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Law of Attraction
Low Carb
Weight Loss
Spiritual Health  
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The Masters Course   Self Empowerment Program based on Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis techniques.

Emotional Freedom Training Learn Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) includes 5 audio lessons - 2 bonus audios - 2 fully illustrated manuals.

EFT & Hypnotherapy  Using EFT and Hypnotherapy in combination.

The BSFF Original Manual Training Manual for Larry Nims Ph.D. Be Set Free Fast Techniques.


The Atlantic University has created and exciting new program of study.  Learn the skills necessary for becoming a mentor and a coach to other seekers.

Through successful participation in this program you will learn how to assist people with:

Dream interpretation
Meditation procedures
Finding a mission in life
Interpreting and applying spiritual guidance

Six residential and/or distance education courses required for the certificate.

For more information e-mail info@atlanticuniv.edu

The Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy is an internationally recognized leader in holistic health stories.  Students come from around the world to study the Cayce/Reilly methods of massage and natural healing.

                                   215 67TH Street Virginia Beach, VA 23451
                                   E-mail: cayceschool@edgarcayce.org
                                   Phone 1-757-437-7202 or 757-428-3588,
                                   ext. 7284 Fax: 757-428-0398

HRRC is dedicated to carrying out research, treatment, and education based on the Edgar Cayce Health information. More information on Research page.

E-mail: hrrc@edgarcayce.org Phone 1-757-428-3588, ext. 7340

There's more to you then you know!

The ECIIS is the A.R.E.'s school for intuitive development. There is an online intuitive course available.  Plus the Intuitive Connections Magazine. Or call the on 1-757-457-9034 to find out more.

The Journal of Cayce Studies is an on-line, semiannual academic journal...read more at , or perhaps you would like to join the Cayce list-serve discussion group

Discover how to develop your intuition with Henry Reed,Ph.D.  Test your intuition and much more at this wonderful site.

  • Interesting links:

Henry Reed has launched a 'webzine' , an online intuitive learning community.

Learn to be a psychic detective at US Psi Squad

Rupert Sheldrake's site to test your intuition.

The following are interesting links sent is by members

Gary Craig has the EFT site. 

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