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The numbers following each quote is the Cayce reading number

Benefits of using the Mercury quarts lamp.

4. The addition of the electrical forces - that is, the ultra-violet - will prevent too much of the respiratory system's clogging, as to cause the temperature in the body,T4320-002 M [Pg 1]

5. First we would begin with one-eighth grain of medicated or animated ash, and this given twice each day. At least twice each week we would give the ultra-violet ray over the small of back and over the hear and lung area, that the oxygen may be loosed in the system as to give more vitality to the body. T4320-001 M [Pg 1]

14. Each day give the ultra-violet ray treatment, using only the mercury quartz light, and the green glass used between the body and the light.  This may be given at home.  The ultra-violet light should be at least forty inches (40") from the body, this preferably over the back, so as to reach the whole of the body.  Do this, for the effect produced in the aching of the bones, the pains in joints and limbs, comes from the inability of the portions to supply energies that will rebuild the red blood cells, that are fast disappearing.  So the juices of the beef, the liver, all of the foods should be supplied as much as possible that carry blood-building properties.  And with the taking of the Atomidine the glandular system should be cleared so that the abilities of assimilation will be set up.T2621-001 M [Pg 2]

10. Thus we will reduce the white blood count; we will increase the red blood supply.T3000-003 F [Pg 1]

16. (Q)  Will this treatment eliminate entirely the leukemia?  (A)  If this is followed consistently we will find that we can eliminate this condition, if taken in time.T3000-003 F [Pg 2]

Used in the manners outlined, this low Wet Cell Appliance will eliminate these conditions. For the particular condition of leukaemia, do use the ultra-violet ray with the green glass.  For the conditions of the suggestive forces or activities of the body, the sympathetic nerve system and the activity through sensory forces, use the Wet Cell Appliance as a Radio-Active would be used; that the low form of electricity may pass through there along the activities of the body.T3000-003 F [Pg 2]

12. We would purify structural activity by the use of the ultra-violet light about twice a week; preferably with the green glass projected between the light and the body.T3068-001 M [Pg 2]

5. Ordinarily, because of improper application as for diet and such - this condition becomes of such a nature as to be consuming within itself, or of a malignant nature.  This need not necessarily be true here - if there is the application of that which through radiation, or absorption and radiation, will keep the area tending towards an alkalinity; and then the adding of those vibrations through the radiation from the Ultra-Violet, with the projection of the green glass between it and the body.

6. To be sure, these radiations by some are termed to be of such refractory that the value of electrical forces is eliminated.  But those coming to such conclusions do not consider that all vibration, color, and color with radiation - that is the aid here - is to set the vibrations in the body for body-forces; and this body is in the developing stage, or that stage of growth - physical, mental and spiritual.  This vibration of the Ultra-Violet is as a "seeking out" in the body.  In bodies of a varied vibration, where there are such conditions as here, the Ultra-Violet without the green light might be helpful.  But in most instances where there is needed a change in vibration, the projection of a green light is preferable - because green is the healing vibration.  Here, in the character or nature of disturbance where there is the formation of that which is any malignant nature, the green light will be more effective than even that of a more penetrating nature, or even the x-ray - that destroys tissue, but not being enabled to eliminate that destroyed, tends to come back upon itself after certain radiations. T3370-001 M [Pg 1]

True, it does take some rays from the light; yet the penetrating rays that are carried through are deflected or broken sufficiently that the green presents more of a healing power to the conditions where there are those tendencies for inflammation in the mucous membranes or soft tissue, where there is the greater flow of lymph circulation throughout the body - soft tissue of face, lungs, organs of the digestive system, the abdominal area, through the whole alimentary canal.  All will be aided and there will be less tendency for the accumulations that may, if there are irritations, become malignant in their nature.T3574-001 F [Pg 1]

Another course of the lights with the green glass interposed, and then some adjustments along with same, - should balance the system in such a manner as to create more resistance, better assimilation, better digestion and better activities throughout the body.T0303-026 F [Pg 1]

This as we find would tend to make for purifications of the blood stream by the reaction of light thus broken on same. T1826-004 F [Pg 1]

8. Hence the better applications in the present, as we find, would be the use of the ultra violet with the projection of green glass between the ultra violet and the body thus bringing the rays in such nature or proportions as to be retarding to the infection that forms in the soft tissue of the bone as well as of the skin itself.T3206-001 M [Pg 1]

Have the ultra-violet at least thirty-eight inches from the body, and the green glass - a piece about ten by twelve inches - should be at least fourteen inches from the body, so as to diffuse.  True, some will maintain that this deflects the ultra-violet ray; but the healing ray is produced by the effect that the distance and color has upon the body-energies.  While these are penetrating rays, it will be found with this type that they will deflect so that the activity is produced upon the structural portions of the body - that naturally become involved where there has become needed separation or segregation through the increased quantity of the leukocytes in the system.  And these will tend to disseminate or dissolve such conditions.T3499-001 M [Pg 1]

To be sure, some may question as to the feasibility of diverting the ultra violet ray from the body, but it is the ozone and the type of light deflected by the green glass that is needed.  Green in itself is healing. T3650-001 M [Pg 2]

12. (Q) Is there active trouble in the gall bladder at this time?  (A)  Will not be when these properties have been taken in the system.  For this is a blood purifier and as the blood is purified and the light rays produced their radial activity on superficial circulation, as well as the deeper circulation, we will eliminate these disturbances - unless there are foods taken that cause greater trouble; as too much sweets, too much fats.T3650-001 M [Pg 2]

11. The light taken after the Ash will cause the action of the ash of the carbon to clarify through the releasing of oxygen in the blood stream, by being centralized in the portions of the lungs thus affected, and in the tissue adjacent to same.T0511-001 F [Pg 2]



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