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The Rockhampton Study Group.

The Rockhampton Search for God Study Group was established in early April, 1997 after an introductory meeting at the home of Evan and Ursula Thomas.

As time went by, it came to be known as the Rockhampton Edgar Cayce Group by the local people of Rockhampton.

After studying books 1 and 2 of "A Search for God" and conducting regular monthly workshops, the group has worked its way through many Cayce topics from articles written in the magazine "Venture Inward" to the subject areas covered by a multitude of books written by a variety of authors who have based their work on the Cayce readings.

For a number of years we produced our own monthly newsletter, "The Cayce Chronicle". We have enjoyed wonderful support from Brisbane A.R.E. with Olive Bell providing valuable assistance to our fledgling group and Stan Pullen assisting us with the video library.

We have taken part in the 1999 tour of guest speaker Meredith Puryear and have really enjoyed our time with A.R.E.


At our monthly workshops, we have covered the following topics:

  1. Meditation and Chanting.
  2. Dream Study
  3. We Are One
  4. Edgar Cayce on Diet and Health
  5. Taking Control of your Life
  6. Crystal Power – Properties of Gems and Stones
  7. The Healing Power of Music
  8. Sacred Sounds
  9. Colour Therapy and Cayce on Colour
  10. Aromatherapy
  11. Vibrational Healing
  12. The Influence of Past Lives
  13. The Benefits of Massage
  14. Astrology and Prophecy
  15. Dreamtime Meditation – Aboriginal Dreaming
  16. The Purpose of Life
  17. Mandalas
  18. Creating A Personal Altar
  19. Edgar Cayce’s Prophecies and Earth Changes
  20. One Truth-Many Paths
  21. The Presence of Angels
  22. The Path to Love
  23. Healing Through Meditation and Visualisation
  24. Edgar Cayce on Dreams and Dreaming
  25. Reiki
  26. Edgar Cayce on Life After Death
  27. An Evening with Tracey Raven Owl
  28. Australia Day and the Edgar Cayce Readings
  29. The Indigo Children
  30. Edgar Cayce’s Easter Message
  31. Ten Positive Habits for Spirituality
  32. The Hierarchy of Angels
  33. The Healing New Age Music of Steven Halpern
  34. The Choice of Mary (Xmas 2001)


VISION for 2002 and BEYOND.

In the New Year, we hope to establish our group in cyberspace (with the help of the newly established Cayce website in Australia). We invite all web users to join us with your ideas and input.

We will be inviting a response to the new newsletters from A.R.E. in U.S.A. – (Personal Spirituality in particular), as the topics become available each month

This would take the form of discussions and insights. Also we will be inviting insights from the stories featured in Venture Inward. If you would like to discuss any of the books that are currently available from A.R.E. bookstore or similar spiritual topics, we would welcome your response.

It is also a part of our vision for 2002 to establish a daytime Study Group to replace the current evening meetings.

Please check our section of this website in the near future for an update of our progress in establishing our cyberspace Study Group.

Thank you.




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