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Cayce on Acidophilus

T1762-001 F [Toxemia]
Yogurt; for this is to act as a cleanser for the alimentary canal, as well as
a better balance for the fermenting and the eliminations of poisons from the system.

T1045-008 F [T.B.]
10. (Q) How should the Yogurt be prepared for this body?
(A) Yogurt is prepared by making a curd that passes through the system to absorb and aid in the eliminations.

Use in milk, then, as a curd - and take very small sips for the body.

Yogurt is a preparation from honeycomb, you see, that acts to take caseins from milk that are injurious to the system and helpful to the intestinal tract.

T1045-009 F [Pg 1]
8. The Yogurt in its preparation may make for the greater absorbing influences through the intestinal system, and with the general inactivity keep the coordinations of activities between the circulatory forces of the liver, the spleen, the pancreas, the lungs, the kidneys, more in order. For from such disturbances the BREAKING DOWN of the katabolism becomes the DESTRUCTIVE force in ANY condition of this nature.

T3154-001 F [T.B.]
12. Do use, for at least the next four or five weeks, the combination found in Yogurt as prepared (Battle Creek), as an antiseptic for the intestinal tract. Take this regularly.

T1542-001 F [T.B.]
24. Also we would add Yogurt in the diet as an active cleanser  through the colon and intestinal system. This would be most beneficial, not only purifying the alimentary canal but adding the vital forces necessary to enable those portions of the system to function in the nearer normal manner.

25. Thus we may bring the abilities for strength and for purifying the circulatory forces, upon which depends the strength to resist physically the inroads of the infectious forces that disturb the locomotion as well as the pulmonary and the circulatory system and the strength through the depleting of the nerve energies of the body.

T0556-002 M [Pg 2]
14. First we would begin with that almost wholly of a Bulgarian milk diet, which will make for the producing of sufficient of the lactic acids and the gastric juices as they are assimilated for the body, in such a way and manner as to meet the IMMEDIATE needs.




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