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  1) Overcome Sugar Addiction
  Information you need if sugar addiction keeps you from losing weight.

  2) Strength Training For Females
  Great resource for all sports/fitness sites.

  3) My Female Orgasm!
  Essential reading for all women - and their partners!

  4) Government Dieting Secrets
  Finally revealed! The long-suppressed truth about legalized poisons in your food, making your family sick        and obese.

  5) More Energy For Moms
  How to beat mommy burnout and live with vitality, passion, and joy.

  6) The Single Mom's Survival Guide
  Bethanny Davis draws on her own experience as a single mom to share helpful advice with readers.

  7) Online Wealth - A Global Link To Wealth!
  Your marketing success online depends upon you doing two things effectively.

  8) Safety For Women
  Safety and Self Defense Tips, Tricks and Advice for Women.

  9) WomansDivorce.com
  Helping overwhelmed women facing divorce to take control of their future.

  10) Flat, But Proud Women
  Guide to love, life, and sex for the small-breasted women.

  11) Mid Life Mom's
  For all moms, with with special emphasis on the mature mom. See Our New Books.

  12) SheLovesGod.com
  10 Steps to Fulfilling Your Divine Destiny.

  13) Fit For Motherhood
  Pregnancy exercise e-Book.

  14) Gender Selection Of Your Baby
  Gender selection of your baby.


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