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Non-Medical Files - Grouped by related subjects

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* Also available in the Edgar Cayce Library Series for the ARE Press

Non-Medical Files - Grouped by related subjects
Category File
Ancient Civilizations
Archaeology: Egypt & Gobi: 10,500 BC
Attitudes & Emotions
Anger, confusion & Doubt
Fear and its far-reaching effects
Human relations: Attitudes & Emotions
Love & Spirituality
Patience & Problems
Self: Parts 1 & 2
Bible Series
A theory of creation
Noah and the flood
Time of the Patriarchs
The Exodus
The Lost Tribes
*ESP Series
Principles of psychic science
Psychic development and its dangers
Intuition, Visions & Dreams
Types of psychic experiences
Mediums, borderlands experiences and warnings
Evaluating psychic talent
Healing series
Principles of healing
Workings of the law
Spiritual healing
Practitioners and mechanical aids
Consistency and persistency
Spiritual approach to treating abnormal children
Spiritual approach to treating karmic ailments
Spiritual approach to treating specific ailments
Magnetic healing
Economic healing, vols, 1 & 2
Home & Marriage
Home & Marriage: General
Home & Marriage: Preparation
Advice to parents
Divorce and Triangles
Human Relations Series
HR: Astrological influences on earth experiences
HR: Attitudes and Emotions
HR: Business advice
HR: Companionship and counseling
HR: Friendship
HR: Ideals, application and accomplishment
HR: Leadership
HR: Questions and answers
Importance of ideals
Ideals and beliefs
Serving in accord with ideals
Principles of karma
Karma and the Law of Grace
Karma of physical ailments and abnormalities
*Life and death series
Importance of the well-rounded life
Understanding the purpose of life
Oneness of life and death
Man's origin & destiny
Creation of man
Creative forces: The essence of life
Earth changes
Man in the earth
World affairs
Kundalini influence through the body
Freedom and speech
Knowledge: Use and misuse
Nature of mind
Thought, concentration and memory
Will - Decisions
Natural processes
Rejuvenation and longevity
Seven-year physical cycle
Quotes and similes
'Be a channel of blessings'
'Be content, not satisfied'
'Co-creators with God'
'Condemn no one'
'Do that thou knowest'
'First find self'
'First things first'
'Fruits of the spirit'
'Here am I, use me'
'If you call I will hear'
'Journey of the soul'
'Kingdom of Heaven is within'
'Know thyself'
'Magnify agreements, minimize differences'
'Nothing happens by chance'
'Spirit is the life, mind is the builder, physical is the result'
'Stepping-stones, not stumbling stones'
'Truth needs no justification'
'Use, do not abuse, opportunities'
'Use that at hand'
Religion & the Bible
*Christ Consciousness
Christianity and the church
Jesus the Christ: Second coming
*Jesus the pattern and you
Meaning of 'The Lord Thy God is One' (Deuteronomy 6:4)
Religion: Miscellaneous
Spiritual Advice
The trinity concept: Father, Son and the Holy Ghost
Akashic Records
Body and Soul
Individuality and Personality
Planetary sojourns and astrology
Soul birth
Soul mates
Soul retrogression, vols 1 - 4
Soul Retrogression and development
Angles and Archangels
Good and Evil
Heaven and hell
Understanding universal Law
Occult - mysticism
Time, Space and Patience
Understanding the Purpose of life
Universal law
Working in community
Atlantic University
Business Advice



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