
WITH these do not strain in reading too fine a print or too
close a work of any kind. But no specific treatment other
than the GENERAL in the present. Well that these, of course,
be bathed with the simple solutions that are much preferable
to those that would be more heavy. A weak solution of soda
and salt, equal portions, very weak, is much preferable
to other astringent things - or those that, as ordinarily
termed, would tend to make the eyes glisten or bright.

15. (Q) Do you find that Mable Todd will relieve my condition?
(A) As indicated, EFFICIENT; but there has been and is
indicated some anxiety on the part of the body as to those
applications that have been made. As WE find, these
treatments would be more PREFERABLY made by one more SURE
of self in such specific directions.

16. (Q) In taking the Zilatone at periods, should it be taken
as given?

(A) As given, or to conform to that which will produce a
thorough activity throughout the alimentary canal.

17. (Q) Have I an ulcer in my stomach, or have I had one?
(A) From the acidity there has been a laceration, NOT an
ulceration; though the WALLS of the stomach indicate there
has been a thickening - but rather from lacerations than

18. (Q) Where is this laceration?
(A) Close to the pylorus, the lower end of the stomach as
it enters or empties into the duodenum.

19. (Q) What can I do to heal it?
(A) It's healed. What to do is to not allow this to become
so irritated as to produce a strain there. It is healed in
the present. The only strain has been as a muscle or as a
tendon or as a condition where tissue has been healed, or
scar tissue, see? stretching.

Hence, as indicated, the absorption of the oil, the taking
of the oil as outlined will work together for the whole of
the gastric flow. Do not allow, through diets or other
exercises, too great a quantity of the acids to regurgitate
as to produce irritation again.

20. (Q) How do I stimulate the lymph circulation?
(A) The lymph circulation - this is rather a broad question.
The lymph circulation is through various portions of the body
itself, see? In stimulating the lymph in the ALIMENTARY
CANAL, of course it is usually done by cathartics or such
natures. Stimulating the lymph through same for THIS body,
as indicated, should be done rather through diet - as
indicated, or as has been outlined very well for the body,
save in the conditions regarding the milk, as given. But
stimulate the gastric flows by the ganglia along the
cerebrospinal system that GOVERN THE ACTIVITY of the organs
as related to the lymph flow in such a manner. In
stimulating the lymph flow for DUCTS through portions of the
body, as in the glands about the salivary activity from the
mouth, stimulate the vagus centers and these produce same as
a flow through the system. These are differently
stimulated, you see, to produce lymph reaction.

The massage as indicated through the general PORTIONS of
the body. See the lymph in this particular condition is
stimulated to ELIMINATE, where - as it has been through
common strictures or through segregations - the lymph has
been slowed up in the attempt to PREVENT the forming of
those conditions that would become malignant or stationary
in portions of the body.

Follow these suggestions as indicated, and we will find we

will bring for this body near to NORMAL conditions, and the
opportunities in the mental and the spiritual forces be
increased in many, many ways and manners. We are through
for the present.

Copy to Self
" " Ass'n file

[GD's note: She [1140] said, "Very remarkable." She seemed
so pleased at the detailed description of conditions and tr.]

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