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Violet Ray

Tara Ray

The Violet Ray, as the Cayce readings called it, is basically a high voltage, low amperage source of static electricity. This device was mentioned in over 825 readings.  The cases in which the Violet Ray was given as part of treatment are many and varied. 

Animated Ash was often recommended in conjunction with the violet ray


T0436-004 M [Pg 2]

This would be to create a balance of circulation through the superficial portion of the body, causing a bettering of the conditions.

T1611-002 F [Pg 2]

12. This will make for the abilities of the body to rest better. It will tend to make for strengthening of the body, by the toning of the circulation - as combined with the adjustments that are taken.

T4831-002 F [Pg 2]

The body should use the violet ray over the whole circulatory system, for five to ten minutes, to stimulate the circulation and the nerve centers, sufficiently to start the proper elimination. Do that and we will be able to reduce the condition in the throat and over the system by absorption

T0679-002 F [Pg 1]

2. Now, as we find, there are improvements in almost every manner in the physical forces of the body since last we had same here. While there have NOT been the full or complete adjustments in the cerebrospinal system, the greater part of that in the cervical area HAS been aided. Those indicated that needed adjustments in the upper dorsal and the lower lumbar and coccyx area have not been relieved as much as  they should be. The relief of these, as we find, would make for an easier and a more perfect circulation flowing through these portions of the body, and REVIVIFY the forces that have been out of balance as related to the functioning of the organs of the sensory system; or the eyes and the head and neck and the general activities through the system. It would be well, as we find, for these adjustments to be made.

While it would not require such a great change, these given would relieve the general condition and make the improvement better and continued; as also would the stimulating of the ganglia that are relieve by having the pressures in the segments relieved or released, see? through the addition of the electrical vibrations from the plain violet ray over segments that are changed, which would bring the superficial circulation to such an activity as to cause the flow of the blood supply through same. Thus not only would the distresses in those particular portions be relieved, but the impulse for the circulation through the head and the neck and to the optic forces and to all portions of the face would be such as to IMPROVE the functioning of the organs; bringing a nearer normal condition.


T0540-012 F [Pg 1]

5. Of an evening we would use the Violet Ray, bulb applicator, for a stimulation especially to the upper dorsal and through the cervical and head and neck area. If this is taken just before retiring it should aid in the ability to rest, and quieting the nerves.

T0269-001 M [Pg 2]

'...apply to the body the correct vibrations that will give the incentives to the nerve centers to become rejuvenated again, and that will be the vibration from the violet ray, without the amperage in the machine, you see. The treatment to the spine and limbs will be principally at the first cervical, the brachial plexus, the solar plexus, and the third lumbar plexus, where the lesion shows most, and then down the sciatic nerve root until the knees are reached; under side, you see. This should be applied for 10 minutes each evening.


The violet ray was recommended in cases of  cataracts, blindness and myopia, among others.

T0002-019 M [Pg 1]

With the application of the violet applicator to the eye proper we will find that there will be more response from the optic centers proper, and the relief gradually through the stimulating of the circulation to remove those pressures ON same as cause the neurotic or the neuralgia like condition as exists there. The condition IN same may be properly termed that of the neurotic condition, produced by pressure on optic nerve back of eye proper, from sedimentation in system and lack of coordination in the eliminations, first producing neuritis in the general system, settling - from strain on eye - by the direct rays of the character of lights.

T0261-024 M [Pg 1]

 10. (Q) Left eye feels strained. What do you find and what suggestion?

(A) Only pressures in the nerve system and thus the vibrations from the violet ray for five to ten minutes each evening, of course along the upper dorsal and the back portion along the cervical would be better and across the head and over the eye. These would be relaxing to same.

 These are only some of many hundreds of times the Violet ray was mentioned.

For more research into the uses of the violet ray available at the time the Cayce readings were given

Radio-Active Appliance (named after the active principle of radio)

The Radio-Active Appliance was mentioned about 450 times in the readings.  The readings recommend its use particularly to improve the circulation and normalize the functioning of the nervous system: thus it aids in relaxing the body.  It was given as more of a preventative than a cure for serious physical disorders.  Cases in which the appliance was suggested  include, nervous tension and incoordination, circulation, coordination, insomnia, neurasthenia, debilitation, hypertension, abnormal children, deafness, obesity, and arthritis.

Here are some extracts from the readings:

T2344-002 F [Pg 3]

22. However - AFTER the series of treatments are complete - both the osteopathic and the hydrotherapy - we find that the Radio-Active Appliance would be beneficial; for this uses the electricity of the body to equalize the circulation. This we would apply at least three times each week, and keep it up for many, many weeks; fifteen to twenty, at least, - but do not begin this until the other treatments have been completed.

T0444-002 F [Pg 3]

23. (Q) Please explain more clearly how the body should go about a study of the low electrical vibratory forces.

(A) The low electrical vibratory forces are existent. They ARE! Or, as may be said, the lowest form of electrical vibration IS the basis of life. The application of such vibrations to the body when it is fagged in mind, in physical endurance, will stimulate the necessary influences for the body to return to the abilities within self to carry on, or to create the life influence for self, or that it may measure out to others. Not necessarily that alone, but that known as the Radio-Active Appliance influence.

T0826-003 M [Pg 2]

7. (Q) Has the Radio-Active Appliance proved beneficial, and how long should its use be continued?

(A) The Radio-Active Appliance is good for ANYONE, and especially for those that tire or need an equalizing of the circulation; which is necessary for anyone that uses the brain a great deal - or that is inactive on the feet as much as is sufficient to keep the proper circulation. Best to use same occasionally, for - as has been given, and as it has been - it will be found to be most beneficial to the body.

Wet Cell Battery

The wet cell device was mentioned some 975 times.  Always indicated for specific conditions rather than general use. Some uses were for nerves and incoordination of nervous systems, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, paralysis, Parkinson's disease, deafness and much more.  Read more


The Radio-Active Appliance: Attunement for Body, Mind, & Spirit - A healing device developed in the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce.



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