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George Wilcox Phone (07) 4721 4289

Postage will be charged on all books sent by mail.


A Broader Vision-  Richard Drummond PhD.   $12.

Acorn AloneMichael McClure.   $20

And the Night Shall Be No More Glenn Sanderfur.  $16.

A Physician’s Diary. – Dr. Dana Myatt.  $20.

Arctic Rendezvous. – Graham McGill.  $20.

A Time to Heal. Daniel Redwood D.C.   $20.

Auras. Edgar Cayce.  $5.

Betrayed in Paradise. – Marie Murphy.   $20.

Beyond the Ashes. Rabbi Yonassan Gershom   $20.

Big Spirits, Little Bodies.- Lynda Aronson   $20.

Commune With the Angels.   $20.

Creative Meditation.   Richard Peterson   $18.

Death Does Not Part Us.   Elsie Sechrist   $20.

Dreams the Language of the Unconscious.   $15.

Edgar Cayce’s Story of the Old Testament.  

       Book 1. From the Birth of Souls to the Death of Moses.  Robert Krajenke.  $12.50

       Book 2. From Joshua to the Golden age of Solomon.   Robert Krajenke  $12.50

       Book 3. From Solomon’s Glories to the Birth of Jesus.  Robert Krajenke  $12.50

God’s Other Door.   Hugh Lynn Cayce.   $5.50

Heather’s Return.   Geri Colozzi Wiitala.   $18.

Home Medicine Guide.   $20.

Hope: Where to Find it, and How to Keep it.   Ruth O’Lill   $20.

How to Interpret Your Dreams.   Mark Thurston   $20.

Inspired Living.   Kieth Vonder Ohe   $11.

In the Presence of Angels.   Robert Smith.    $20.

Journey into Light.   Gayle Martinez    $15.

Lives of the Master.   Glen Sanderfur   $19.

Love and Roses From David.   Robert J. Grant.  $20.

Love Relationships – A Moving Sea.   Charles Thomas & Leslie Cayce.   $15.

Love Song From Beyond.   Inga Chesney.   $20.

Money and Spirit    Frederick S. Brown   $20.

Money Freedom.   Patricia Remele   $20.

Nourishing the Body Temple.   Simone Gabbay.   $15.

Paradox of Power.    Mark Thurston.   $20.

Passports to Change.   Mary Lu McFall    $20.

Path of Promise, Path of Peace   Barbara Paulin    $15.

Physician’s Reference Notebook.   William McGarey M.D.   $30.

Radiant Passage.   Jeanette Fusco.   $20.

Revolution of the Heart.   Marey Carlina.   $20.

Revelation – Commentary on Twenty-three Psychic Discourses by Edgar Cayce. $20.

Sons of Darkness, Sons of Light.   Mary La Croix.   $15.

Soul in Progress.    Dorian Coruso.   $20.

Soul Search.   Edward Klein .M.D.  $20 .

Spiritual Secrets of Learning to Love.    Lin Cochran.   $20.

The Edgar Cayce’s Story of Jesus.   Jeffrey Furst   $12.50

The Golden Handicap – A Spiritual Quest.   Garrett Oppenheim. Ph.D.  $18.

The Hidden Meaning of Illness.   Bob Trowbridge M. D.   $20.

The Man With Nine Lives.   Doris Paterson   $20.

The Oil That Heals.   William McGarey M.D.  $18.

The Outer Limits of Edgar Cayce’s Power.    Edgar Evans & hugh Lynn Cayce.  $17.50

The Price of Rage.   Katherine Turner Gould.   $20.

The Remnant.    Mary La Croix.   $20.

The Sun and the Shadow.   Kenneth Kelzer.   $15.

Unseen Hands and Unknown Hearts.   Kathy L. Callahan.   $15.

Venture Inward.   Hugh Lynn Cayce.   $20.

Wally’s Wonderful Wish.   Judi Craig. Ph. D.   $20.

Walking the Spiritual Path.   Carolyn Murray. $20.

Why Do We Dream?   J. Everitt Irion.   $25.


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