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Message from Charles Thomas Cayce.

While the Edgar Cayce readings are the soul of this work, the A.R.E. membership - the people who love and support it - are the heart.   For more than seventy years, members have lent their prayers, their creativity, their time and their finances to help bring this work to life in the world.
As we launch our new, more in-depth program for A.R.E. members, the most important message I want to share with each of you is "thank you."  Thank you for your years of support through prayer and effort, and for your ongoing commitment to helping bring the Edgar Cayce readings to others who seek to better know their place and purpose in the world.

Improving you life and the lives of others: ALL A.R.E. MEMBERS RECEIVE:

  • Venture Inward - The magazine of the A.R.E.
  • Monthly newsletter of your choice:
  •     True Health
  •     Personal Spirituality or
  •     Ancient Mysteries
  • Access to the "Members Only" section of the A.R.E. Web site
  • Twenty percent discount on A.R.E. Press publications
  • Discounts on headquarters and regional conferences
  • Library and circulation file privileges


  • International Prayer network
  • Books to prison libraries
  • A.R.E. Library, housing one of the most impressive and rare metaphysical book collections in the world
  • Atlantic University, offering degrees and certificates in Transformational Studies
  • Edgar Cayce Institute of Intuitive studies
  • A world-class Web site that offers information to hundreds of thousands of seekers
  • The Health and Rejuvenation Research Center that applies Cayce's holistic health principles in a modern-day research setting.


  • A.R.E. membership $48
  • Sponsor - $72 per year
  • Partner - $120 per year
  • Sustainer - $600 per year
  • Golden Circle -  $1,000 per year
  • Life Member -  $2,400 one-time payment

To become a member go to -  Membership

A.R.E. Member Newsletters,
215 67th Street,
Virginia Beach,  VA 23451   USA





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