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The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimal Health.  Christopher Vasey M.D. To enjoy optimal health the body needs balanced quantities of alkaline substances and acids. Here are easy methods to determine your acid levels.Vasey categorises food based on their actual alkalising or acidifying effect on the body. $18      3

Alkalize or Die.  Dr. Theodore A Barody. The author’s comprehensive research and clinical findings indicate that illness and disease are directly linked to overacidity in the system. By following the book’s guidelines for choosing foods that create alkalinity, you can achieve a high level of vitality and strength, and learn to neutralise any type of stress.$20      2

A Parent’s Toolbox for Spiritual Growth.  Johanna van Zwet. How can the practical world of child rearing be reconciled with the lofty realm of spirituality? This book will show you how to turn spiritual concepts into practical objectives for the parent-child relationship.$15   3

Anatomy of the Spirit - Caroline Myss. Never before has the anatomy of the spirit been so powerfully revealed. Here in lies the foundation of the twenty-first century and beyond.    $30.   0

And the Night Shall Be No More. Glen Sandefur. The author'slife threatening wounding by an intruder's bullet begins a long and arduous attempt at rehabilitation and hope to regain use of his paralysed legs. His lifetime interest in the philosophy of Edgar Cayce becomes the foundation of his search.  $16   1

An Overview of the Edgar Cayce Material.  $1      20

A Search for God Book 1. (Steps 1 to 12)In 1931, Edgar Cayce agreed to help a group of people grow spiritually and become more psychic with one condition: theywould have to “live” the precepts. It took the group 11 years to apply and compile the 24 lessons which became A Search for God books 1 & 2. This material has helped individuals and groups around the world to discover a closer attunement to God.  $11.50   5

A Search for God Book 2.  (Steps 13 to 24 )   $11.50    2

Attitude and Your Life (Based on E.C’s Concepts )Robert C. Smith A spiritually based action plan for self- transformation $16     0

Auras- Edgar Cayce. One of the few writings of the seer himself. $5.   3

Basic Diet Chart.  Based on Cayce recommendations. Laminated chart.  $2.50    17

Beyond Goodbye.  Dr.Nancy Geller. The author’s experience of the death of her 2 year old son, and consequently her 5 year old daughter reporting seeing and talking with heer brother, resulting in her experiencing his spirit visiting her through dreams. She found herself considering the possibility that she had previously thought unthinkable – that there is life beyond death. $18.  2

Born Again And Again -John Van Auken. How reincarnation occurs and what it means to you. With concepts from Edgar Cayce, Rudolf Steiner, and the secret teachings of many cultures. $20.        1

  The Christmas Story – As Told By Edgar Cayce  $18   1

Creative Meditation - Richard Peterson. Enhance your personal power through a unique approach to meditation that explores the use of vibrational patterns and body rhythms to help you achieve self guidance, self healing and atunement. $18.     1

Day By Day:-Steps to a New Life.  Based on the Edgar Cayce Readings  $7    1

Discovering Your Soul"s Purpose Mark Thurston.  This book outlines a practical five step procedure for you to gain insight into your personal mission in life. Techniques from the Edgar Cayce readings and other systems of spiritual transformation are included. $18     25

Dreams, Images & Symbols: A Dictionary.  Kevin Todeschi. This book breaks new ground, building upon the very best that is currently available in the field of interpretation and imagery, it contains more than 2500 dream images and symbols, plus 10,000 interpretations. $22     1

Dream Weaving Emily L. VanLaeys.  Through meaningful examples from her own life, author Emily van Laeys illustrates the profound content that dreams can contain about where life will take us and about the spiritual and emotional guidance those dreams can offer us. She shows us how to attend to what our dreams tell us and the ways in which our dreams can reflect our present life and foreshadow our future. $15     4

Dreams Your Magic Mirror  Elsie Sechrist.  The book that started thousands on their journey of dream study and interpretation is now available to a new generation. Based on more than twenty years of dream research, this book provides evidence of the importance of dreams and symbols in everyone’s life.  $20       3

Echoes From the Battlefield.  Barbara Lane. ( clinical hypnotherapist) First person accounts of Civil War past   Lives. The author’s quest to connect these memories to actual nineteenth century people led her to cemeteries, battlefields, and historians such as Brian Pohanka, who also participated in the study.  $17   1

Edgar Cayce Handbook for Health Through Drugless Therapy.   Harold Reilly D.Ph.T ,D.S., & Ruth Brod.  Dr. Reilly, a practitioner with 45 years’ experience in the Cayce therapies, combined the renowned psychic’s wisdom with his own experience in this home health manual. Filled with basic, common-sense health hints that work, it is thoroughly indexed to help you find at your fingertips such topics as:-  Losing weight,   Treating allergies, Massage, Preventing arthritis, A treatment for psoriasis, An anti-aging program, etc. Highly Recommended.  $23.    3

Edgar Cayce On Healing Foods For Body, Mind and Soul. William A. McGarey, MD.  Discover the wonders that can be found in your diet, the benefits that come about when you understand your body better, and how to overcome the difficulties and roadblocks that may appear as you try to do just that. $20     1

Edgar Cayce on Overcoming Fear and Anxiety   H.L.Cayce & Kevin J. Todeschi . This volume explores fears, and provides practical tools for overcoming them. $18     4

Edgar Cayce On the Akashic Records Kevin J. Todeschi. Learn how you can tap into your records -your past lives, your present experiences, and your future - to create the life you desire. $20   4

Edgar Cayce on the Reincarnation of Biblical Characters.   Kevin Todeschi.    A number of life readings Edgar Cayce gave for people, included recountings of their past lives as people mentioned in the Bible. The "who's who" of biblical characters brings the past alive and offers new insights into soul development. This book provides an understanding of how reincarnation works by detailing similarities and parallels among incarnations. $15   1

Edgar Cayce on the Reincarnation of Famous People.  Kevin J. Todeschi. Of the many people who came to Edgar Cayce for past life readings, only an occasional individual had a life as a famous person. But these instances prove especially interesting because, by glimpsing the soul histories of the famous, we can more clearly perceive how patterns developed in past lives continue even into the present.                $10   2

Edgar Cayce on Soul Growth  Kevin Todeschi   For countless ages, people have asked  Who am I? Why am I here? Does my life have any purpose? Now the world may be on the brink of discovering that there is much more to our existence than just living from one day to the next, that we are, in fact, spiritual beings in physical bodies living purposeful lives. The discovery will lead to a new world view about the nature of mankind.             $20     3

Edgar Cayce on Soul Mates. Kevin J. Todeschi.  Do twin souls, soul or Perfect partners really exist, or must such relationships develop over time? This book explores examples from the Cayce readings on soul mates, friendships, and family relationships. It provides insights into soul attractions and how relationships develop within the framework of reincarnation.  $20      2.  

Edgar Cayce on the Revelation. John Van Auken A powerful study guide of Edgar Cayce's unique interpretations, which explained Revelation's deeper meaning as a roadmap to spiritualising body and mind. Using Cayce's readings, the writer explains how applying these concepts and practices in our lives can help us to overcome weaknesses, develop virtues, and, ultimately, achieve full consciousness of God's abiding presence. $24      1

Edgar Cayce On Rejuvenation of the Body. John Van Auken. Can we greatly extend our lifespan? The author looks at the body's complex systems and how those systems relate to the promise of longevity, and he uses carefully researched quotations from the Cayce Readings to explain what we can do to extend our years. $12.      0

Edgar Cayce’s Atlantis and Lemuria. Frank Joseph. The lost civilisations in the light of modern discoveries. Cayce's visions of Atlantis and Lemuria reveal cultures that were far advanced technologically over many civilisations. These technologies  are being rediscovered in the 21st century. $20   5

Edgar Cayce’s Encyclopedia of Healing.    Reba Ann Karp. In his psychic trances Edgar Cayce diagnosed illnesses from arthritis to sarcoma to epilepsy – and many of his cures have been backed by recent medical science. Now – in one easy to read volume – 9000 of Edgar Cayce’s psychic readings have been compiled into a quick reference encyclopedia to help you usher yourself healthfully into the years to come. Covers nearly 200 different ailments from A to Z.   $12.   4

Edgar Cayce’s ESP Kevin J. Todeschi. Edgar Cayce exhibited an astonishing psychic ability. From an altered state he was able to read minds and souls, diagnose illnesses, prescribe remedies, predict the future, see the past,and tap into a source of universal knowledge where such information resides – a source Cayce said is available to everyone.                $18     2

 Edgar Cayce's Ideals Workshop. Kevin Todeschi. A self-help book for changing old habit patterns and expanding opportunities for growth through the application of "ideals". $16.50   1

Edgar Cayce's Remedies. William McGarey MD. Diets, herbs, castor oil, massage, exercise, prayer, meditation and more. $12       0

Edgar Cayce's Secrets of Astrology Kirk Nelson. Offers Edgar Cayce's unique perspective on Astrology, and how to determine your soul's mission by the position of planets in your chart. Includes a look at Cayce's chart as an example of past-life and soul mission indicators; easy to understand explanations of each sign, planet,and aspect, and the astrological influences of dramatic historical events. $15.     2

Edgar Cayce's Story of Jesus. Jeffrey Furst. Provides the missing pieces of Jesus ' life and ministry, including the teachings, those who loved Him, and those who plotted against Him. One of the most popular books based on the Cayce readings.$12    3

Edgar Cayce's Story of The Old Testament Robert J. Krajenke.

     Book 1 "From the Birth of Souls to the Death of Moses"  $12.50      2

     Book  2 “From Joshua to the Golden Age of Solomon     $12.50     3

     Book 3  "From Solomon's Glories to the Birth of Jesus"  $12.50      3

Edgar Cayce's Story of the Soul. W.H. Church. Gain a true understanding of the genesis of souls; what happened in the garden of Eden, Amilius and Adam, fallen angels, the Yucatan, and mound builders. $20   4

Edgar Cayce:The Sleeping Prophet. Jess Stern. Covers Edgar Cayce's remarkable life. You will learn about many of the key topics found in the readings, including earth changes, dreams, Atlantis,and reincarnation. The book provides important insight into Cayce's astounding medical readings and how they are used by people today, world prophesies, and more. Timely and fast-paced, this book reads like a good newspaper story. $12     1

The End Times: Prophesies of Coming Changes.  John Van Auken.

Includes prophesies and predictions from The Bible- Nostradamus –Holy Mother – Edgar Cayce.  $18   2

The Essential Edgar Cayce. Mark Thurston.  An unparalleled overview of the life and work of Edgar Cayce.  $20    0

Experiments in A Search for God.  Mark Thurston.  Guide for practical work with “Search for God” Book 1.   $12    5

Experiments in Personal Spirituality. Mark Thurston PhD. Guide for practical work with "Search for God" Book 2. $12.25    7

Face to Face. Twelve Edgar Cayce readings interpreted for today. How to experience knowing God "face to face". $11.50   2

Gems and Stones Based on the Edgar Cayce Readings. Scientific properties and occult aspects of twenty-two gems, stones, and metals. $10   1

God at the Speed of Light. T.Lee Bauman M.D. The author makes a convincing case for the understanding that increasing knowledge in both science and spirituality, is pointing us all in the same direction. Bauman paints a picture of what may well be the true nature of our universe.$20     2

The Golden Handicap: A Spiritual Quest. Garret Oppenheim.  Author, disabled through polio as a child, counsels parents and others on how to heal the spirit of the handicapped child or adult. $18     1

The Great Teachings of Edgar Cayce. Mark Thurston PhD. and the Editors of A.R.E. These readings speak of the soul's mission in life, meditation, and holistic healing. One inspiring section deals with Jesus the Christ, Easter, the Second Coming; Dr. Thurston reviews each reading and shares helpful insights, based on years of personal research, as well as on studies with A.R.E. members. $10     2

Heal Arthritis Physically, Mentally, Spiritually, the Cayce Approach. William A. McGarey MD.  Beyond pills and potions, there is a way to subdue this often debilitating disease, says the author, a student and advocate of the Cayce readings. This book examines physical conditions that contribute to arthritis and what can be done to eliminate them, including mental and spiritual courses of action. $15    2

Heaing Psoriasis. The Natural Alternative.  Dr. John O.A. Pagano. This illustrated report reveals, for the first time, a new, drug-free approach to conquering one of mankind’s oldest skin diseases.  $30      2

Healing Through Meditation & Prayer. Meredith Ann Puryear. A guide for anyone who wants to be healed, or who would like to be a healing channel for others. You will learn how healing energy flows through a person, spiritual principles of healing, techniques for laying on of hands, and much more. $10     13

Heather's Return. Geri Colozzi Wiitala.  Heather, 17, dies of complications from cancer. Amid her pain and grief, her mother begins to experience strange coincidences, an ethereal apparition, and objects that unexpectedly move. The author embarks on a spiritual journey that brings her to a freer life - even to belief in reincarnation. $18   1

Here is Your Assignment.  Life's chart. Laminated. $2.50    25

The Hidden Meaning of Illness.  (disease as a symbol & metaphor) Bob Trowbridge M.Div. Our illnesses, from colds and allergies to life threatening diseases, are meaningful, and they occur within the context of a life that is meaningful. This is the promise of this book.  $18    1

Hidden Treasure Discovering the God Within. Thomas Ehrhardt.  Designed to be a modern classic about the meaning of God, when a young teenager asks questions we have all wondered about. $17.    1

How to Interpret Your Dreams  Mark Thurston PhD.  Valuable specific aids to understanding your dreams and how to get answers to your problems. $16.50    1

How to Meditate. Kathleen McDonald. Tibetan Buddhist text on meditation. $12   9

Hugh Lynn Cayce: About My Father’s Business.  A.Robert Smith. The incredible story of Edgar Cayce’s son. Hardback $25.   3

Inspired Living: A Day-by-Day Guide From the Edgar Cayce Readings.    Kieth VonderOhe.  Bring hope and vision with these uplifting messages for every day of the year.  $12    2

The Intelligent Heart: Transform your Life With the Laws of Love.  David McArthur & Bruce McArthur.  A simple 5 step process is all it takes to change your heart.Scientific evidence from the Institute of Heartmath’s electrophysiology lab reveals that your ECG (heart rhythm) physically changes as you apply these simple laws. Happiness and health are within your reach each day, in any situation.  $18.  1

Intuition and Synchronicity. Hazel M. Denning.   Intuition is a powerful tool for living your life. This book will help you to cultivate attitudes that can enrich your experience of intuition and karma: patience, imagination, acceptance of others, and more. Reach your highest potential!  $18.    5

Intuitive Heart. Henry Reed PhD and Brenda English.  How to trust your intuition for health and guidance. $15    0

Its Never Too Late. Ann Goodall. Who has not wondered what lies beyond death? Here is a most unusual account of life "on the other side". $6   3

Jesus- His Words Decoded His Mystery Teachings Revealed . John Van Auken. John's gospel  says Jesus had many "dark sayings" - teachings with hidden meanings. Cayce's readings throw light on many of these. John Van Auken's ability to integrate Jesus teachings with concepts from other religions and philosophies makes this book a rich rewarding experience. $20   4

The Lives of Edgar Cayce  W.H. Church.   The story of Edgar Cayce's soul evolution, tracing his incarnations through Atlantis, Egypt and more. $22   2

Life and Death: The Pilgrimage of the Soul.  Harvey A Green. The author presents the awesome reach of the soul’s experience. He covers such topics as the pattern for creation, the threefold aspect of body, mind and soul; the universal laws by which we live, and our movement through death to higher realms.  $10    1

The Lives of the Master Glen Sanderfur. The revelation of Jesus's  journey through many lifetimes via reincarnation in order to become the perfect pattern for mankind. $19.  1

The Lost Hall of Records John Van Auken & Lora Little. Edgar Cayce's forgotten record of human history in the ancient Yucatan. $22    5

Love Relationships, A Moving Sea   C.T.Cayce & L.G.Cayce Here’s a book for everyone who has or wants a fulfilling relationship with loved ones. $16   0

Many Mansions Gina Cerminara.  Beautifully written, this classic describes the order and logic of reincarnation and karma as given in the Edgar Cayce readings. $12   0

Meditation and the Mind of Man Herbert Puryear PhD. & Mark Thurston PhD.  An indepth study of the purposes, psychology and physiology of meditation with instructions on how to meditate. Highly recommended, $15    1

Meditation Gateway to Light Elsie Sechrist. How to reap the rewards of meditation. Includes a study of the chakras and their functions. $8    3

Mind is the Builder, Your Life is the Result  Dick Daily. Explore the spiritual law "mind is the builder", by examining quotes from the Edgar Cayce readings. These quotes are presented in a way that helps readers understand the concept in a more personal manner, allowing them to put the law to work in their lives.$11.50   0

More Great Teachings of Edgar Cayce.  Mark Thurston Ph.D.  These readings speak of the use of your soul’s talents; how to deal with a changing world; soul development; and the nature of good and evil.  $10  2

The New Brain.  Richard Restak M.D.Neurologist & neuropsychiatrist.  This is the story of technology and biology converging to influence the evolution of the human brain. $20    4

New Life Cookbook  Marceline Peet. You will find good health combined with good taste in this book by a long-time chef, nutritionist, and student of the Edgar Cayce readings. Contains 350 delicious recipes. $15   3

No Death.  H.L. Cayce & Edgar Cayce.  This book answers many questions:- What happens after death? Does the soul reincarnate? What do dreams of the departed loved ones mean? Valuable commentaries by Hugh Lynn, and fascinating stories of life and death. $20    2

The Oil That Heals William A McGarey.  Castor oil was recommended in the Cayce readings more than 1000 times. Dr. McGarey recounts case histories in which he succeeded in using castor oil packs as a healing agent for a variety of disorders. $17    4 

Our Origin & Destiny  Kathy L. Callahan Ph.D.  An anthropologist   connects the explosion of interest in intuition, regression therapy, and near death experiences to our evolution as a species. Dr. Callahan traces our creation and development as whole beings and proposes what the next steps are likely to be. $18    2

Outer Limits of Edgar Cayce's Power E.E.Cayce & H.L. Cayce.  The research of Edgar Cayce's sons into the accuracy of their father's readings. $17.50    1

Passports to Change  Mary Lou McFall.  The true story of a teacher who becomes a massage therapist aboard the Achilles Lauro. $20   2

Physician's Reference Notebook  Compiled and written by W.A. McGarey & associated physicians of the A.R.E.Clinic.  Text for doctors on treating 52 common diseases, using the information in the Edgar Cayce readings. Appendix contains much helpful information on diets, packs and more. $30     1

Path of Promise: Path of Peace. Barbara Paulin.  How to hear your higher self speak. A safe and comfortable guide to hearing your higher consciousness and achieving self understanding and inner peace. $15        3

The Persian Legacy and the Edgar Cayce Readings.  Keviv J. Todeschi. Cayce gave more than 600 readings for various people who he said, had lived in the unique desert society between 7000 – 9000 B.C. While archeologists have yet to discover this ancient society, readers will be impressed and fascinated by the cohesiveness of Cayce’s Persian story as it was told over a 20 year period.  $18.  4

The Place We Call Home  Robert J.Grant.  This is a hopeful and inspiring look at the dimensions of life beyond the illusion we call death. and a celebration of the eternal nature of the human soul. $18     3

Radiant Passage Jeanette h. Fusco.  The story of a husband's spiritual awakening and a family's healing in the face of terminal cancer. $20    2

Realizing Your Psychic Potential.  Presleep  audio tape.   $10   3

The Remnant. Mary LaCroix. The Story of Jesus comes to life in this factionalised account of the two women who were close to the Master - His teacher, Judith, and his sister, Ruth - and of the many who set the stage for history's greatest event. Discover the hidden truth behind the missing time in Jesus’s life. Live with the Essene community that remained faithful to the ideal of the Messiah when others had fallen away. $20   3

The Revelation: A Commentary Based on A Study of 23 Psychic Discourses By Edgar Cayce.  A new and challenging look at the interpretation of the last book of the Bible $20   0

Spiritual Breakthrough  John Van Auken.   For those who seek direct consciousness of God's presence, this volume represents a carefully drawn map by a spiritual explorer who has sought and found that presence.  $20    2

Spiritual Powerpoints Robert Krajenke.  Shows readers exactly where to look for spiritual renewal and regeneration, based on key Bible verses recommended over and over in the Cayce readings.   $20    3

The Scented Veil  Carly Wall.  Aromatherapist Carly Wall's research into the historic use of scent and the information on scent in the readings has produced this fascinating, comprehensive and practical book on how you can use scent to improve meditation, increase your psychic abilities and promote your spiritual development. $15  1

The Search for the Girl With the Blue Eyes.  Jess Stearn.  A skeptical award-winning journalist and author is asked by his editor to investigate claims of a past life. The result is a “can’t- put-it-down” story that has the excitement and adventure of a mystery and the mind-expanding potential of discovering the answer to age-old questions.  $18  4

Secrets of the Ancient World  Lora Little & Greg Little.  Look at some of the most incredible mysteries of time and space. This book examines curious people, places and objects, as they were addressed in the Cayce readings - from the lost world of Atlantis to the pyramids of Egypt. An eye-opener! $20   3

The Seven Initiations of the Spiritual Path.  Michael Mirdad.  An excellent portrayal of what each of us "grows" through in reaching the goal of enlightenment. The author clearly explains the difference between the easy way and the hard way. Required reading for those seeking the easy way. $10    1

Sons of Darkness, Sons of Light.  Mary LaCroix. The vast tapestry of 1st century events comes to life as the courage of the early Christian disciples provides a backdrop for the lives of the three central characters. An unparalleled story of compassion and wonder!  $20     5

Soul Development  Kevin Todeschi. This volume explores how individuals constantly create their lives - sometimes as "victims" and sometimes as "conscious creators."  It also explores how collective development impacts the world at large.  $18   0

Soul Signs; Life Seals, Aura Charts, and the Revelation. Kevin J. Todeschi. Readers will discover how to create these tools of symbolism to cultivate their soul talents. $22  0

The Story of Edgar Cayce: "There is a River".Thomas Sugrue. The complete biography of Edgar Cayce covers not only his fascinating life and phenomenal medical cures, but also a myriad of other topics, including spiritual growth, philosophy, psychology and prophesy of world events. A philosophy section included in this book, covering our origin, purpose, and destiny in the earth, makes this a book to return to often. $10  1

Success for the Soul.  Booklet about personal transformation through the”Search for God” spiritual growth program throughout the world.  $2  9

Think on These Things . A collection of some excerpts from the Cayce readings that can help you find comfort, guidance and inspiration every day. $5   0

Thought Patterns.  Robert C. Smith.  Change the ones that don't work, create the ones that do. Attitude is everything! This is a book that can truly help you create a more fulfilling life, the life you deserve to lead.  $20     3 

Transformed Lives.  Joseph Dunn. This volume is a sampler of the impact that the Cayce material has had on people throughout the world. It contains a few of the many, many stories and letters from individuals attesting to the success of Cayce's committment to help others. $10   4

True Wealth. Pat Remele. Twelve steps to personal and financial abundance.. Just as the body-mind connection is finally being accepted and understood, this book explains another key connection: the mind money connection. An excellent book!  $20    0

The Truth Within You.  Wendell Charles Beane Ph.D. This book seeks to encourage those who are becoming increasingly restless with traditional dogmatic assumptions. Dr Beane demonstrates a deep devotional appreciation for reading the scriptures and understanding the mysteries that are revealed in them.  $18  1

Twelve Lessons in Personal Spirituality. Kevin J. Todeschi.  From the first lesson, on cooperation, through others on ideals, patience and oneness, up to its final lesson on love, this book offers guidance through the pressures of contemporary life and a haven for those on a spiritual path. It is a true source of encouragement when the challenges of life arise.  $18    7

Universe of Worlds.  Robert J. Grant.  Edgar Cayce said that everything that exists in the material world has its origin in the unseen realms. Readers will find in this book an understanding that their consciousness is, in essence, intangible and infinite. It is the most comprehensive view of "other worlds" to date.$20   2

Unseen Hands & Unknown Hearts Kathy Callaban. The author's story of how a nationwide prayer group saved her daughter's life during a bout of Reyes’s Syndrome. $15  0

Unto the Churches.  Richard H. Drummond Ph.D. This is a milestone book. Because of the author’s rigorous historical and theological scholarship, and his sensitive grasp of Christian faith in today’s world, it presents the main body of Cayce’s religious thought in a way that makes it available for the first time for serious evaluation by theologians, pastors and thoughtful lay persons.  $18  1.

Venture Inward.  Hugh Lynn Cayce.  A lucid presentation of safe doorways to the unconscious. A must for anyone delving into psychic phenomena. actual cases known to the author. $20   2

Visionary Medicine. Simone Gabbay. How Edgar Cayce, father of holistic healing, combined ancient healing techniques with visionary therapies to offer real hope for total healing. $20    0

We Live Forever.  P.M.H. Atwater. Author is a renowned researcher of near death experiences, future memory and children of the new millenium.$16   3

What's So Amazing about Grace? Philip Yancy. One of the most gifted writers of our day has put the telescope on the brilliant star of grace, and finely focused on what a beautiful and powerful healing force followers of Jesus Christ could become. Hardback. $32   1

Window to God.  T.Lee Bauman. A medical and scientific look at the special gifts of Edgar Cayce. A physician’s spiritual pilgrimage to God.  $20  1

The Work of Edgar Cayce as Seen Through His Letters. Charles Thomas Cayce & Jeanette M Thomas.  This is a fascinating and compelling look - through the letters and other writings of Edgar Cayce, his friends and family – at his life and thedemands of the spiritual work that compelled him. Hardback $25   1

The World Within.  Gina Cerminara. Answers in clear and easy to understand language, many basic questions about reincarnation. $15.50   5

Your Life: Why it is the Way it is and What You Can do About it.   Bruce McArthur.  The title says it all. Highly recommended. $20   3

Your Mind: Unlocking its Hidden Powers.  Henry Reed PhD. From the power of visualisation to entering altered states, from premonitions to increasing our willpower and understanding our dreams, this book is a guide to discovering the power that resides within us all - and using it to work wonders in our lives. $20   0

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Phone (07) 3207 7536.

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