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Edgar Cayce International email contacts

Australian StudyGroups:
Brisbane Study Group 
Rockhampton Study Group
Townsville Study Group   -     Meeting times

Australian Contacts:

New Zealand Contacts:

A.R.E. Region and Region Centre Links in the US:

European Contacts:



The Canadian Contact for Edgar Cayce groups and information.
James W. Schmidt Associates Inc.  Associated Publishing, 1510 Bird Lake Rd,  Rural Route 3, Bracebridge, Ontario. P1L 1X1
Email: jschmidt 
or the web site  www.associatedpublishing.com                    

Edgar Cayce Web Links

A.R.E. Heartland Region Oakbrook Terrace, IL.
A.R.E. L.O.V.E. Region (Lake Erie/Ohio Valley), Pittsburgh, PA.
A.R.E. Community of New York City, NY
A.R.E. Northeast Region, Middletown, NJ.
A.R.E. Northern California/Northern Nevada Region San Francisco, CA.
A.R.E. Pacific Northwest Region, Edmonds, WA.
A.R.E. Southeast Region Summerdale, AL
A.R.E. Southwest Region, Austin, TX.
A.R.E. Rocky Mountain Region Denver, CO
Houston Center are-houston@worldnet.att.net
New York City Center
A.R.E. Heartland-EdgarCayceHolisticCenter (Chicago)

       Websites around the world

ARGENTINA http://www.edgarcayceargentina.com.ar/
AUSTRALIA http://www.cayce.egympie.com.au/
BENELUX-FRANCE http://users.belgacom.net/cayce
CANADA http://www.edgarcaycecanada.com/


DENMARK http://www.cayce.dk/
EUROPE http://www.edgarcayce.se/europe
FINLAND http://www.edgarcayce.fi/
GERMANY http://www.cayce.de/
HUNGARY http://www.cayce.hu
JAPAN http://www.eccj.ne.jp/
NETHERLANDS http://home.hetnet.nl/~timothy_of_lystra/index.html
NEW ZEALAND http://www.angelsattic.co.nz/
POLAND http://www.edgarcayce.hg.pl/
SWEDEN http://www.edgarcayce.se/
SWEDEN http://homepage.calypso.net/~ci-12758/

Self Help Support groups around Australia 

The new ORDER of things - A viewpoint of God and Humanity through excerpts from the Bible and the Edgar Cayce Readings.

The Edgar Cayce Link - A resource for all those interested in the Edgar Cayce readings and related topics

Cayce and The Hall of Records - A page from a personal website on Atlantis, Egypt, Crystal Healing, Reiki, the Pyramids, and the Sphinx.

The Radio-Active Appliance: Attunement for Body, Mind, & Spirit - A healing device developed in the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce.

True Healing of the Body - True healing comes from a recognition of the divine consciousness within each of us.

The Continent and Culture of Atlantis - Read excerpts from the Edgar Cayce readings on Atlantis.

Millennium Matters : Earth Prophecy -- A Cayce Resource -

Edgar Cayce on Health Research (Questions and Answers) - Explore! Magazine : Alternative and Holistic Medicine, Nutritional Therapies, Energy Medicine, Homeopathy and Physics.

Health & Wellness - Cayce's medical and spiritual advice regarding health issues, provided by the Heartland Region of A.R.E.

A Secret Society in a Small Room - An article on Cayce's ideas about health of the colon.

Cayces Insights Link Ear Infection with Anemia - Is there a connection between anemia and chronic ear infection?

Atlantean Contact with Ancient Egypt - Quotes from the Edgar Cayce readings on the mix of these two ancient cultures.

Intuitive-Connections Network - An online magazine for an intuitive learning community inspired by the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies.

The Egyptian Sphinx: A Mystery of Mysteries - What forgotten treasures lie beneath the sands of time?

A.R.E. Clinic: Edgar Cayce Related News - Internet news stories that reflect upon the concepts presented in the Edgar Cayce readings. Updated almost daily.

Hall of Records - Yucatan, Bimini, Egypt - The story of Edgar Cayce's Hall of Records, as told by Van Auken and Dr. Little.

Edgar Cayce Web Site - A place to share information on psychic phenomenon in general and the Edgar Cayce 'readings' specifically.

Association for Research and Enlightenment - The official site of the work of Edgar Cayce and the Association for Research and Enlightenment, a non-profit organization that makes available concepts from Cayce's vast body of work in a variety of activities, products, programs, and services.

All EZ Index of Edgar Cayce Readings - An index to dozens of files of key fragments and quotations on hundreds of interesting subjects.

The Healing Nature of Watermelon Seed Tea - A tea made from watermelon seeds can be quite helpful for the body, and may provide relief from urinary tract infection.

The Riddle of the Second Sphinx - Is it possible that there is a second large sphinx at Giza?

The Mysterious Pyramids of China - Are the pyramids of China evidence of an ancient Asian civilization?

A.R.E. Clinic: Applying Cayce Medicine - Since 1970, the A.R.E. Clinic has researched and applied the healing techniques of Edgar Cayce.

The Cayce Herbal - A comprehensive guide to the botanical medicine of Edgar Cayce.

Journal of Cayce Studies - An online, semiannual academic journal devoted to the life, teachings, and legacy of Edgar Cayce.

Edgar Cayce's Revelation of the Afterlife - A summation of Cayce's concepts of meditation, prayer, the Book of Revelation, and the nature of the soul. (Part of a huge website on near-death experience.)

Hutton Commentaries - Commentaries by geologist William Hutton on Edgar Cayce's predictions of a pole shift in 2000-2001.

Dietary and Herbal Treatment of Psoriasis - An article from the ARE's "The New Millennium."

Edgar Cayce's Story of Jesus - As seen through the eyes of the Inn Keeper's daughter.

The Edgar Cayce Readings - A Choice Selection - Some of the most interesting readings given by Edgar Cayce are made freely available here to help foster discussions.

The Edgar Cayce Way of Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis: Vibratory Medicine - A free online book describing the author's successful conquest of multiple sclerosis using a treatment suggested by Edgar Cayce.

Controlling Diabetes the Cayce Way - A personal tale of recovery from type II diabetes.

My Victory Over Rheumatoid Arthritis - One woman's account of healing arthritis.

Dream Symbols from Edgar Cayce - Alphabetical listing of symbols with associated references from the Cayce readings.

Edgar Cayce's Perspective on Spinal Cord Injury - A look at Cayce's recommendations for spinal cord injury and their results.

Edgar Cayce's Vision: The Golden Touch - Edgar Cayce recommended the use of gold for healing illnesses of the nervous system.

Toddler Responds to Cayce Remedies for Crohn's Disease - A child diagnosed with Crohn's Disease is cured.

Depression: Cayce's Holistic Approach - An overview of Cayce's methods for treating depression.

Epilepsy: 'I Have a New Son' - A young man, aided by the Cayce remedies, gets off the drugs for epilepsy that made him a living "zombie."

Edgar Cayce on Magick - The great psychic's readings yield some good information about magick and the so-called black arts.

Neurological Disorder of the Foot: Charcot-Marie-Tooth - A case profile on a woman's relief from a mysterious malady.

The Wet Cell Appliance - What is the Wet Cell appliance, and how has it been helpful for a wide range of illnesses - including MS?

The Wet Cell Rediscovered - The exploration into the healing activity of the Wet Cell continues.

Winning Over Lou Gehrig's Disease - A man uses Cayce's remedies to reverse the debilitation brought by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Reversing the Effects of Muscular Dystrophy - A nurse finds that her condition of muscular dystrophy is eased by the Cayce remedies.

Parkinson's: 'Like Lazarus, I'm Coming Alive' - A man gains partial recovery from Parkinson's disease through the use of Cayce medicine.

Treating High Blood Pressure - A woman successfully uses Cayce's approach to treat her hypertension.

The Cayce Radial Appliance and Wet Cell Battery - The construction, operation, and therapeutic use of the Cayce radial appliance and wet cell battery.

Advice on Diet and Nutrition - Basic dietary advice derived from the Edgar Cayce readings.

Mental, Spiritual, and Emotional Aspects of Healing - Non-material aspects of healing found in the Edgar Cayce readings.

The Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Sleeping Prophet - A look at Essene life through the eyes of Edgar Cayce and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

An Edgar Cayce Arthritis Program - The testimony of a woman who overcame rheumatoid arthritis using Edgar Cayce's remedies and a detailed presentation of the program she used.

When Vitamins Work Miracles - A Cayce-oriented site discussing the use of vitamin D and co-enzyme Q10 in the treatment of neuromuscular disease.

The Millennium Matters - All things millennium, predictions, prophecies, spirit, Egypt, earth changes, UFOs, and community.

Edgar Cayce Health Database - Summaries of diseases, treatments, exercises, and concepts related to health.

How I Overcame Blindness - How the Edgar Cayce readings helped me overcome blindness caused by optic neuritis.

Illiterate Man Becomes a Doctor When Hypnotized - An article about Edgar Cayce that appeared in the "New York Times" on October 9th, 1910.



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