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Alkaline Diet Simplified!
 Learn quickly and easily how to do an acid/alkaline balanced (ph balanced) diet   through this step-by-step guide to alkalizing.


Aging is a process that begins when we are born. But, it is usually by about thirty years of age that we begin to notice the first unwelcome signs; the strands of grey hair,   the beginnings of wrinkles, the slight sagging of facial features & the gradual loss of skin elasticity.
As the years roll by, this aging process continues inexorably. Stiffer joints, dimmer vision, loss of taste buds, grey hair, less libido!

Going along with the general belief, we ourselves, mistakenly, begin to accept our declining faculties as being 'Nature's Way'.  And inevitable!
This is so even today, when technology and medical advances make it possible to live much longer, and there are many more 'seniors' in our society than ever before.

In fact, average longevity has gone up all over the world, and in the U.S as much as 25 years, from the beginning of the 20th Century.

In this changed scenario, the factor that has NOT changed is the number of years one has to live with age-related disability. It is still an average of 10 years for most people!

So what does this mean? It means that it is imperative for each of us to do whatever it takes to remain healthy and vigorous throughout his/her lifetime.

Wouldn't you WANT to be a healthy Senior, looking and feeling as good as you did in your youth?

We each must take TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY for our own health care and wellness.
As we age we get all the more vulnerable to diseases, and it becomes even more important for us to take POSITIVE ACTION to counteract the progressive deterioration in our body systems.

And this is easier than most of us realise. And does not involve any great time or expense either.


Let's examine WHY you need to exercise. The energy requirement to maintain essential (& basic) functions such as breathing, pumping of the heart, and  regulation of body temperature, is referred to as BMR (basal metabolic rate). The BMR decreases with age. And as a result, as you age, less energy is required to keep the same functions going. This also explains why, as you age, you require less food... and, why you tend to gain weight if you do not reduce your food intake!

The BMR can, however, be increased by exercise.

A regular exercise regimen using a combination of aerobic and resistance training techniques strengthens the muscles, helps to control weight-gain, and improves overall activity of all body systems.

Consider, what happens when you stop exercising! Your muscles shrink and get smaller. That decreases the BMR, which in turn allows fat to accumulate. This changes the ratio of muscle to fat in your body composition.

Fat and muscle have totally different properties. Fat is a triglyceride. In order to shed fat you need to perform cardiovascular exercises and train your muscles. That will increase the resting metabolic rate and maximize fat loss. However, there is no way to determine where the fat is going to come off.   Muscle is a protein. And, if you have the knowledge to properly select your exercise regimen, you can control the shape and mass of your
muscles.  The body has two types of muscle fibers;  the slow twitch muscle fibers
and the fast twitch muscle fibers. The fast twitch fibers are strength  fibers and they can grow larger. Slow twitch fibers are endurance-based fibers which do not have the potential to increase in size. By nature,  any aerobic activity will use slow twitch endurance-based fibers (which cannot get larger). Fast twitch fibers are activated by anaerobic activities such as weight training and sprinting.

Physical activity is known to cut the risk factor for common diseases including diabetes, cardio-vascular problems and cumulative trauma  disorders. It lowers age-related loss of bone and muscle density.  Exercising regularly is known to prevent osteoporosis, improve
elasticity of the lung and heart muscles, contribute to general health  and well-being.

And, there is more good news for the 50+ age group, who are considered to be in the high-risk category for cancers.

Recent research has thrown up solid evidence that regular exercise can sharply reduce the incidence of cancers. AND YOU CAN START GETTING ACTIVE AT ANY AGE IN ORDER TO REDUCE CANCER RISK, advocates Dr. Christine Friedenreich, of the Alberta Cancer Board, Canada, who has assessed the reduction in risk factor as 35% less for breast cancer in post-menopausal women, and a high 50% lowered risk for colon cancer.
Ongoing research studies for prostrate, lung and endometrial cancers are expected to reveal similar lowered incidence of risk.

In short, research has proved that exercise prolongs life!

Exercise is vital! But what kind of exercise? Now, it is up to you to choose the regimen that will prove the most beneficial.

An ancient Age Reversal 'Tibetan Technique' is built around a set of movements that combine muscle training postures with aerobic activity (as you increase the number of repetitions).  These Yoga-type movements are devised to control breath in such a  way as to achieve massage of the internal organs and manipulation  of the energy pathways that regulate the neuro-endocrine system. 

In esoteric terms, the technique gets your 7 main Chakras spinning at their optimum speeds.

When you master the Technique, it will result in lifelong benefits,including regaining your youthful appearance and vigor.
This ancient knowledge, from a Tibetan monastery high in the Himalaya mountains, applies  special movements that activate your neuro-endocrine system so you will look and feel youthful always.

Thousands are successfully practicing 'The Technique' all over the world. Amongst it's endorsers are well known medical doctors such as Deepak Chopra & Bernie Spiegel.


YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT (because you actually do become what you eat!).   So choose what you do eat very carefully.  And how you eat it!  And how much of it you eat!

Modern research has confirmed that there is a direct connection between food habits and the health and fitness quotient.
Certain foods have been discovered over the ages to have definite therapeutic properties. Remember Grandma saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away"? (Do eat the skin too, as much of the nutrients are found just beneath the skin).  Remember to have it on its own, of course!

Some foods contain active illness-fighting compounds, while others boost the ability of your body systems to do the same.   And many foods are known to positively affect cell renewal and the recharging of body organs.

Here is some information that researchers have authenticated.  Whether or not you choose to up-end accepted eating habits, is up to you.   But following these norms WILL benefit your body!

* DON'T eat meat and potatoes together. Your stomach uses different digestive juices for protein (meat) and carbohydrates (potatoes).  Acids are needed to digest proteins, and enzymes for starch. But the acid also destroys the starch-digesting enzymes!!   Green vegetables are a perfect accompaniment to meat.

* The ORDER in which you eat the different foods in your meal is extremely important. The time taken by your stomach to process different foods varies. Protein takes the longest while fruit passes through quickly. The ingested food lays in your stomach in the order in which it is eaten. Take for example, a meal where you eat meat first, then a salad, and end with fruit for dessert,  What happens? The salad has to wait for 5 to 6 hours while the meat
is being digested. Meanwhile, the fruit, way down in the queue, starts to ferment in your stomach while awaiting it's turn!!  The rule is to eat your fruit first, then vegetables, and
finally the meat/chicken/fish.

* DON'T over-eat. You should leave the table feeling that you could eat a little more. You will look younger, and feel a lot healthier if you follow this rule.
To help you in your quest for good health, vigor and youthfulness, we set out a chart of fitness foods that provide necessary energy, nutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrate) as well as fiber, vitamins, and other health-inducing ingredients .  More examples here

*WHOLE GRAIN CRACKERS: For fiber and carbohydrate.

*SWEET POTATOES: Good carbohydrate boost plus antioxidants.
*LEGUMES & SOYA BEANS: Provide protein, carbohydrate & iron.
*TOMATOES,vine ripened: Contain cancer-fighting Lycopene
*YOGURT: Great source of calcium and protein

*ORANGES/LIMES: Loaded with vitamin C, folic acid, and fiber

*NUTS/SEEDS : Loaded with protein, & immune-system boosters

*BROCCOLI: Contains Sulphoraphane, the anti-cancer compound.

*BANANAS, tree ripened: Quick carbohydrate source & loaded with potassium,

*SALMON/TUNA/MACKEREL: For Omega-3 fatty acids, which thin the blood and reduce cholesterol levels.

*GARLIC : Loaded with phytochemicals, it slashes cholesterol and Blood Pressure. The American National Cancer Institute rates it as a potent anti-cancer food.

*APPLES: For flavonoids and liver-cleansing pectin

*ONIONS : blood purifier containing the flavonoid quercetin

*GREEN TEA: Rich in anti-oxidants and anti-viral properties.

*WATER: It's so vital that it rates a full paragraph!  For hydration of your body and skin, drink lots & lots of it!  Water lubricates the joints, keeps skin healthy and looking
young, prevents dehydration, and stops energy loss. Drink at least 6 to 8 eight-ounce glasses a day. Plan on carrying a bottle of water with you wherever you go; choose to drink
water instead of coffee or soda.  A VERY IMPORTANT POINT: Ensure that the water you drink is both boiled and filtered.
However, just eating correctly is not enough. Your body must secrete the right juices at the right time, and in the correct amounts; the right muscles must move at the right time; and the nervous and hormonal systems must work in conjunction to ensure proper digestion. Only then can the food nutrients be properly broken down for absorption by the body for its essential functions, or be used as energy.

Four alternatives are open when you consume food:
        * It becomes an integral part of your body, OR
        * You use it up as energy, OR
        * The body stores it for future use, OR
        * Your body eliminates it!

A slow-down in the metabolic function is another bio-marker of the aging process, and MUST be countered in order to retain the body's shape, strength and vitality.

And this slowdown in metabolism is largely connected to the slowdown in our hormonal secretions.

Practice of the ancient rejuvenation 'Technique' enables you to control your chakras, the energy pathways that regulate the nervous and hormonal systems. Once you can master the controls, it will result in lifelong benefits, including that of youthful appearance, vigor and good health.
The special movements in the Technique are devised to affect your system so you will look, feel and be youthful during your lifetime. 


Stress is another major aging factor! Control your mind, and you contain stress. And the domino effect will bring immense benefits to your body systems.

BELIEVE, and things happen. Faith & Hope can make miracles.

You've heard self-improvement classes begin this way, but it is absolutely true of your health as well.

In a number of studies conducted by the scientific community, religious faith (aka belief) has surfaced as one of the most powerful antidotes to stress.

Some diverse and unconnected groups conducting researches in different parts of the globe, have found:

* Strong Belief is Therapeutic:
In a study conducted on a group inflicted with Parkinson's disease, one segment was given a 'fake' pill while the other was given a drug to increase their dopamine secretions.
At the end of the project it was found that the patients, who took the fake pill under the impression that it was real, showed the same effects that the real drug provided.
They experienced a substantial increase in the release of the brain chemical dopamine. ON BELIEF ALONE!

* Religious Coping is Therapeutic:
At a study conducted at Duke University researchers asked specific questions in order to determine the extent of dependence on religious faith.  Questions were as specific as " To what extent do you use prayer to deal with your problems?"  At its conclusion, it was found that those who relied more on religion had lower blood pressure readings than others.

* Being Prayed For is Therapeutic:
Some years ago, the Archives of Internal Medicine published a study which found that patients who are prayed for (even without their knowledge) have a better recovery factor than those without such support. In this context, there is evidence of Reiki practitioners
conducting successful 'distance' healing sessions on patients.

* Attending Community Prayers is Therapeutic:
Protective Protein (inter-leukin-6) was found in much higher levels in once-a-week church-goers, during the course of a study conducted in a Protestant locality in the U.S.

* Repetition is Therapeutic:
It's a proven fact that repetitive forms of prayer, such as chants and mantras actually lower production of stress hormones, improve brain function and counter insomnia.

* Meditation is Therapeutic:
The ancient holistic health systems rely greatly on mindcontrol and meditation to instill wellness. In fact, suchalternative therapies are now being recommended by 'regular'
medical practitioners as well.

The ancient rejuvenation 'Technique' is built around control of the energy pathways that regulate the neuro-endocrine system. Mind and body are connected. If you can once master the controls, it will result in lifelong benefits including that of youthful appearance and vigor.

Do you look older than you are?  Your everyday life-style shows up on your face. Remember Dorian Gray?  Facial skin is one of the first areas to reveal tensions at work, worries in your personal life, environmental pollution, late night partying, too much sun, and the effects of self-neglect.
Your skin gives away your situation and your habits, as well as your age. So it's important to care for it in the correct manner.   Wrinkling and loss of skin tone are attributed to the gradual breakdown of collagen, the underlying support pillars to the epidermis.
This process is tough to reverse, or camouflage, so the ONE rule here is PREVENTION.

Here are some quick fixes for common skin problems:

Puffy eyes: This can be hereditary and not necessarily a factor of age.  But morning swelling -- the retention of water in the tissue around the eye area can be reduced by applications of cool tea-bags as a compress (the caffeine acts as a diuretic and draws out water from the under-eye area).

Dead skin build-up: This condition results in loss of radiance & also reduces new cell growth. The dead skin has to be exfoliated and sloughed off regularly,(twice a week is adequate) and is easy to do.

Scrubs for Exfoliation:

Gram-flour:  Mix 2 tablespoons gram (or chickpea) flour, 3 tablespoons plain yogurt and 1 teaspoon olive oil and a pinch of turmeric to form a paste . Massage into skin and allow to sit for fifteen minutes. Sponge off with warm water. If your skin is very dry, apply the scrub after first applying a light film of olive oil.

Green Papaya:  Use a paste of green papaya as a face mask to slough off dead skin cells. Sponge off with warm water after 15 minutes. This reflects the latest natural enzyme skin therapy.

Lines & Age Spots:  A little fresh lime, diluted, applied to the face acts as an astringent, and will help to gradually bleach age spots and to tauten the skin.

Long term solutions can be achieved by a consistent regimen of exercise, diet, proper skin-care and a healthy life-style. And if you are lucky enough to have skin that feels and
behaves younger than your actual age, you can make sure it remains that way !

Do the following every day to look youthful and vibrant always, no matter what your age!

* Give yourself a daily pressure point facial massage. Yes, the 57 muscles of the face, neck & scalp need to be stimulated, and  the best way to do it is by means of the pressure point massage.
* Massage your scalp with coconut oil 30 minutes before shampooing. Do this at least weekly to prevent premature graying, and to keep your hair healthy.

* Smooth a few drops of olive oil into your face daily. Wash off after 15 minutes. Wrinkles will gradually melt away, and your complexion will glow.


* Meditate for a minimum of 15 minutes daily. FIND THE TIME! An effective technique to relax and reach your alpha level, is to count backwards from 100 to 1. Try this technique if you have trouble falling asleep.
* Walk as much as possible to maintain a healthy weight level. This increases the circulation, which carries nutrition to every part of the body, and eliminates toxins.
* Drink plenty to water throughout the day to flush toxins and re-hydrate your skin.
* Gargle daily with a glass of warm water to which half a teaspoon of baking soda, and a quarter teaspoon of salt, have been added. This will stave off Gingivitis, a gum disease that is very common among the middle-aged and which can lead to tooth loss.
* Get adequate sleep to avoid, among other ailments, bags under the eyes.

* get your own hormone system working naturally by using the Tibetan technique.

So the formula to look young forever. Keep you system clean, your metabolic rate up, your attitude positive and the hormones flowing.

Learn the secret of achieving these factors and you will look, feel and be youthful always. The ancient Tibetan 'Technique' of rejuvenation will cause the years to roll away within months of practice, and you will look and feel much younger. And, you will find a marked improvement in your overall health. Amongst the Tibetan technique's endorsers are medical doctors, including renowned MD's such as Deepak Chopra & Bernie Spiegel.


The Fountain of Youth is in YOUR OWN body!
Everyone has heard of the mythical "Fountain of Youth", but  very few realize that it actually does exist. And even fewer realize that it exists inside every one of us. Yes, it's right
there within you, just waiting to be activated !!  And the key to accessing it is available to everyone.
The source of the Fountain of Youth is the body's neuroendocrine system, the collective name assigned to the glands and organs  that manufacture hormones within the human body.   Some people age gracefully, others don't. However, each one of us, man and woman, would like to enter our sixties and seventies with looks, health and vitality intact.
Earlier we examined some of the steps you can take to achieve this goal. What else can you do to remain mentally and physically agile? The answer seems to lie in maintaining the hormonal levels. 
Diets and cardio-vascular exercises work by regulating the body's consumption of energy. Known as metabolism, it is a complex interaction of chemical conversions that takes place
continually in order to generate energy and keep the body at an optimum level. Control of this entire process lies in the neuroendocrine system.

For example:
 * The challenge element perks up secretions of the hormone adrenaline...the body's age-old response to any form of stress or threat is production of higher doses.

* The skin is kept hydrated by secretions of oil and sweat-producing hormones.

* The entire process of sexuality and reproduction is hormone-induced.
And so, through course of diets, exercises, creams and Supplements, you have managed to keep your body and mind in peak condition. But what happens when you get a bout of
the flu'?   Without the help of the thymus and your immune system, your body would be ravaged by the virus !!
The hormonal system has a finger in every pie!

The very latest experiments are connected to the use of 'releasers', whereby instead of ingesting supplements, one would ingest releasers which would activate the glands
into releasing hormones. Such experiments are still at an early stage, and here too not much is known about the attendant side effects, if any.
This very principle of the effects of hormonal flow was well known to the Himalayan people in ancient times, and forms the basis of their anti-aging technique.
The important difference is that they had the knowledge to cause the body to produce its own natural releasers, rather than to rely on synthetic releasers.

Learn their secret and you will look, feel and be youthful always. Thousands are using the technique all over the world, and we have read some amazing testimonials about the benefits derived. These have further affirmed our own experiences.


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