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A Working Manual of High Frequency Currents

By Noble M. Eberhart, M.D., Ph.D., D.C.L.  1911

Head of the Department of Physiologic Therapeutics, Medical Department of Loyola University; Professor of High Frequency, Illinios School of Electrotherapeutics.   Formerly Head of Department of Electrotherapy, Chicago College of Medicine and Surgery; Formally Attending Physician, Cook County Hospital; Formerly Professor of Electrophysics Post Graduate Medical School, Chicago; etc

Member of Chicaago and Illinios State Medical Societies; American Medical Associan; Americal Editors' Association; Victoria Institute of Philosophycal Society of Great Britian; etc.

Author of "Practical X-ray Therapy; Brief Guide to Vibratory Technique," etc.

Nikola Tesla, Inventor of the Tesla Coil-Courtesy “Electrical Review and Western Electrician.”

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    The literature on High Frequency Currents is not extensive and most of it is too technical for the average physician, who is more interested in the application of these currents than he is in the precise manner in which they are generated.

    For this reason I have given comparatively little space to the consideration of the various forms of apparatus, other than to outline the types upon one or another of which all of the machines are based.

    Further information along this line is properly within the sphere of the various manufacturers.

    My intention has been to make this a practical hand-book for the busy physician who wishes to use high frequency currents and to learn how to do so with as little “red tape” as possible.

    I have expressed my individual opinion on many points, and sometimes this may be found at variance with that of other authors, but it is based upon eighteen years’ practical experience involving the daily use of High Frequency Currents and upon sixteen years’ experience in teaching the subject.

    My indebtedness for data furnished is acknowledged to Drs. W. B. Snow, W. H. King, H. E. Waite, F. de Krafft, R. A. Black, E. C. Titus, H. F. Pitcher, S. Stevens, R. E. Farmer, and Messrs. F. H. Swett, J. B. Wantz, Wm. Meyer, Samuel T. Hutton, Edwin L. Edwards, H. L. Kahl, F. A. Wiggin, R. and F. H. Wappler, T. B. McClintock, C. E. Anderson, M. Sanchez, J. E. Clapp, H. W. Young and Wm. Stahl.


25 E. Washington St., Chicago


Chapter I. Definition of High Frequency Current; Alternation; Cycle; Period; Oscillation; Frequency; Lighting Vacuum Tube Not Proof of High Frequency Current Page 13
Chapter II. The Development of the Current; Leyden Jars; Plate Condensers; Electrical Oscillation. Page 22
Chapter III. Types of Apparatus; D’Arsonval Type Tesla Transformer; Impedance; Oudin’s Resonator; Measuring the Current. Page 30
Chapter IV. Various Forms of Vacuum Tubes; Effects of Different Vacua; Insulated Tubes; Fixed and Adjustable Socket Handles; Spatulate Tubes. Page 45
Chapter V. Physiological Action of the Current; High Frequency Burns; Offsetting Tendency to X-ray burns. Page 60
Chapter VI. General Technique; Vacuum Tubes; Lubrication; Cautions; Asepsis; Standardizing Dosage; Preparation of Patients; Technique for Skin Diseases; Relief of Pain; Cauterization; Orificial Technique; Cataphoresis; Fulguration; Auto-Conduction; Auto-Condensation; Portable and Home-Made Pads; Surgings; Water Spray; Local Auto-Condensation; Indirect Sparks; Taking the Blood Pressure. Page 70
Chapter VII. Special Technique for Ear, Eye, Nose, Rectum and Prostate, Scalp, Throat, Urethra and Vagina. Page 136
Chapter VIII. Practical High Frequency Therapy, Diseases and Symptoms Alphabetically Arranged with Methods of Treatment. Page 152
Chapter IX Ozone; Nature; Physiological Action; Methods of Administration; Diseases in which It Is Indicated. Page 270
Chapter X High Frequency X-Ray; Its Scope and Limitation; Resume of Skiagraphic and Therapeutic Technique.  Page 279
Chapter XI. Diathermy; Electro-coagulation; Thermo-penetration.  Page 290
Chapter XII. High Frequency in Dentistry. Page 297
Glossary.   Page 310
Index   Page 315



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