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In Australia the Cayce books may be ordered from:  Edgar Cayce Book Store a non-profit group, or phone 07 3207 7536
1.jpg (11938 bytes) Anatomy of the Spirit.  Caroline Myss.  Never before has the anatomy of the spirit been so powerfully revealed.  Here-in lies the foundation for medicine of the twenty-first century and beyond. Au$30.
2.gif (37284 bytes) And The Night Shall be no more.  Glen Sanderfur.   The author's life threatening wounding by an intruder's bullet begins a long and arduous attempt at rehabilitation and hope to regain use of his paralyzed legs.    His lifetime interest in the philosophy of Edgar Cayce becomes the foundation of his search. Au$16.
3 (6596 bytes) Art of Dreaming.  Carlos Castaneda.  You will witness an adventure of the physic like no other you have ever experienced, and you will participate fully in Castaneda's latest discoveries and explorations. Au$24.
4.gif (7764 bytes) Attitude and Your Life. Robert C. Smith.  Learn how to communicate with your Creator.  Draw on the inner power of the soul, and apply that power to cultivate positive attitudes, thoughts and emotions.  Equally important is how the Edgar Cayce readings can help you eliminate destructive attitudes and cope with life's hardships. Au$15.
Auras.jpg (4219 bytes) Auras.  Edgar Cayce.  One of the few writings by the seer himself.  Graphic descriptions of auras and explanations of color symbology.  Au$5.
  Basic Diet Chart.  Based on Cayce recommendations.   Also contains  detailed information of acid and alkaline forming foods.   Laminated chart. Au$3.
5.jpg (3719 bytes) Color and the Edgar Cayce Readings.  Roger Lewis.   Learn about colour's role in your environment and its effects on personality, healing and attunement.   Take a look at your wardrobe and your home.  Do you constantly choose certain colours?  Find out what the colours signify in this helpful booklet which includes color symbology. and how colours affect the endocrine centres.  Au$8.
6.jpg (4004 bytes) Commentary on the Revelation.  Study of twenty-three psychic discourses given in the Cayce readings. Au$20.
  Creative Meditation.  Richard Peterson.   Enhance your personal power through a unique approach to meditation that explores the use of vibrational patterns and body rhythms to help you achieve self guidance, self healing and attunement.  Au$18.
8 (5092 bytes) Discovering the Soul. Robert G. Jarmon M.D.  A well known psychiatrist discovers, while performing regression therapy with his patients, that he is really talking to their souls, who are giving suggestions for the healing of their minds, personalities and bodies, and pinpointing the causes that are often surprising.   Au$18.
9.jpg (3181 bytes) Discovering the Soul's Purpose.  Mark Thurston.   This book outlines a practical five step procedure for you to gain insight into your personal mission in life.  Techniques from the Edgar Cayce Readings and other systems of spiritual transformation are included.  Au$18.
10.jpg (3942 bytes) Dreams your Magic Mirror.  Elsie Sechrist.  How to interpret your dreams.  Chapters on business advice, and people in your dreams.   Dreams of health, illness, sex, communication with the dead, houses, clothing and more.  Informational and fun to read. Au$19.50
11.jpg (5020 bytes) Echoes from the Battlefield.  Barbara Lane.   First person accounts of Civil War past lives.  Have you ever felt an intimate connection to the Civil War?  You may actually have lived then, as this book dramatically shows.  Au$17.
12.jpg (2119 bytes) Edgar Cayce Companion.  B.Ernest Frejer.  The result of over fifteen years of research.  This outstanding reference work contains quotes from the Edgar Cayce readings on 264 separate topics, including past and future world's conditions, life's purpose, evolution of the soul, reincarnation and karma, religion, the Bible, Jesus Christ and health and diet.  Au$30.
511.jpg (4307 bytes) Edgar Cayce Encyclopedia of Foods for Health and Healing.   Brett Bolton.  This comprehensive catalogue of every food and beverage mentioned in the Cayce readings over 2,500 entries.  Contains an index by food and illness.  Dietary advice for everyone on numerous disorders, including obesity, arthritis, cancer, and the common cold.  Au$20.
13.gif (5478 bytes) Edgar Cayce's Handbook for creating your future. Mark Thurston Ph.D & Christopher Fazel.  The finest explanation ever of Cayce's practical spiritual teachings on the tools for making profound changes in your life. Au$12.
14.jpg (4726 bytes) Edgar Cayce's Handbook for Health through Drugless Therapy. Harold J. Reilly & Ruth Hagy Brod.  Based on Reilly's forty five years of work with the Cayce readings.  Preventative medicine as well as do-it-yourself techniques for healing.  Includes data on castor oil packs, diet, hydrotherapy, massage, exercises, osteopathy and the use of herbs  and plants.  Very comprehensive book on health.  Au$22.
homemedicine[1].gif (11021 bytes) Edgar Cayce Home Medicine Guide.  over 100 remedies, their ingredients and how to use them. Au$15.25
15.jpg (3436 bytes) Edgar Cayce's Ideals Wordbook.  Kevin Todeschi.   A new self help book for changing old habit patterns and expanding opportunities for growth through the application of 'ideals'.  Au$16.50
channelhigherself.jpg (4933 bytes) Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher Self.  Henry Reed.  An illuminating work that reveals how your hidden powers of mind can revolutionize your life.  Au$10
16.jpg (3616 bytes) Edgar Cayce Primer, Discovering the Path to Self Transformation.   H. Puryear.  Readings condensed and simplified.  Advice on making the right decisions affecting health, personal relationships, business affairs and mental and spiritual attitudes.  Au$10.
17 (7115 bytes) Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation.  Noel Langley.   Using Cayce's own words gathered from 2500 readings, this illuminating book unveils   for you the hidden reality we all live with - timeless rebirth.  Provocative and revelatory, this book can expand your spiritual and mental boundaries. Au$7.50
remedies[1].gif (10509 bytes) Edgar Cayce Remedies.  William McGarey MD   Diets, herbs castor oil, massage, exercise, prayer, meditation and more. AU$12.
18.gif (7134 bytes) Edgar Cayce's Story of Jesus.  Jeffrey Furst presents the sojourns of Jesus on earth, His birth as the man Jesus, childhood, travels, initiation, ministry, crucifixion and resurrection.  Readings describe people involved in the early church, Genesis, the soul's development, Atlantis, Egypt, Persia and much more. Au$9.50
19.gif (7819 bytes) Edgar Cayce on Soul Mates.  Kevin Todeschi explores examples from the readings on soul mates, friendships and family relationships.  It provides insights into soul attraction and how relationships develop within the framework of reincarnation.  Contemporary examples of Cayce's principles reveal how to discover joy in relationships.  Au$16.
20.gif (19151 bytes) Edgar Cayce's Story of the Old Testament. R.W.Krajenke. Book 1 From Birth of Souls to the Death of Moses. Au$12.50,  Book 2. From Joshua to the Golden Age of Solomon. Au$12.50, Book 3. From Solomon's Glories to the Birth of Jesus Au$12.50.
21.jpg (5252 bytes) Edgar Cayce You can remember Your Past Lives.   Robert C. Smith. Follow the guide into the extraordinary mystery, experience the presence of previous incarnations, and gain insights into who you truly are. Au$12.
22.jpg (3030 bytes) Edgar Cayce's Story of the Soul   W.H. Church.   Gain a true understanding of the genesis of souls; what happened in the garden of Eden, Amilius and Adam, fallen angels, the Yucatan, and mound builders. Au$19.
23.jpg (4407 bytes) Experiments in "A Search for God"    Mark Thurston Ph.D. Guide for practical application of spiritual principles in "A Search for God" Book 1. Au$12.
24.jpg (4293 bytes) Experiments in Practical Spirituality  Mark Thurston Ph.D.  Guide for practical work with "A Search for God" Book 2.   Au$12.
  Face to Face  Twelve Edgar Cayce readings interpreted for today.  How to experience knowing God 'face to face". Au$11.50
26.jpg (3404 bytes) No Death. God's Other Door Hugh Lynn Cayce provides insights into life after death issues.  Highly informative and reassuring. Au$5.50
  The Golden Handicap  Garret Oppenheim.  Author, disabled through polio as a child, counsels parents and others on how to heal the spirit of the handicapped child or adult. Au$18.
psoriasis[1].gif (12248 bytes) Healing Psoriasis. The Natural Alternative.  Dr. John Pagano.  This book shows how the disease can be successfully treated with remedies from the Cayce readings.  Au$34.
28.jpg (3358 bytes) Healing through Meditation and Prayer.  Meredith Puryear.  A guide for anyone who wants to be healed or who would like to serve as a channel of healing for others.  You will learn how healing energy flows through a person, spiritual principles of healing, techniques for the laying on of hands, and much more.  Au$10.
  Heather's Return  The amazing story of communications from beyond the grave.  The author's deceased daughter begins contacting her through apparitions, moving objects, and coincidences that change her life.   Au$18.
  Here is your Assignment  Life's chart - laminated Au$2.50
31.gif (6448 bytes) The Hidden Meaning of IllnessDisease as a Symbol and Metaphor.  Bob Trowbridge.  A new system for understanding how our illnesses can be interpreted as symbols and used like dreams to improve our lives and health. Au$17.
  Hidden Treasure.  Discovering the God within. Thomas Ehrhardt.  Destined to be a modern classic about the meaning of God, when a young teenager asks questions we have all wondered about  Au$17.
33.jpg (3574 bytes) How to Interpret Your Dreams.  Mark Thurston Ph.D.   Valuable specific aids to understanding your dreams and how to get answers to your problems.  Au$16.50
34 (6167 bytes) How to Meditate  Kathleen McDonald.  Tibetan Buddhist text on meditation.  Au$12.
35 (6280 bytes) It is Never Too Late Ann Goodall.  Who is there who has not wondered what lies beyond death?  Here is a most unusual account of life 'on the other side'.  Au$6.
36 (6137 bytes) The Intelligent Heart   Bruce & David McArthur.  Scientific evidence from the Heartmath Institute, reveals that your heart energy physically changes when you apply the Universal Laws of Love in your life.   Using these laws can actually increase happiness, heal sorrow and regret, and bond people together in healthy relationships.  Au$15.
37.jpg (2527 bytes) The Lives of Edgar Cayce.  W.H.Church.  The story of Edgar Cayce's soul evolution, tracing his incarnations through Atlantis, Egypt and more. Au$22.
38.jpg (4387 bytes) Lives of the Master.  Glen Sanderfur.  The revelation of Jesus' journey through many lifetimes via reincarnation in order to become the perfect pattern for humanity. Au$19.
39.jpg (3488 bytes) Many Mansions. Gina Cerminara. Beautifully written, this classic describes the order and logic of reincarnation and karma as given in the Edgar Cayce readings.  Au$12.
40.jpg (2751 bytes) Meditation and the Mind of Man.  Herbert Puryear Ph.D. & Mark Thurston Ph.D.  An In-depth study of the purposes, psychology and physiology of meditation with instructions in how to meditate.  Highly recommended.   Au$15.
41.jpg (2924 bytes) Meditation, Gateway to Light.  Elsie Sechrist.  How to reap the rewards of meditation.  Includes a study of the charkas and their functions.  Au$7.95
42.gif (8847 bytes) New Life Cookbook  Marceline Newton Peet.  You will find good health combined with good taste in this book by a longtime chef, nutritionist, and student of the Edgar Cayce readings.  Contains 350 delicious recipes.  Au$15.
43.jpg (3611 bytes) The Outer Limits of Edgar Cayce's Power.  E.E.Cayce & H.L. Cayce.  The research of Edgar Cayce's sons into the accuracy of their father's readings.  Au$17.50
44.jpg (4041 bytes) Passage to the Millennium.  Mary Ellen Carter.   Edgar Cayce's views on world affairs, government, economics and prophecy for the millennium.  Includes Russia, America's destiny, China and the new world order.   Au$12.
  Passports to Change.  Mary Lu McFall.  True story of a teacher who becomes a massage therapist aboard the Achilles Lauro.  Au$20.
  Radiant Passage.  Jeanette H. Fusco.  The story of a husband's spiritual awakening and a family's healing in the face of terminal cancer.   Au$20
47 (5181 bytes) Reincarnation. Claiming your past, Creating your future. Lynn Sparrow.  This book takes you one important step beyond studying the effects of past lives on your present situations.  It gives helpful advice on key tools in healing painful memories and overcoming limiting patterns to create a better future. Au$9
48 (14925 bytes) A Seer Out of Season.  Harmon Bro.  The author draws from his experience as Cayce's associate and has written a full length biography.   He eloquently captures the paradoxes of this complex man and the subtleties of his approach to health and spirituality. This is the story of a man hounded by disbeliever's who again and again branded him as a charlatan-only to walk away stunned by his power.   Au$10
49.jpg (3745 bytes) Soul Development. Edgar Cayce's Approach for a new World.  Kevin Todeschi.  This volume explores how individuals constantly create the substance of their lives - sometimes as 'victim' and sometimes as 'conscious cocreators'.  It also explores how collective development impacts the world at large.   Au$18.
50.gif (5208 bytes) Spiritual Breakthrough.  John Van Auken.  A Step-by-step method to find the direct consciousness of God's presence.  Au$20
51.jpg (3232 bytes) Spiritual Powerpoints.  Robert Krajenke shows readers exactly where to look for spiritual renewal and regeneration, based on key Bible verses recommended over and over in the Cayce readings.  Au$20.
  Step by Step. A guide to 'A Search for God'.  You will find suggestions for applying spiritual principles in your own life as well as thoughts and affirmations to hold in your heart and mind.  Au$10.
SFG1.gif (2100 bytes) Search for God. Book 1. Text for spiritual growth based on the readings and used by Cayce Study Groups.  Au$11.50
SFG1.gif (2100 bytes) Search for God. Book 2. More advanced text to be used after putting principles of Book 1 into practical application in your life.  Au$11.50
placewecallhome.gif (8350 bytes) The Place We Call Home.  Robert J. Grant.  This is a hopeful and inspiring look at the dimensions of life beyond the illusion we call death and a celebration of the eternal nature of the human soul.  Au$18
53.jpg (2497 bytes) There is a River.  Tom Sugrue.  First biography of Edgar Cayce, written during his lifetime. A classic.  Au$10.
54.gif (7000 bytes) Twelve Lessons in Personal Spirituality.  Kevin J. Todeschi M.A.  From the first lesson on cooperation through to others on ideals, patience and oneness, up to its final lesson on love, this book offers guidance through the pressures of contemporary life and a haven for those on a spiritual path.  It is a true source of encouragement when the challenges of life arise.  Au$18
555.jpg (3709 bytes) Understand and Develop Your ESP.  Mark Thurston Ph.D.  A book which goes beyond the fascination with E.S.P. phenomena and delves into deeper aspects, such as how does psychic ability work?  What is psychic ability telling us about ourselves?  Is psychic ability related to our search for God?  Au$9.50
56.jpg (3011 bytes) Venture Inward.  Hugh Lynn Cayce.  A lucid presentation of safe and unsafe doorways to the unconscious. A must for anyone delving into psychic phenomena.  Actual cases known to the author.  Au$20
  World Within.  Gina Cerminara.  Answers in clear and easy to understand language, many basic questions about reincarnation.   Au$15.50
58 (15083 bytes) Your Life: Why it is the way it is and what you can do about it: Understanding the Universal Laws.  Bruce McArthur.  The title says it all. Au$18
59.jpg (3365 bytes) Your Mind: Unlocking Your Hidden Powers.  Henry Reed Ph.D.  From the power of visualization to entering altered states, from premonitions to increasing our willpower and understanding our dreams, this book is a guide to discovering the power that resides within us all - and using it to work wonders in our lives. Au$20



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