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GrapeDietFor the blood supply is added to three times each day if meals are taken, else we would never recuperate or change a whole body every seven years; it is a CONSTANT growth. No condition of a physical nature should be REMAINING unless it has been hamstrung by operative forces or strictures or tissue that may not be absorbed; and even this may be changed if it is taken patiently and persistently - in ANY body! From reading T133-4

grapecure.jpg (5560 bytes) In the 1920's a South African woman by the name of Johanna Brandt introduced the world to what she called The Grape Cure, a natural method for detoxing the body that allowed her to heal herself of cancer. Today, you can use the grape cure to detox your body as well as to lose weight. This method works!

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From the Edgar Cayce Readings:

T0757-006 F [Pg 1] - Cancer/Skin

4. We would be mindful that the diet is that which is easily
assimilated. Not too great quantities of starch foods, but
sufficient to aid in creating the proper balance in those
periods of assimilation necessary for proper fermentation.
We would not have too great quantities of sugar. Or the body
may, under the existent circumstances, go on an entire grape
- see, ENTIRE grape diet, for at least three day
periods; then to the regular normal diet that has been
indicated. Quantities of grapes! And should there appear
any disturbance in the stomach and duodenum through those
periods, make a poultice of the grape hull and pulp - between

cloths and apply over those areas; or over the abdomen and
liver area, you see. Make this about an inch and a half
thick - that large a quantity, you see, all over. Plenty of
water, but just grapes for three days - QUANTITIES - all that
the body may eat.

T0683-003 F [Pg 5] TUMORS:BREAST

41. (Q) Should the grape poultice be put over the breast also?
(A) It would be well, provided this is in a cloth. The
grapes are only crushed, you see; they are used raw. The
poultice should be at least an inch thick, and applied to the
body for an hour to an hour and a half at the time.

42. (Q) How often?
(A) Every day, during those three or four days each month
that the grape diet and poultices are used.

43. (Q) The Concords are the best?
(A) As given, the Concords are the kind to use.


T0711-003 F [Pg 2] LIVER:SLUGGISH

9. Then begin with only a GRAPE diet; and preferably have the
seed removed from every one of these. Let the body eat all
the grapes it wants, at ALL times of meals! Do this for

T1713-021 F [Pg 2] ASSIM.:ELIM.:INCOORD

Or there may be the use of citrus fruit juices in quantities; but this would necessitate, then, that there be not too great an activity, and that nothing
else be taken but the citrus fruit for five days. This would include only oranges, or oranges with lemons - no other foods - for five days. Just how many? As many as the body wants to take!

7. OR the body may eat ONLY apples for three days. No other
foods except water or the like.

8. OR, if preferable, the body may go on a grape diet for four
days; only grapes (with the seeds removed, of course), and no
other foods for at least four days.

9. Either of these would be effective for the body. It may
choose either one.

10. But after EITHER of these - that is, on the evening of the
last day of such a diet - take half a teacup of Olive Oil.
This would cleanse the system from the impurities, preventing
the inclinations for gas formation and for this regurgitation
that is taking place in the lower portion of the duodenum.



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