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Thinking of starting your own 'Search for God' study group!

Study Group programs are mainly centered around a series of readings given by Edgar Cayce that came to be known as A Search for God,  - the 262 series, containing some 130 readings, given over an 11 year period.  Group meetings are conducted in an informal manner and attract people from all walks of life and all religious backgrounds.  Lessons in A Search for God make practical use of the information given in the readings, and are life changing. 

The first group was formed in 1931.  It was known as Group #1 and had as one of the desired objectives, to become channels of truth and light "to a waiting world".  They were told that if they applied the principles sincerely and with proper intent, that they could manifest the 'fruits of the Spirit" as Jesus once did. Group #1 compiled the lessons of the readings into A Search for God books I & II.

Thus the main source material for Study groups around the world is A Search for God Books I and II.  They guide the Study group through periods of prayer for others, meditation, reading and discussion on topics such as cooperation, ideals, faith, fellowship, patience and a closer attunement to God and our neighbor.  Other books are "Experiments in a Search for God (ASFG I)"  and "Experiments in Practical Spirituality (ASFG II)", both written by Mark A Thurston, Ph.D.    Also "Beginning the Search for God", written by Virginia T Fields and Shirley G Clement.    These books may be purchased from the A.R.E. 

Currently Jim Dixon has 'a work in progress', a compilation of questions and how to apply the resulting insights to gain better understandings in ones own life. The material is running as a pilot test with several groups and we eagerly look forward to the release of the final material. 

The search for God is as old as humanity and working with a study group is as challenging as it is rewarding.  Over time a rapport develops within the group, while individuals gains insights and understanding.  Thus the application of the Search for God information is life changing, as it requires us to examine our cherished belief systems, habit patterns, and attitudes towards ourselves and others and life in general.


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