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There is much demand for preservatives in the Skin Care market, and many people believe that such products as Grapefruit Seed extract & Rosemary Extract are natural preservatives when in fact they are not preservatives but anti oxidants. Anti oxidants work to stop oxidisation occurring in your products, this aids in stopping rancidity. 


Oil Phase:

90g Coconut Oil
120ml Almond Oil
90ml Jojoba Oil
120g Stearic Acid
60g Refined beeswax/ beeswax beads
8g Emulsifying wax
90g Shea Butter
4g Vegelene
6g Cocoa Butter

Water Phase:

150ml Geranium Floral water
60ml Vegetable Glycerine.
7ml Herbigerm preservative
Essential Oils of your choice, we recommend 10 drops Lavender, 10 drops Rose Bulgarian and 10 drops Jasmine.

Once you have blended the individual phases, blend the oil and water phase together, and your cuticle treatment will form. Pour this into 30ml jars, and massage the cream deeply into the cuticles.

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