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Good Day,

Edgar Cayce inspirational quotes:

      GC:  On this Easter day of 1940 we seek a discourse on the
      significance of the Resurrection of Jesus, the Christ.


      EC:  In giving that as might be significant in the
      experiences of those present, it is well that there be
      considered those conditions which exist in the world of
      thought, as well as in the political and economic situations
      throughout the world, - if there is to be a practical
      application of the significance of the resurrection of
      Jesus, the Christ.


      The life, the death, the resurrection of Jesus are as facts,
      in the hearts and minds of those here.  The resurrection of
      Jesus, the Christ, is a significant fact to each individual
      only according to how he applies same (as it is significant
      to him) in his daily life, experience and conversation with
      his fellow man.


      Then, in a material world, - a world of hate, of divided
      opinions, - what is the course that you each will pursue,
      in relationships to your fellow men?


      Is it the course outlined by the tenets, the principles which
      He, the Teacher of teachers gave as respecting the manner of
      life, of activity, that you each would give in your dealings
      and relationships with your fellow men?


      We know, and only need to be reminded, that the whole law is
       in Him.  For, as He gave that which is the basis, the principle,

      of the intent and desire and purpose which should prompt our

      activity, so we in our own world, - as we live, as we speak, as

      we pray, - are to let it be in that tempo, in that way and manner

      which was prompted by Him, as He taught His disciples how

      to pray.


      Then, as we analyze this prayer in our experience, we see what

      the life, the death, the resurrection of Jesus, the Christ, - who

      is the way, the truth, the light, - must mean in this period in the

      experience of man.


      Think not that He, God, will be mocked.  For, whatsoever a
      man soweth, that must he also reap.  This was truly exemplified

      in the life of the Man of Galilee.  For, in Him we all live, we all

      move, we all die.  So, in Him we are all made alive.




      Put away hate, malice, jealousy, or the taking sides with any
      that stir up strife.


      Be ye rather on the Lord's side, - knowing that no man is in
      any position of power or might save by the will of the Father,

      that there may be fulfilled that which has been promised of

      Him, by Him, and through that advent of the man Jesus into

      a material world.


      Then, as ye meditate upon the meaning of the resurrection
      of this man of God, - know that the way is open to thee to
      approach the throne of God; not as an excuse, not as a
      justification, but rather in love, in harmony, in that which brings

      hope for a sin-sick world.


      Each individual, then, may act, may live, may pray - in his or
      her own little sphere of activity - in such a manner as to bring
      peace and harmony, even among those who APPEAR to be at
      variance to the cause of the Christ in the material world.


      Let not thy heart be troubled, then.  Ye believe in God; believe

      also in Him, - who came to bring peace, and the way to the

      Father, exemplifying same in the ability to take away death -

      that is as sin in the experience of man.


      And thus may he (man) indeed love the Lord with all his
      heart, and his neighbor as himself.

      5749-12  3/24/1940


      And as ye saw in those intents and purposes when thy elder
      brother James became as the head of what is termed the church;

      not as that YE understand in thy present surroundings as an

      elder, a teacher, a minister.  For how has it just been given?  He,

      thy brother James, was exalted to the position of the leader

      because the HONOR was to Jesus, the Christ, to Him to whom

      all honor and all glory are due; to whom all patience, all suffering,

      all humbleness became so much a portion of His demonstration

      in Life - and for which He only asked that we as His be a part of,

      that He may be strengthened in the earth.  For to those of the

      earth hath He given the message, "Lo, I am with thee always -

      ALWAYS!"  To YOU, to ALL who have named and do name

      His Name is given that charge, "Feed my sheep, care for my

      lambs."  And even as in thy activities when in the face of those in

      authority and with the changing scenes in Rome with the death of

      that one who had given and made it possible for the closer
      associations of His representatives with those in political and
      religious authority in thine own land, then with those changes

      came the checking up on those that had become imbued with the
      spirit of these new teachings.  Yet thy light was not hid under a

      bushel, but the quietness, the gentleness, the patience that was

      shown by thine activities even in the courts of Bacchus and those

      revelries that were brought to bear that there might be a satisfying

      and a gratifying of the material appetites of men and women

      during those periods that to thee were debaucheries.  As ye

      looked on these and saw not the vileness but the flow of those

      influences of wine and strong drink that excited the passions of

      men, rather did ye see the blood of thy Brother SPILLED in a

      wanton manner that the earth might know that He lived not in

      vain!  For those that honor, those that love Him even as He loved

      the world, would give, do give their own heart's blood that the

      world may know that He LIVES and is at the right hand of the
      Father; that ye - yea, thy brethren, thy friends, thy enemies
      - may have an advocate before that Throne of mercy, pleading
      the cause of the wayward, hearing the cry of those that are
      persecuted, and saying "Be patient - be patient, my child; for in
      patience know ye thine own soul and become aware that I am 
      able to sustain thee, even though ye walk through the valleys and

      in the shadows of death."  For death hath no sting, it hath no

      power over those that know the Resurrection, even as thou hast

      seen and as thou hast known, as thou hast heard, how the

      Resurrection brought to the consciousness of man that power

      that God hath given to man, that may reconstruct, resuscitate, even

      every atom of a physically sick body, that may resurrect even

      every atom of a sin-sick soul, may resurrect the soul that it lives

      on and on in the glory of a resurrected, a regenerated Christ in the
      souls and hearts of men!

      1158-5 F 46 (Housewife, Protestant)  12/2/1936


      For it has ever been and is, even in materiality, a reciprocal world. 

      "If ye will be my people, I will be thy God."  If ye would know

      GOOD, do Good.  If ye would have life, give life.  If ye would

      know Jesus, the Christ, then be like Him; who died for a Cause,

      without shame, without fault yet dying; and through that able to

      make what this Season represents - RESURRECTION!


      Resurrection means what?  It is reciprocal of that which has
      been expressed.  How hath it been put again by him whom ye
      knew but disliked (for ye loved Peter the better)?  "There is no
      life without death, there is no RENEWAL without the dying of
      the old."  Dying is not blotting out, it is transition - and ye may

      know transition by that as comes into the experience by those

      very activities, that "With what measure ye mete it shall be

      measured to thee again."  That was His life, that is thy life, that

      is each one's life. Then how near, how dear has grown in the

      hearts, in the minds of all, those who put away self that they

      may know Him the better?


      HE put away self, letting it be nailed to the Cross; that the NEW,

      the renewing, the fulfilling, the BEING the Law, becomes the



      For it is the Law to BE the Law, and the LAW is Love!  Even
      as He showed in all of His manifestations, in the material
      experiences in the earth; that ye doubted, honestly - that is in
      eyes, in the heart, in the soul even of the Creator counted - even

      as of old - desire, honest desire (not because faults did not arise

      in the material world but they were meted to Abraham, even as

      he said) - as FAITH!


      Faith is manifested by that evidence of things not seen, but the
      hope in the promises of that which is Creative in thine inner self,

      thine own soul, as it seeks expression, hopes for in the life, yea

      in the blood of the Lamb which is the Life that lights the whole



      Ready for questions.


      (Q)  Was I an eye witness of any of the miracles of Jesus?
      If so, please designate?
      (A)  As has been indicated; the Resurrection, the healing from
      fever.  Hast thou not felt, hast thou not seen, hast thou not

      experienced those things from what even the world today calls

      fevers as the periods when He was the closer to thee?  Is it

      strange?  Is it not a reciprocal world?  What ye sow, ye reap. 

      What ye ARE, ye are by purpose of the will given thee that

      makes for seeking a way, yea seeking the city without

      foundations whose builder and maker is God, and whose
      manifestations of self are given.  For as ye have seen, as
      the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit are one, so ye being one
      in purpose, in desire, in hope, in faith, BY thy deeds, by
      thy hopes, by thy longsufferings, by thy patience, by thy
      enduring, by thy beliefs, show what indeed ARE thy hopes,
      thy fears, thy desires, thy purposes, thy aims.


      (Q)  Can you give me more details of my personal contacts
      with Jesus?
      (A)  As has just been given.


      The closest personal contacts come only at deaths.  Remember,
      these are conditions - remember all that has just been given, and
      the aloofness of self (not a fault.  This is not given as a fault, but

      there was the aloofness of self, owing to the variations in age, in

      the times, in the periods).  But the personal contacts were at

      death, at deaths.  The death of the father, when in thine own

      physical purposes there was the reasoning, "If He healed, why

      did He let Father die?  If He is such as so many proclaim, WHY

      hath He been so long away? WHY does He continue to go here,

      there?  Why do those that are in authority appear against Him?"


      These are questions then, they are questions ever.  Is it not
      a reciprocal world?


      (Q)  Did I see Jesus after the Resurrection?
      (A)  Saw Jesus upon the Mount, as did many.

      1158-9 F 47 (Housewife, Protestant)  3/28/1937

Peace, Light and Love




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