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  The A.R.E .   Cayce Readings On-line
While the Edgar Cayce readings are the soul of this work, the A.R.E. membership - the people who love and support it - are the heart.   For more than seventy years, members have lent their prayers, their creativity, their time and their finances to help bring this work to life in the world.
The eBook Products sold through this site will help keep Edgar Cayce Australia on the net.  To purchase any eBook simply click on it's link.
  Edgar Cayce Forum
  ARE Chat Room of the ARE clinic.
  Energy Devices  
  Ailments   Symptoms
  Chronic Fatigue
  Common Cold
  Parkinsons Disease
  Alternative Clinics
  Animated Ash
  Apple Diet
  Cayce diet
  Emotional Freedom Training
  Self Acceptance 1
  Self Acceptance 2
  Self Acceptance 3
  Self Acceptance 4
  Cayce circulating non-medical files
  Cayce circulating medical files
  Grape Diet
  Healing Herbs
  Herbal Benefits
  Healing through God's Word
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  Paavo, A.V.
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  Woman's Health
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  Meno Remedies
  Yoga breathing
  Flexible Spine
  Yoga Lesson 1
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  Five Tibetan Rites
  Five Tibetans 1 - 5
  Five Tibetans 6
Arthritis Resource Center
Mental, Spiritual, and Emotional Aspects of Healing - Non-material aspects of healing found in the Edgar Cayce readings.
Dr Alberto Villoido and Native American healing on using the energy from the power centers.
Health & Wellness - Cayce's medical and spiritual advice regarding health issues, provided by the Heartland Region of A.R.E.
Emotional Freedom Training         "Paul Cutright is responsible for the quality training of many EFT practitioners. I am pleased to endorse his online training program." Gary Craig, developer of EFT

Buy Now Emotional Freedom Training Learn Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) includes 5 audio lessons - 2 bonus audios - 2 fully illustrated manuals.

The Gentle Touch for Pain Relief  Use the Gentle Touch natural method to remove aches and pains.
The Grape Cure In the 1920's a South African woman by the name of Johanna Brandt introduced the world to what she called The Grape Cure, a natural method for detoxing the body that allowed her to heal herself of cancer. Today, you can use the grape cure to detox your body as well as to lose weight. This method works!
The Detox Bible: How to Rejuvenate Your Body on Nature's Operating Table.    You'll find detailed "how to" information that people have used for centuries to detox, energize, and rejuvenate their bodies.
HUNZA MIRACLE Complete hunza miracle story.

Five Tibetan Rites The Five Tibetan Rites offer a simple but highly effective exercise program that improves health and well-being.

The BSFF Original Manual Training Manual for Larry Nims Ph.D. Be Set Free Fast Techniques.
Cure Your Asthma! Cure your asthma, sinus and allergies with a breakthrough, natural treatment proven in scientifically-controlled, clinical trials.
  Home Crafted  
1001 Beauty Tips, Secrets and Techniques   Homemade Cosmetic Recipes, including skin care, hair care, spa style baths, weight loss tips, smoothies & low fat meals.

Natural facelift and anti-aging Natural Facelift, anti-aging and hair re-growth products.

Make-Up Secrets E-book on make-up secrets to help anyone look beautiful.
The Home Made Medicine e-Book    get the Demo today!!
This complete guide to self-healing is causing quite wave in the natural healing world of the internet.   Written by Charles Silverman, an expert in natural treatment, and packed with all sorts of remedies

The Cayce Herbal   A Comprehensive Guide to the Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce is on the Meridian Institute site

  Research Links  
Circulating files-Medical  For ARE members
Circulating files-Non Medical  For ARE members
Participate in Health Research. See the health protocols listed
  Study Groups  
  Search for God
  Study Group Handbook
     Week 1 Check Sheet
     In a Different Light
     Self Development exam
     Great Storehouses
     To Know yourself
     Leading group meditation
     Leading group meeting
  Reading 262-1
  SFG Study Group Chat Room
  Inspirational thoughts1
  Inspirational thoughts 2
  Cayce material on Soul Development
  Study Guide to Soul Development
Empathology - a Journey to Self.  Empathology directs a person on a path of self-discovery. This process takes people directly to their core REAL Self
Yoga Nidra Meditation Relaxation MP3 Yoga Nidra MP3. Meditation & Relaxation - The body sleeps. The mind relaxes.
Emotional Freedom Training Learn Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) includes 5 audio lessons - 2 bonus audios - 2 fully illustrated manuals.
EFT & Hypnotherapy  Using EFT and Hypnotherapy in combination.
The BSFF Original Manual Training Manual for Larry Nims Ph.D. Be Set Free Fast Techniques.
  Interesting Study Material  



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