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To join the ARE Chat click one of the links below. They look forward to your participation. The A.R.E. Virtual Meeting place is host to several different types of virtual meetings.
ARE Chat Room of the ARE clinic.
ARE Clinic's Medical Forum
Edgar Cayce Forum

Edgar Cayce List at SpiritWeb - The largest Cayce email discussion group on the Web.

A.R.E. Live Chat Rooms - Five Edgar Cayce chat rooms and their schedules are offered on the A.R.E.'s website.

NetSFG - Cayce Spiritual Concepts and Application - This email group shares and discusses Cayce quotes, dreams, and application of the Cayce concepts in life experiences.

Whither ARE? - This email group asks: what is the ARE doing, where is it headed, and what can be done to improve this situation?

Edgar Cayce Books - An email forum for discussion of Cayce books and related topics.

Earthchange-bulletins - An email group tightly focused upon the Cayce earthchanges predictions, as interpreted by the author of "Return of the Phoenix".

A.R.E. Clinic's Edgar Cayce Forum - A message board for open discussion of all aspects of the work of Edgar Cayce.

A.R.E. Clinic's Medical Forum - A message board for open discussion of all aspects of Cayce Medicine.

Edgar Cayce's MS Treatment - Dudley Delany, DC, moderates discussion of Cayce's treatments for multiple sclerosis.

Epilepsy Alternatives - Explore the Cayce remedies for epilepsy on this interactive forum. (A message board.)

Internet Search for God Groups - Assisting groups that study the 24 lessons of A Search for God, books I & II.


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