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. . . don't get mad and don't cuss a body out mentally or in voice. This brings more poisons than may be created by even taking foods that aren't good.
Edgar Cayce Reading 470-37

More individuals become so anxious about their own troubles, and yet helping others is the best way to rid yourself of your own troubles. For what is the pattern? He gave up Heaven and entered physical being that ye might have access to the Father.
Edgar Cayce Reading 5081-1

For, the error that man makes is the more oft against himself than making for the breaking of law as related to divine influence in the experience. For, love is law--law is love, in its essence. And with the breaking of the law is the making of the necessity for atonement and forgiveness, in that which may take away error to or what has been brought in the experience of the individual.
Edgar Cayce Reading 262-45

Then all of these influences astrological (as known or called) from without, bear witness--or are as innate influences upon our activity, our sojourn through any given experience. Not because we were born with the sun in this sign or that, nor because Jupiter or Mercury or Saturn or Uranus or Mars was rising or setting, but rather:
Because we were made for the purpose of being companions with Him, a little lower than the angels who behold His face ever yet as heirs, as joint heirs with Him who is the Savior, the Way, then we have brought these about because of our activities through our experiences in those realms! Hence they bear witness by being in certain positions--because of our activity, our sojourn in those environs, in relationships to the universal forces of activity.
Hence they bear witness of certain urges in us, not beyond our will but controlled by our will!
Edgar Cayce Reading 1567-2

For perfect love casteth out fear, and fear can only be from the material things that soon must fade away.
And thus hold to the higher thought of eternity. For life is a continual experience.
Edgar Cayce Reading 1175-1

. . . "Except ye become as little children, ye shall in no wise enter in." Unless you can be just as forgiving, unless you can find it just as easy to forget slights and slurs and things that would make afraid those who would judge others. For with what measure ye mete, it is measured to thee again. Even as He, the Master gave, the faults ye find in others are reflected in thine own mirror of life. And as He gave, "Cast the beam out of thine eye that ye may see to take the mote from thy brother's eye."
Edgar Cayce Reading 3395-2

As He has given, and as has been presented again and again, not in times nor seasons, not in new moons nor in any place, but every day, every hour we show forth His love in a manner that makes for the knowledge of all contacting us that He walks with us, that He is our friend.
Edgar Cayce Reading 262-36


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