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Cayce recommended the apple diet for a wide variety of ailments too lengthy to enumerate, but in all cases where toxaemia or toxicity could be a cause or contributing factor to such problems as headache, debilitation, neuritis, arthritis, constipation, incoordination of assimilation and elimination, subluxations, anaemia, stroke, pinworms and so on.


What Apply Variety should be used?
'...Those that pertain to those activities of the Jonathan variety of the apple, or the jenneting; the Black Arkansas, the Oregon Red, (which are the ones you have here), the Sheepnose, the Delicious, the Arkansas Russet; any of those that are of the jenneting variety.'   Reading 0294-18


'...and we will cleanse ALL toxic forces from any system!' Reading 0820-00
'...NO raw apples; or if raw apples are taken, take them and NOTHING else - three days of raw apples only, and then olive oil, and we will cleanse ALL toxic forces from any
system! Raw apples are not well unless they are of the jenneting variety.

[GD's note: Dictionary of obsolete words gives re. jenneting: "A jenneting pear - an early pear resembling the jenneting apple." NOTE: Jenneting: A variety of early apple, so named for being ripe about St. John's Day, June 24th.]   Reading 0820-00


NOTE - The quantity of Olive Oil used on the third day varied with individuals to as little as a few teaspoons full. 


'...the regular Apple Diet would be WELL for the body - but DON'T TRY TO WORK LIKE A HORSE WHEN YOU ARE ON THE APPLE DIET! or else we will find it will be more detrimental than helpful!'   Reading 0307-01


' 23. We would cleanse the alimentary canal as related to the effect of the gastric flow through the stomach and throughout the duodenum. This may be done through the cleansing by the method of the APPLE DIET - RAW Apples; requiring about three days. Eat nothing but raw apples, you see, for three days - each meal for three days. Then at bedtime on the evening of the third day, take half a cup
(teacup) of Pure Olive Oil.

24. Then leave off this diet, but it may be repeated once a month for two or three months; three days each month, you see, and then left off.'  Reading 1622-00


4. 'We would use first the apple diet to purify the system; that is, for three days eat nothing but apples of the Jonathan variety if possible. This includes the Delicious, which is a
variety of the Jonathan. The Jonathan is usually grown farther north than the Delicious, but these are of the same variety, but eat some. You may drink coffee if you desire, but do not put milk or cream in it, especially while you are taking the apples.

5. At the end of the third day, the next morning take about two ablespoonsful of Olive Oil.'        Reading 0780-01


23. (Q) Why did the Apple Diet fail and was it harmful?
(A) As we find, this would not have failed if there had not been the needs for undue changes during those periods. It is often necessary for this to be repeated more than once, to become really effective.  Reading 1158-03




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