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For the blood supply is added to three times each day if meals are taken, else we would never recuperate or change a whole body every seven years; it is a CONSTANT growth. No condition of a physical nature should be REMAINING unless it has been hamstrung by operative forces or strictures or tissue that may not be absorbed; and even this may be changed if it is taken patiently and persistently - in ANY body! From reading T133-4

Animated Ash

Extracts from the Edgar Cayce readings using the animated or carbon ash.

How does it work?

T1800-027 * [Pg 4]

e should be put together.
(A) The Animated Ash, as has been given, is an electrifying
product that localizes conditions for the effectiveness of
oxygen acting upon the system.

Then the quantity, as has been given. To half an ounce
add three to five grains. This is to be worked in as by a
mixture, or as by a mortar and pestle, or as in making for
the thorough mixing of same.

Do not attempt to heat, for this would only make loss of the
effectiveness of the Ash and also would localize the Ash by
its natural attraction.

T1800-027 * [Pg 4]

20. (Q) Just what should be explained to a doctor in requesting
him to test the product as to type of conditions to use it
on, etc?
(A) Hemorrhoids; any character of sores that make for a
fusion of the nature where there is a breaking up of the
coordination in the circulation in the system. Or - well, to
some this would be Greek, but this is what you are asking, if
you want to know what you are trying to do!

The superficial circulation and the deeper or internal
circulation BREAKS. There is the attempt of the superficial
circulation to eliminate poisons, see? And this then is the
CHARACTER of condition to be treated. This may be used then
on acne, itch, scabs, sore feet, or any of those natures; as
well as certain forms of eczema or even the first stages of

T1800-030 * [Pg 1]

6. Now as to the Animated Ash's usages:

7. This is to be taken mostly internally; or to be combined
for local application for a mild character of condition
as related to abrasions, boils, carbuncles, old sores
or the like - or that as may be more proficient and
farther-reaching, as for corns, bunions and callouses -
combined with the preparation called Iodex. [See 1800-27

giving the formula for the combination, now to be called

8. The proportions for corns, bunions, callouses would be five
(5) grains in an ounce of the compound Iodex.

9. For carbuncles, old sores, abrasions, cuts, burns or the like
- two (2) grains to an ounce. Two grains of the Animated Ash
(as prepared in the manner indicated in #1, you see) to an
ounce of the Iodex.

10. To be taken internally for fevers - as pertaining to typhus,
intermittent, tic or the like, any of these - we find most
of these would respond in most cases; where there is
a tubercular condition, inflammation of the stomach,
inflammation of the lungs, inflammation of the bones.
In such cases there would be taken internally one-eighth
(1/8) grain of the Animated Ash, but in varied conditions
the Violet Ray - or Ultra-Violet Ray would be applied to
produce the reaction in the system.

T1800-030 * [Pg 2]

The activity is this:

In the cells of bamboo, combined in the oxygens and elements
that are destroyed in the vacuum, there is that as becomes
helpful to treating of conditions where there is the need
for the loosening of oxygen - animated by the activity of the
electronic energies upon the atomic structures of same - and
hence becomes beneficial throughout.

T1070-001 M [Pg 2]

12. Every OTHER day, three to five minutes after the dose of
Ash has been taken, apply the ultra-violet ray over those
portions of the cerebrospinal system that govern the lower
lungs. This should be NOT the carbon, but the hand lamp
may be used - but preferably the mercury or quartz light;
and this at least thirty-six to forty-two inches (36" to 42")
from the body, this dependent upon the reaction of the body
to same. Do not over redden the body, because more
superficial than the deeper activity - but about a minute
and a half to two minutes, dependent upon the reaction.
This is only to be applied every other day, you see, in a
manner that there may be loosened those influences that will
allow more oxygen to act upon the blood stream; thus making
for a purification in same that will aid in establishing
help for the system. The light given following the Ash,
every other day, is to cause the atomic forces in the Ash to
react upon the blood stream; SENDING, then, as it were,
these destroyer forces in the leukocytes of the system to

destroy tissue that has become - as indicated - involved
throughout the system, causing many twists and many
activities to the organs themselves.

T0257-220 M [Pg 3]

21. (Q) Should the Animated Ash be used in preparation for the
(A) Animated Ash acts as an eliminant, NOT as an astringent,
NOT as a preparation! If there are to be the preparations to
absorb same, without the operation, then it would be entirely

T1085-002 M [Pg 1]

that the taking of the Ash may make for a longer lasting ability and the
ability for the system to respond to the activities through assimilation and circulation.

T0325-071 F [Pg 2]

15. (Q) Should the Ash be taken internally as well as used with
the Iodex externally?
(A) It should be taken internally if we would keep down the
pressure of poisons. For its purpose is to release oxygen
and to take away those influences, as it is an absorbent.
As has been given, no oftener than twice a day - and not more
than one-eighth grain. Not that it is a poison but that it
would cause too great a reaction, too great a stimulation to
oxidized blood already disturbed.

T2098-001 F [Pg 1]

6. These, as we find, may be added in small quantities of the
animated or carbon ash, with the use of the ultra-violet with
same. This, to be sure, will be found then necessary to add
to those applications for a more normal carrying on of the
life forces in the blood stream itself, and lessening the
stress that is being made on the portions of the body in the
functioning of the organs of the circulatory system, as
related both to the heart and respiratory system, as well as
the organs that make for the clarification and the
oxidization of used or impelling forces that are active in
resuscitation of life itself in a physical body.

T0325-039 F [Pg 1]

6. In the changes, those properties as are being given in the
ash should be kept more in accord with the manner in which
they were first applied to the body, or for the body, and we
will find these will aid MORE, in the producing of the oxygen
for the blood, and the stimuli for the whole of the lymph and
emunctory circulation.

T0337-013 F [Pg 1]

3. (Q) What causes strained condition in the knees?
(A) Improper eliminations and the shock as has been in the
system also aids in the contraction of the sinew in the
system. Hence this change as is made in ash, that more of
the oxygen may be released in system, that the blood may
have more ability in carrying to and taking from the various
portions of the system those necessary vital rebuilding

forces; also eliminating or loosening from those portions
where drosses tend to accumulate, that the alimentary canal
may throw these off. Keep the system eliminating properly.
Well to pump the lungs occasionally in the treatment, that
the VITALITY may be builded up through the MUSCULAR forces
of the pleura and also of the diaphragm.

T2884-002 F [Pg 1]

3. Take internally the animated ash, that will CARRY INTO the
system that of OXYGEN!

T1070-001 M [Pg 2]

The light given following the Ash,
every other day, is to cause the atomic forces in the Ash to
react upon the blood stream; SENDING, then, as it were,
these destroyer forces in the leukocytes of the system to

destroy tissue that has become - as indicated - involved
throughout the system, causing many twists and many
activities to the organs themselves.

T0440-002 M [Pg 5]

24. Then, in meeting the needs of the conditions as we find in the present, first we would be very mindful and very careful about the diet, about the activities in the open, about the character of the foods that are taken, and the addition of that to the body that will create a balance in the circulation to internal and external that stimulates the superficial WITHOUT the reduction of the internal or deeper circulation.

25. We would, then, give this as an outline for the diet, though- to be sure - there should be the altering to meet the DESIRES that will be created for the body as the condition begin to show their general activity upon the system:

26. Mornings - the first thing drink a glass and a half of as hot water as may be taken, so that it can only be sipped, see? Then, for the breakfast or morning meal, take citrus fruit juices (not with the pulp) - altered between oranges, lemons and grapefruit, and occasionally grape JUICE may be taken. Toast, buttered or dry. A cereal drink, and occasionally an egg. Or, it may be altered with stewed fruits or fresh fruits.

27. Noons - almost entirely green vegetables, of all characters, and take time to masticate these well. With same drink MILK, either before or after the meal is eaten.

28. Also, either in the mornings or afternoons between meals, take during a day at least two ounces of SWEETS; preferably those that are not too much wholly of cane sugar, but those that are made with either beet sugar or saccharin would be preferable. Chocolate is well, or mixed with same. Creams with chocolate are well. The nut candies are well, or the pure French candies - because in these, rather than the glucose that is more often used, there are other ingredients, principally gumbo.

29. Evenings - well balanced diet of green vegetables that are well cooked. Meats should be preferably of either fowl or lamb. Little or no beef, though beef JUICES or soups of vegetables may be taken at this meal. There should be an addition occasionally of those elements that will produce more of the alcohol in the system, without taking the alcohol itself, at this meal; which will be found in the proper

balance between starch and protein - about twice the amount of starch as of protein, were it by weight, when taken.

30. We would also use the vibrations of the low electrical formation, as in the Radio-Active Appliance, that is attached to the wrist and the opposite ankle. If on the first day the attachments are made first to the right wrist and then to the left ankle, the next day the attachments should be first to the left ankle and right wrist. Alternate these day by day, making the attachment first one day to the wrist, the next day the first attachment to the ankle, but to the opposite portions of the body - see? [See 440-2 Reports, Par. R4.]

31. In the matter of exercise, stay in the open as much as the circumstances or surroundings justify.

32. At least once a week take one-quarter grain of Carbonated or Animated Ash, and a few minutes afterwards - in fifteen to twenty minutes - take the violet ray over the upper dorsal and cervical area, and half a minute across the upper portion of the chest.

33. And we will get rid of all these conditions, and we will be able to raise the weight to two hundred pounds instead of a hundred and sixty! [5/71 GD's note: He told me that for several yrs. now he has weighed 200 lbs!]

T0757-006 F [Pg 2] Cancer/skin

5. Also we would take a course of the Ash. Be sure to have the Animated Ash that is prepared by [165]. [GD's note: See Mr.[165]'s ltr. of 11/13/33 in 432-1 Reports, explaining the Ash.]

6. After the Ash is taken, we would use the ultra violet or the plain violet ray - but very short periods. NEVER should the ultra violet, when in full measure, be over a minute or a
minute and a quarter, you see. The violet ray may be given for two to three minutes, but never the ultra violet.


3. The grape poultices across the intestines and bowels have been most helpful. These should be worn each day for periods of three days, and the grape diet should be the whole diet during the three days, you see; letting about three days elapse between each period of such treatments at first, and gradually increase the time elapsing between the use of these until there would be ten days between each period of grape
treatment. But the grape poultices should be made a little bit thicker. Let them be an inch and a half thick rather than half an inch or spread. You see, the heat from the body
will cook the grapes. Don't cook them. Apply them raw. Only mash them and put in those containers, you see; with the hulls, yes, but mashed.

T4320-002 M [Pg 1]

2. We would keep the ash, with the electrical forces that may be applied - see? These should be applied, as given, after the ash is given, so that there is a more releasing of the oxygen for assimilation with the blood supplying forces.

T4320-001 M [Pg 1]

5. First we would begin with one-eighth grain of medicated or animated ash, and this given twice each day. At least twice each week we would give the ultra-violet ray over the small of back and over the hear and lung area, that the oxygen may be loosed in the system as to give more vitality to the body.

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