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History of the Edgar Cayce Australia web site

In the Autumn of 2001, the Edgar Cayce Australia web site came into being through the financial collapse of the Brisbane ARE Newsletter. 

The original vision for the web site was to continue the service provided by the Brisbane ARE newsletter: to advise ARE members of coming events and study group meetings in various parts of Australia.  

However, over the last two and a half years the site has grown to be much more.  Members and friends from all over the world have contributed hundreds of articles, under many topics, for the enrichment of all.   These articles have been placed in the various sections of the site for future inquiring minds to consult.  Thus, the web site has now over four hundred pages and many photos as well.

Now our vision for the site, while still following the original need, is more global.   Members, friends and the curious, are only an e-mail away to ask their Cayce related questions, much to the joy of Edith.  And for those trickier questions on Cayce syntax, ARE's Carl Nelson D.C delights in doing the answering.

The driving force behind the web site comes from this statement found in the Cayce material:

The WHOLE law is to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, thy mind, thy body; thy neighbour as thyself. This is the whole law, this is the whole purpose for an experience, an activity of an entity in any given or individual experience or appearance even throughout the sojourns in a material plane.   1464-2

And day by day we work with patience and persistence to adhere to the deeper meaning of what this law implies and means.

EdithandRogerPonton.jpg (11789 bytes) 

Roger and Edith Ponton have been members of the ARE since the 60's.  Roger is the wizard of the workshed, building Edgar Cayce Appliances for those who ask him, and ever ready to share his indepth knowledge and understanding of the Cayce material to searching souls.  And Edith is the Edgar Cayce Australia webmaster, and coordinator. 


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