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Sent in by Ralph - Edgar Cayce inspirational quotes:

From 281-003 12/3/1931

(Q) Will I ever be able to diagnose ailments, and what spirit will give this to me?

(A) Will the body-consciousness intend or desire, that may BE a portion of the entity's work. This will be accomplished by a unison of cosmic or universal forces, as here. This may be raised in ANYONE that so CLEANSES their OWN physical consciousness, or raises the vibrations of their own physical bodies, TO that attunement that brings HEALINGS to others; for, as has been given, "Who healeth all thine infirmities?   Who bringeth the hope, the abounding forces of love, in thine life?" As has been given, "Though I give my body to be burned and have not love, it profiteth me nothing. Though I may be able to interpret, though I may prophesy, though I may BRING that faith so as to remove MOUNTAINS, and have not LOVE, it is NOTHING!" Then, first know what love meaneth, "for God so LOVED the world that He gave His Son, that we THROUGH Him might have life, and have it more abundantly. From the abundance of the heart the MOUTH speaketh." Thoughts ARE deeds, and as their currents run bring either those of MIRACLES or crimes. As He purged His own life, so may WE purge OUR lives that they may be one IN Him, and as He laid His hands on many, so may the healing FROM self be to many, wilt thou BELIEVE and ask in HIS name. BE thou, then, the sturdy, staunch guide TO many, as thou wert in days that were counted as but naught!

(Q) [993]: As a leader of prayer, what should I study to make myself approved unto Him?

(A) Fourteenth and fifteenth of John. "In my Father's house are MANY mansions. I go TO the Father, and what ye ask in my name, believing, so shall it be UNTO thee." YE have believed, for YE have seen! BLESSED are they that BELIEVE who have NOT seen. YE KNOW the way; ye may guide others! ......

(Q) Why do I feel a hesitancy in repeating, and pleading for one who has asked for aid? I feel I should ask in His name, believing it will be done.

(A) Ask ONLY in His name, believing, and it SHALL be done! This an outcome, or the result of self's own development, and - as given in the beginning - let NO one come condemning THEMSELVES for that that is within them! but let no one come in arrogance as to that that's necessary for another to reach that SAME attunement! PHYSICALLY, there may be an illustration in this: Attunements on any of the radios may be SOMEWHERE NEAR the same point, but no two will EVER be in exact same ratio! for their POSITIONS alter that, even when  sitting side by side! So, individual attuning their soul-consciousness to the divine within must attune according to their OWN development one in another! but CONDEMN NOT, that ye be not condemned! Find GOOD in all! If thou cannot speak well, speak not at all! - and think not at all! for thoughts ARE deeds. As ye act, let that gladness of purpose as may be ONE in all, be that that rules, or is guided by Him that rules. Rule not in the sense that "Here's a line and it must be hewed to, irrespective of consequences or of conditions!" for He is ALSO a God of mercy - MERCY - that makes us ALL akin, in that he that would have mercy shown MUST himself be merciful!

(Q) Please help me to get the understanding.

(A) As ye seek, as ye believe - as ye know - comes the understanding.


From 993-5 F 50 2/19/1941

There were those various groups that held to what might be called determining factors or principles. As would be termed in the present, there was the group that held to the orthodox Jewish belief - holding to the law and the prophets as the way of acceptance and grace in the spiritual sense. There was a mixed group - as the Samaritans - who, as for edification, were as well versed in the law as were those of the more orthodox belief in that particular period, but differed as to the manners in which there was the more oft the interpreting of the laws by the ministers and teachers  in the synagogues of the day. Also the adherents to the Samaritanic law felt that they were just as well in keeping with the days, the seasons, the moons, the various activities, as were those of the more orthodox groups. The only factor dividing these was the differing as to place of worship; yet the orthodox had little of that in common with other groups. Then there were the divers groups, as well as the Essenes - that had set themselves as a channel through which there was expected to be the fulfilling in that particular period of those promises indicated from the first promise to Eve unto the last as had been recorded by Malachi. These were individuals who in their activities of daily life were in keeping with neither of the first indicated groups. Then there were those of the Grecian and Roman faiths, who held to that idea of glorifying the body itself as a channel through which there might be sought manifestation by the divine - if there was a choice made by the divine, or if there were the divine (according to their reasoning).


Let that mind be in thee as was when ye listened to Stephen, as he brought about the explaining of the various influences which had brought about the different beliefs of the groups of which ye were a part in thy early experiences in that land.  Know that they all came to that conclusion as HE gave, - that he alone whom thou crucifiest may give that forgiveness as may bring one into the consciousness of the abiding presence of the Christ.  Be in that mind ye had as ye listened and saw those of all tongues, all faiths, hear the words of Peter as he sought for all to put away the thoughts of self and to accept, believe and be baptized.

In those thoughts remain steadfast, - in that belief as so well expressed by one whom ye later learned to reverence, but who so oft brought disappointment and turmoil to thee, - that "Others may believe this or that, but on Jesus the Christ do I stand, as the Savior, and him crucified." That is the hope of man. That IS thy hope. Preach that. Practise that.

Crucify in self, then, that which might in any way hinder thee, or that might influence others to doubt or to fear. Or, as he expressed it, "Be ye all things to all men, that yemay thereby save the more."

Seek not to justify thyself in thought or belief. For, the glorifying of His tenets, His truths, is that necessary in thy own life day by day.

The spirit is willing, the flesh is weak, - but hate not the flesh for its weakness; and know that in materiality they are one, that must coordinate as the body, the mind and the soul, if one would be creative in body, mind or spirit. For He, the Lord, in the Christ, is one; and His ways are not beyond approach. For He stands at the door and knocks, even as He did at the tomb as He called Lazarus to come forth.

For He overcame death, hell AND the grave by His whollytrusting in the love of the Father.  So may YE in all things, in this time, come to know the manner in which ye may make His love known the better in the earth; by glorifying tears, by glorifying love, by glorifying joy. None of these are excuses, neither are they justifications  in material things. It is only as ye apply that ye know that ye grow.

993-5 F 50 2/19/1941



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