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T0440-007 M [Pg 3]

13. (Q) Give a list of scientific books for me to study during the coming year, especially within the next three months, relating to this subject?

    (A) First WE would suggest "This Mysterious World of Ours." [THE MYSTERIOUS UNIVERSE by Sir James Jeans?]    Next we would take the electrical transmissions that have been prepared by those that are rather in manuscript form (which may be obtained through the associates of the body), connected with the Edison laboratory.    Next we would take some GENERAL information of one or two different authors or writers on research in the field of radio, its causes of static and the means of transmission. Any one, or any author of repute. There are several in those that have been prepared by some of the associates of Steinmetz [Charles Proteus Steinmetz - 1865-1923]; some of those as of Steuer [GD's note: Pronounced STOR, like the famous lawyer in '20's, Max Steuer] some of the same nature, see?

14. (Q) Who is the author of the first book mentioned? [See 440-11, Par. 26-A saying S. L. Steuer.]
(A) "This Mysterious World," or "This Mysterious Universe."

15. (Q) Or both?
(A) "This Mysterious Universe." We don't find the name here.

16. (Q) How about the other book mentioned?
(A) We have given two or three writers here in other forms, and some manuscripts that may be had, and "This Mysterious World," or "Mysterious Universe."       We would also include among those one that would appear to have little or no bearing on the subject, but rather as a love story - read in these connections "The Romance of Two Worlds" by Corelli. [Marie Corelli - 1855-1924]     It wouldn't be bad to include among these "She", [SHE by H. Rider Haggard] a weird thing - but we are dealing with the principles that you are studying; for all of these were also Atlanteans, and are anxious to
express themselves, even as they did in their natural or earth life, again. Corelli is just becoming active. Wallace [Wallis] is just active also, and has had few connections - or very bad connections - as yet. [Lew Wallace - 1827-1905, author of BEN HUR, etc.?]



? This Mysterious World of Ours
Sir James Jeans The Mysterious Universe
Marie Corelli The Romance of Two Worlds
H. Rider Haggard She
Charles Proteus Steinmetz ?
Sandes New Theory of Vibration - ?  Henry Holt, England, publisher.
S.L.Steuer ?
Lew Wallace Ben Hur


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